The day I had my son

They day I had my son my one true love broke my heart.

We were together for almost a year until that day. I was lying there in my hospital bed and he said I am sorry baby I do love you but this relationship won't work anymore.

My son was not his and he couldn't play the father role and he wished me the best. I thought he was lying when he said we can still be friends.

My son is 2 years old now and that love of my life calls me and writes me all the time saying how sorry he was and for that I am glad he is my friend till the end...

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True forgiveness
by: Anonymous

I admire you, I cannot even begin to imagine what you felt that day. Having a child is so overwhelming as it is...anyway you are one very brave person I wish I could forgive like you know, truly forgive from your heart. I am glad you overcame that situation and found it in yourself to be friends with that guy. God bless you and your son.

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