Perfect Apology Monogram

To My Love (after our biggest fight ever)

by Erin
(Hinesburg, Vermont)

Chris... These words can't undo the dry heaves & long night lying awake & the tears, dry mouth, shaking hands, and queasy stomach that you had to endure after our big fight last night. They can't take back the unkind words I said or the manner in which I said them. They can't erase the tears I cried or the times we hung up on each other.

I didn't know how much I hurt you until I talked with your mother tonight - so that I could apologize to her.

It broke my heart to hear from her how much our argument hurt you. Please please forgive me for hurting you. Some of it was intentional, as I felt entitled to be upset & angry. But some of it was unintentional, as we didn't see eye to eye.

I love you so much. When I think of you hurting, and when I hear you sniffling or crying, it breaks my heart. I can't stand arguing with you.

Being able to talk things out more clearly today & understand where each other was coming from - it meant a lot to me. Thank you for being understanding & kind, even in the midst of the stress of our disagreement.

Just because I am writing this apology does not mean I take full responsibility for the fight. We each, 50/50 contributed, due to our completely differing opinions. What I am apologizing for is my inconsideration for your feelings, for my unkind words, and for the way I lost my temper & treated you badly with my sour attitude.

I promise to work through my emotional issues, clean up the bitterness & scars left by my past, and work hard to be better for you. I promise to lovingly treat you with respect & equality. And I promise to take things with a grain of salt - and not to blow things out of proportion.

It would mean the world to me if you would forgive me, and keep loving me despite this argument. I know you still love me, and yet when I think about how rude I was, I am afraid you will stop loving me because of it.

You know, we're still new at this...It's been a year-ish, but we are still uncovering new sensitivities in each other & new insecurities - and new areas we're each stubborn about. Let's remember that we are a team & that we should "have each other's back".

Please know I love you more than anything in the world. And that means I love you more than missing you while you're at deer camp this weekend. I love you more than my own loneliness & stuff. I love you more than my own selfishness, than my own pride, and more than my own insecurities (you can't be my security blanket).

I have written so much... But I can't express to you enough how a) sorry I am and b) how much I love you.

njhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (Lola just stepped on the keyboard)

I could go on all night writing how much I love you and regret our argument. I can't wait to see you tomorrow night and hug you, sweet man.

I am yours.

Love, Erin

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Just like a card
by: Anonymous

People buy cards everyday, that were written by some one else to say "I love you", "I'm sorry" etc. So what's the big deal if someone sends it to someone, they took the time to read it and it spoke to their heart (just like shopping for the perfect greeting card)....Just my opinion.

by: Anonymous

She got more mad after I sent this asking why i am thinking this much!

Sorry to my angel
by: Declan A.

I have sent the messages to her I hope to god that it works I have never loved anyone as much as I love her it was my fault and I take full blame for it I lost my anger and said things that I didn't mean to say at the time fingers crossed for me.

by: Anonymous

The message worked, I won her love back.

by: Anonymous

My boyfriend just sent this to me. I thought he wrote it because he told me he did but it was really sweet and thanks cj for everything. Honestly this letter was amazing and even though you said we would never lie to each other and you just did but it's okay... double standards love ya...

Forgive n forget.
by: Anonymous

An apology copied doesn't mean we don't mean it, the person must have searched a lot for it and only after reading every word would have sent it. When a person feels from the heart he/she will do anything it takes to win their loved ones back! Not forgiving someone is like drinking the poison and waiting for the other person to die.

Forgive and move on... If you don't forgive it's you that suffers, the other person will move on once they realize you won't forgive them and you will remain stuck! So forgive and forget and move on...

It worked
by: Anonymous

I have never ready such a heartfelt apology letter before. I've also just sent it with my own twist on it, and it sure worked out for the good.

In life, we all need guidance even if it comes from someone else. I read through it and know that's exactly how I'm feeling but just didn't know how to start my letter. Thanks so much for bringing our love back together. God bless you.

People -.-
by: Anonymous

Does is matter where or how she got the letter, yea she copied it and so am I because it's a very good letter! If have something to say then why not say it at all you don't know what this girl is going through, but I do. Because I'm going through the same thing and I came in here for the same thing.

So what
by: Anonymous

It's called the perfect apology for a reason, just because she copied it doesn't mean it's not from her heart!

Copied Apology??
by: Anonymous

You copied this very apology? And sent it to someone that means a lot to you?
It is like giving the engagement ring to two women in a row.
Sorry, but if you are truly sorry about hurting someone, least you can do is to write them an apology coming from your OWN heart.

Oh my God, Thank you!
by: Spanishguiter

Oh my God! Thank you!I love this letter!
I have just sent it to my man, I edited it here and there...

I hope and pray that it works for me, I love this man and I won't stand loosing him. I just hope this letter will do for me, I've been cracking my head all day and night thinking of what to say and how since he is ignoring my calls.

I sent it via Email because he loves and enjoys reading. He is a Professor and a writer, so I'm hoping it will work. Thank you so much!!!!

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