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Sorry To A Friend

by Katie P.
(New York)

I don't know why we drifted apart. I'm sorry that I had brought you into something that wasn't your place or fault. Even though I'm mad at (person) I shouldn't be mad at you. After all, you did nothing. I miss the sleepovers every weekend, and our facetime calls almost every day.

I'm sorry for everything I had done. It wasn't your fault. I know I was being sensitive and I'm sorry that I went crazy on you.

None of this had you in it so I should not have brought you into a fight where it wasn't your place. Nobody made me feel more comfortable and happy as you did.

I miss our friendship. I don't know how our friendship got so toxic but it was at a point where we needed to fix it and we didn't fix it.

I miss you being my best friend and after we drifted apart I was afraid to lose you. I just miss you being around for my ups and downs.

You were someone I can trust and I really pray we can become closer.

All friendships have fights and bumps along the way, it's how we handle them that makes a friendship even stronger. I hope you can forgive me and I miss you and love you so much.

I understand if you can't forgive me right away. I will give you time. I really am sorry I brought you into this.

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To my friends...
by: P.

Dear Jessica, Tasia, and Sarah,

I am so sorry. I lied to you three about a lot of things because I was scared of being who I am.

I was scared of the path that was being paved ahead and by lying to all of you, I ended up going down a path I didn't want to go down.

I am so tired of being lonely, of having this weight on my shoulders, of failing all of you.

I know that two of you don't want anything to do with me and that's fine but to the one who does, I say that I want to change and I am sorry for everything that has happened. I am so sorry.

I never wanted to lie, it all started off as a guy trying to impress a few girls. And when the girls started to fall for other guys, I didn't want to be rejected again.

I lied, I lied to try and pave a path towards a thought that I wanted but I now know I could never get.

I never wanted to hurt you in the beginning—in fact during any of it—but in the end, I wound up doing more hurt than imaginable.

I destroyed the trust of many and because of that, I feel like nothing more than a failure.

Please forgive me, I beg of you. Please forgive everything, I beg of you.

I want to change and I am working on it, please believe that. I know it is hard but please believe me.

I am so sorry you three. I want to go back into the past and change everything but I know I can't. I'm sorry.

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