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That One Special Girl

by Brandon C.

There's always that one girl that you will never forget. The one girl that will have your heart forever. That one girl that could make you smile on the worst of days and make you fall in love with her all over again.

The hardest part of remembering her is knowing she isn't there anymore. That she is gone. And that it was your own fault..

She's everything you could dream of and more. She's the definition of perfect in your eyes. Nobody sees her like you do. Nobody knows her like you do.

She's the prize possession that you couldn't even imagine how lucky you are to be with. To call her your girl. The girl you are going to miss every day for the rest of your life. The one that is worth every tear you cry and every hard time you go through.

Never let that girl slip away no matter what the circumstances. It's not worth the pain and emptiness you will feel after.

Love her every day and cherish every moment you spend with her. If she is the girl you can't imagine being without then don't mess that up. Because no other girl will ever make you feel that way she does.

I'm so sorry that I never showed you how much I did love you.

This is for you Krystal. I will always love you.

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Just title
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately I just let her go. She was the best thing that has ever happened to me but because of being friend-zoned she was (and is) hurting me all the time.

I confessed my feelings and told her that maybe it would be better if we maintained distance because I knew I wouldn't get anything but pain. From today's perspective, telling her was the biggest mistake. I miss her more than anything.

So, if you are in the same situation, please, don't do that.

I know there will be pain but there will also be some happy moments and now I have nothing but time to overthink things and regret.

by: Anonymous

Regardless of your situation, don't lose hope.

Sharon Tjale
by: Douza Nkosi

There's a special joy in waking up each day knowing that you've got a love as precious and wonderful as yours. Now everything I plan encompasses you and I and I look forward to a happy and love filled future with you.

It's Never Too Late
by: Meredith

As long as you don't disrupt her life if she's happily with someone else then I say, It's never too late. There are stories of 80 year olds getting married to their childhood sweethearts after decades of being apart. That's the beauty in finding a soul mate.

With love you don't have to be sorry, you just need to be true to yourself and those that you love whenever you can.

by: Anonymous

Poetry in motion.. Be real with yourself to be able to accept and know when she's the one.

Perfect :)
by: Sarah Lund

I absolutely LOVED that :) That's true love alright. The one you know you should marry. The one you should have children with. The one that keeps you smiling. I'm sorry that you lost such a diamond in the rough.

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