Perfect Apology Monogram

The Lonely Lieutenant In Afghanistan

by Critty

It was a cold December Morning

Snow was on the ground and I was not the least bit horny

Today was the day I had to say goodbye

To the woman one day that will be my wife

I tried to be strong, and didn't cry

But the truth is, I was tearing inside

I wondered if this would be, out of the millions we shared, the last kiss


Her name is Catherine, my name is Christopher

However Gata and Critty is what we prefer

People think they understand loneliness and wouldn't shed a tear

Have them leave their mistress for a year

"What if's" won't change the past, but they can change the future

I hope Catherine will let me prove that I will never hurt her

I have shame and regret

That I'll never forget

My sorrow's are worthless

And without mi Gata, makes me lifeless

The saying goes, that Sox and Cubs fans do not mix

Except when you mix Cat and Chris

Love always,

Your Critty Baby

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