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Sorry for My Outburst and Words

by Lucinda Skaggs
(North Port, FL USA)

I am sorry for the way I acted yesterday, and the way things happened. I unfortunately can't erase the unkind words and the way I said them. I pray you forgive me and hope we can get past the soreness I have caused. I wasn't trying to blame you for my feelings or the way I am and the way I think.

I know I have been very hard to get along with lately and am frustrated with myself and feel you don't feel the way you used to about me.

Somewhere along the way I have lost your respect.

We sometimes take each other for granted and unfortunately give each other the brunt of our bad days, thoughts and insecurities.

I have felt I never have been good enough for you and sometimes don't understand what you saw in me.

I never have thought of myself as a great person, I have many self-doubts and flaws I need to come to grips with personally. I know I am my own worst enemy!

I often think of the many ways in which I've failed you, not only as a wife but also as a person.

As I look back over our twenty-eight years married, I wonder when the exact moment was that I lost you. When the exact time was that I lost the ability to give you what you need.

You have every right to receive the: love, affection, passion, companionship you deserve.

It takes us both to make things work in the relationship. This is supposed to be a marriage and we should be trying to help guide and give uplifting support to one another.

We should have each other's back and work as a team! We need to be more understanding, sensitive, considerate and devoted to one another.

I am not sure how to resolve our problems except to try to sit and talk sensibly when either one us starts to feel disrespected and unbalanced as a couple.

I want to be the woman you love and need your understanding, acceptance and respect.

I promise to try to work through my emotional issues and work hard to be better for you. I promise to lovingly treat you with respect & equality. And I promise to try to take things with a grain of salt - and not to blow things out of proportion.

You are the most hardworking, intelligent and talented man I know. I know everything you do is for US!

I love you with my heart and soul and I want us both to be happy and feel fulfilled.

I will always be grateful and will always love you for the man you are.

I hope and pray you can forgive me, and we can move past my outburst and we can grow stronger together as a couple!


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