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The Promise Ring

by R.
(United States)

To Cindy: 30 years or so ago, we were a couple. I even gave you a promise ring. I truly loved you and felt my life was complete. Then I got the chance to go to college somewhere I had always wanted to go. I simply could not pass up the chance. There I met the person who is now my wife.

I came back into your life for a period of time and then I wrote you and told you it was over. I should have been up front with you. I should have told you in person and been a man about it.

When I went, I had every intention of living with a long distance romance. I thought it would work. I then found the person I eventually married and we have been happy since. She really is a wonderful woman.

I have lived with the guilt of the way I should have treated you then for a long time. I think about doing something about it periodically, but don't. The last few times I tried, something got in the way. Of course once was when you wanted me to get your husbands permission. What a zoo that was :-).

At any rate Cindy, I want to tell you that I realize I did not treat you right. If you read this, I want you to know how truly remorseful I am for that long ago indiscretion that I am sure hurt you badly.

Even if this is the chicken's way out - at least I am finally trying to get it off my chest and hopefully, I can now release myself of one of the few remaining remnants of my past that I am not proud of-- my actions not you.

If you read this, I do hope you will accept my apologies for my unforgivable behavior.

I hope your marriage is a good one- as long as it has lasted, it certainly appears to be and I wish you all the best. If you ever want to contact me, with a little work you can find me. You also live near friends of mine. :) But I do hope you have a good life - the kind of life I screwed up for a period of time and am really sorry for.

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