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Sorry For Being Pushy

by Mir Loz
(Conyers, GA)

Dear Mt... I realize I cant imagine all the stress you have been going through between work, school, myself, and others. I don’t want to be selfish and push you towards things you don’t want to do. Now I don’t want to give up, but I realized that if I truly care and love you, I need to give up because that might be your desire.

I only want to see you happy and I thank you for making the last few months some of the greatest of my life.

Things I want to apologize for.

Foremost, Mt, I am so sorry I hurt you. The one thing, that I never wanted to do. I am sorry for the way I was so smothering and selfish. My behavior was just plain unattractive and I don’t think anyone wants to deal with that.

I think it was because I never met someone that I shared so much in common with, and I just lost it, but I never want to be that woman again.

Now I know words are cheap, but it's what is best for any future relationships. I am sorry, last Tuesday night something horrible happened to me at home and the only thing I wanted to do is move out instantly but I was not able to do so due to other issues that you already know about it.

I was selfish not thinking about you but instead just thinking about me and to be rescued.

I understand the message when you do not return my calls but what would be best would be to tell me what you're feeling and what you want to do and things could be better. I was worried by the fact that you are living alone and if something happened to you I would not know.

I would like to try to show you how much I care for you by giving you the space I never gave you before. I do not want to try to pry into your life anymore. I am done pushing and only you can ask me back into your life.

I would like to say I believe in a second chances at true love. A new relationship with no expectations.. Taking it slow and just letting us be ourselves and smiling. I was always really good at making you smile! But again, I am not going to push. Only you can walk through that door.

Yes, I imagine it would be hard, I am sorry you did not bring your concerns into light instead of ignoring my calls and keeping silent. Communication is the key and I am becoming a better and stronger woman with this experience because for the past 5 days I learned a lot and it is painful.

Your so amazing and wonderfully attractive to me. You are for sure, one of a kind. Spread your wings and fly!

This is the last time I will ever mention anything about our relationship unless you bring it up. As always, take care of yourself and if you ever want to communicate, you have my phone number and my emails and my address.

Yours truly,


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I still love him
by: Anonymous

This is exactly how I'm feeling. I met a guy and I fell in love with him him. I knew there were so many things I still didn't know about him but I had never experienced a relationship like that before. So the relationship changed when I became pushy, persistent, stubborn and uncompromising. He became drained and I sucked all the fun out of the relationship. Now I feel lost without him.

I'm sorry for treating him like that and for not managing my emotions. If there is such a thing as a second first impression I would be honoured to have that chance. I love him and he will never understand how much.

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