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Sorry Will Never Be Enough

Here are two letters of apology from our readers on being sorry for something we've done or didn't do. When it comes to personal relationships, we often never fully understand the consequences of our actions.


Where shall I start? Shall I start with...

Sorry for all the agony I have caused you and our family.

Sorry for all the chances you gave me and how I just wasted them all.

Sorry for you being the perfect husband and always being the perfect dad for our kids when I was only selfish.

Sorry for betraying your trust every time.

Sorry for hurting you every time you decided to forgive and give me another chance.

Sorry for doing those meaningless trivial actions that do nothing but shatter our family.

I can go on saying sorry forever but none of this would work anymore. You have always forgiven me because you were always a Man who has the heart and strength to go against himself for the sake of his own family.

I beg you to accept me, I'd take anything from you, anything. Just don't leave me. I have been waiting to be with you and I screwed it up big time. Please give me this one last opportunity to show you what I have never showed you. Then, you can do whatever to me...

There was never any Man but you and there will never be a Man like you. I would do anything just to see you and touch you again..

Forgive me, accept me....please...


I'm Sorry You Think I'm A Creep Jennifer

by John from Wallkill, NY

First of all, Jennifer I'm sorry that during all the time we went out together that I kept going faster than even I wanted to. I was just afraid of losing you.

I'm also sorry for the way I acted after you broke it off and tried to maintain a friendship. I have some trust issues I'm trying to work through.

I'm most sorry however for my friends messaging you horrible and harassing messages after we were starting to mend our rift. It's my fault in a way they did this. I take the full blame even though I never wanted that to happen. I never said anything bad about you.

To be honest, I love you and think you're the most wonderful girl I've met in the 31 years I've been alive. I don't want you to hate me or never talk to me again. We had a great bond and I always enjoyed the times we were together. You light up my life. I would never do anything to hurt you and that's the truth.

I just hope someday you'll forgive me and I want to re-earn your trust.

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