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Sorry Mom and Dad


I'm so sorry for always being a burden to you, never living up to your expectations of me, and just generally putting you through hell because of my stupid actions. I'm sorry I can't be a good sister or daughter, that my best isn't enough… you guys all deserve better than me.

I’m so so sorry for anything I've done in the past 16 years of my life that may have hurt you or broken your trust in me, and I 100% deserve any punishments I get.

I ruined every day of your life, made you stress over my stupidity, and hurt you, so I completely deserve any punishment you give me.

I'm sorry I couldn’t be of help to you when you needed me the most, even though you were always there for me when I needed you.

I'm sorry I ever talked back to you out of impulse, or said anything in the heat of a moment that may have hurt you.

You are amazing parents and I know you try your absolute best and beyond for us, and I’m sorry that I failed as an older sister and a daughter. I know I may have potentially ruined our relationship, and I’m so sorry for everything.

I love you forever and always, even if you don't feel the same anymore.

And I'm always, always sorry. I will try to improve myself from now on.

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I'm Sorry Too
by: N.

I'm sorry mom and dad, I'm sorry for being such a disgrace and an embarrassment. I'm sorry for how I acted towards you guys without considering my actions first.

I'm sorry for not even trying to listen to you whenever you tried to give me advice or tell me something. I'm sorry for failing in tests and exams even though you pay for my tuition and my school.

I'm sorry for not trying my best and always being lazy. I'm sorry for trying to use violence to fight against you guys. I'm sorry for not being a daughter like the other kids.

I'm sorry for letting out my emotions first and hurting your feelings. I'm sorry for ruining your life. I know you guys would've lived a better life if I wasn't born and I did wish I didn't exist so that you guys could be happy.

I'm sorry for wasting your money. You use all those money for me so that I could get proper education even though we aren't that rich. But I still end up getting bad grades in school.

I'm sorry for acting like a spoiled child. I know that I shouldn't act like that anymore because I'm almost an adult but I ignored you guys and made your day harder.

I'm sorry I can't do anything by myself. I'm sorry for being such an antisocial kid. I wish I could get along with others well, but I always end up staying alone which makes you guys embarrassed.

I'm sorry for being such a slowpoke. Even though I tell myself to move and act faster, it doesn't work. I'm sorry for even existing. You guys would always tell me 'I regret my life choice'. I used to get so mad at that when you say that, but now I agree.

You guys didn't deserve this. I'm sorry. I'm just so sorry. I don't know what else to say. I'm sorry for making your life worst as possible. I do agree that I'm a monster. I wish it wasn't me who was born. I don't deserve you guys.

I'm sure you guys gave up on me and don't really feel love towards me. But thank you for raising me until now. When I become an adult, I'll work as much as I can in order to pay back the money you used on me.

I know it'll take a long time but I promise, I will pay you back. I will never ask you for more money and I will earn my own money to pay for my own bills. You guys can cut ties with me if you want to. I will accept it and move on.

I know you guys hate me so much. I know you guys are always disappointed in me. I'll accept that and live my own life.

I'm sorry again. I'm sorry I had to be your daughter. I believe I'm the worst daughter you would ever meet. I'm sorry.

An apology to my Mom
by: Lonewolf

Dear Mom,

I'm so sorry for the way I blew up at you yesterday. I forgot how hard you work and how much physical pain you're in all the time, and that I couldn't see that in the heat of the moment and stop myself.

I wasn't disappointed in you yesterday, REALLY, I wasn't.

There was a lot of anger built up inside of me, due to other things, and I didn't take care of it properly; therefore the awful attitude and words.

I should've been more helpful, and taken more time to listen to you, even when I didn't think it was necessary.

You're the best mother I could ever ask for, sticking by my side to get me thru my last year of HS, despite your sickness slowly taking hold, you still take time for me and L---.

Again, I am so sorry for not being attentive and taking control when I shouldn't have.

I hope you'll forgive me one day, and if you don't I completely understand.

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