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Spotty Apology!

by Rosie B.
(United Kingdom)

I am 21, but when I was in primary school I was really spotty and well I still am. Anyway, when I moved up to secondary school, me and my best friends from primary school went our different ways, and my 'bestest' friend soon became my worst nightmare.

Moving on though...after a while the relationship between me and my ex best friend got worse, that was until one day when I decided to get the head teacher involved and he just said to her... as you know *****'s birthday is coming up, so why don't you get her a nice card and present. She agreed to it.

So on my birthday I received a present from my ex best friend, in the card it said, I am sorry for everything I have done and for calling you spotty, although you know it is true (she said that was a joke) here is something to, well, help with your issue.

I sat there for about 5 minutes just wondering what it could be and then I opened it... It was some Clearasil spot cream. Now I knew what she meant by help with my issue! Now wouldn't you say that is an awful way to apologise? I would, even though it was supposed to be a joke apology.

After wards I looked up the Clearasil ultra spot cream on the boots website and, well, she must have wanted to apologise properly because the cream had cost her 13 pounds! That's not bad for an ex best friend, well not an ex best friend, a best friend!

That's right you heard it. Her apology worked. We are now very amazing friends again and are bridesmaids at each others weddings in 2011!

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Lovely Childhood Memories
by: Maggie

What a sweet apology story. You were open to receiving her back in your life and understood her awkwardness while apologizing. Bless the both of you.

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