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Sorry for the Past & For the Mistakes to Come

by Francis

Love, I acknowledge my mistake for saying the "not should be mentioned endearment" to you. Believe me, it was a plain mistake, a brain fart. It doesn't mean anything, nor was I referring to anyone.

I acknowledge that it was painful to hear, and if I was in your place, I would be devastated too.

It's pathetic to say that it was a "muscle memory issue", but that's what actually happened. I'm just a human, I make mistakes but I can also learn and correct/adapt from them.

It may not spontaneous, but trust me I'm trying to.

Opening a heart again after a breakup is not an easy thing to do. There are many habits (at least unconsciously) that I may still have from my previous relationships.

But in all sincerity, still wanting my exes is not part of it. You are my present, and my future. That's why I found it easy to open my heart again, because it was you who opened it.

It's agonizing to know that you feel less great than my exes. That is so very not true. That's why if I lose you because of this silly mistake, I might find it hard to forgive myself too. Knowing that you've always been what I hoped for.

I am also writing this message just to say sorry for the many mistakes that might come in the future. Please also understand me in bad times not just in good times. Never in my life would I think of hurting you. Never.

I'm not asking you to forgive me right away. But then, life's too short, right?

I love you.

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Please forgive me
by: Oliver

Dear Miriam,

I'm not sure the best way to reach your heart. I thought I might come by your work but then realized you may hate bringing our relationship into your workplace.

I knew you had a family brunch on Sunday and thought I would send flowers to your aunt's house, or even bringing the flowers in person, but I feared your family would put more pressure on you. More pressure than than you already have, so I decided to write you an apology letter instead and ask you to forgive me.

I cannot express how regretful I am for what I said. You are the best thing that ever happened to me, yet I feel like I took you for granted.

I know I have hurt you.

I am sorry from the core of my heart. I shouldn’t have said what I have said, and I want you to know that I love you and will do anything for you.

Please forgive me and allow me back into your life.


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