Perfect Apology Monogram

To my beautiful friends and family whose forgiveness I don't deserve

Guys, I am SO sorry for what I did. The way I acted and lied was insensitive, unfair on all of you, and just downright selfish. I don't have any excuses for what I did. I clearly hadn't thought about what if I was found out or how it would affect all of you, and for that I'm sorry, too. If you don't forgive me, I understand completely. I wouldn't forgive myself either.

I would call me a selfish, careless b*tch and I'd leave me to wallow in my own self-pity. But none of you guys have done that.

You've shown, once again, what beautiful friends you are; friends I'm probably not even deserving of, especially not now. If you can't make it tonight, I understand that too. I've brought this on myself and the last thing I deserve is to have you join me for dinner.

And to my dearest parents, I owe you the greatest apology. I lied and cheated to you both and I have proven myself the most un-trusting and ungrateful daughter alive.

You only ever try to protect me and do what's best, you invest a great amount of trust in me, and then I go and abuse it with no regard whatsoever to how it will cause you grief.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry I lied, I'm sorry this isn't the first time I've done this, and I'm sorry I wasn't able to tell you earlier. I love you, I do. And I'm sorry I rarely show this.

From the bottom of my heart, to my parents and my five beautiful friends, I am earnestly and sincerely sorry. I promise I will never ever lie to you again or act in a way that will have so many repercussions on you.

Your undeserving, stupid friend and daughter,

Chicken B*tch

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