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The way he won me back

by celeste
(phoenix az)

A person broke my heart about a month ago.. I felt like my world was ending.

One day I went to work and there was a sticky note on the door saying, "sorry". The next day, at work, in the middle of the day, a complete stranger walks in and hands me a rose and a sticky note...the note read:

"I know I hurt you. I know u don't deserve the pain I caused, but even if I could change the past, I wouldn't, because when I saw the tears in your eyes I realized how much I loved you because it hurt me to see u cry. I'm sorry, I truly am"

Later that night on my way home I realized that in the corner of my windshield on the outer part there was an envelope taped. In the envelope was a picture from 6 years ago, a little torn worn out paper, which had my number. It was the same piece of paper I had given him when we first met. <3

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by: Mary

This is a really cute and touching one. I strongly believe that he truly loves you and never lose such a person. No one would do something like that if he had no feelings for you.

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