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To My Missed Soulmate I'm Sorry

Dear Cat...I apologize for how cowardly I was, for how I strung you along. I never meant to reel you in or toy with your emotions. I loved you then and I love you still, and you will always have a piece of my heart, as long as it still beats.

I'm sorry that I couldn't leave her for you. I wanted to so badly.

I'm sorry that I was so dense, that I was so down on myself, that I never understood you had feelings for me too, not until it was too late.

I'm sorry that I let you put so much faith into me, and I wasn't able to reward it. I'm sorry that I expected you to reciprocate my emotions for you but couldn't articulate what those emotions were.

I'm sorry that when I finally did tell you I loved you I saw your reaction and took it back instead of standing on my principles.

I'm sorry I wasn't good enough then to just be honest to you, and I wish every day I could change that.

I'm sorry that our friends wanted to keep us apart, and that I didn't have the courage to tell them to leave us alone, at least not all at once.

I'm sorry that I didn't realize we were meant to be until we'd gone our separate ways. And I'm sorry that I still hold on to hope that somehow you'll come back.

I know it isn't fair to you, but I can't help it.

There are nights, like the one when I'm writing this, where I am a slave to my feelings for you. There are nights, like this one, where I can't function because of what we shared and because of my feelings for you. And I'm sorry for the feelings I know that still causes you. I'm sorry for all of it.

I know you'll never see this, and I'm sorry for that too.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, you will always have someone in your corner.

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Worthy apology
by: Anonymous

Simply a beautiful and heartfelt apology letter.

Love of my life
by: Mark

What a beautiful letter of apology. Truly heartfelt.

I made similar mistakes while getting to know my the love of my life. Actually a much worse mistake. She was everything and more that I've ever wanted in a woman. She too was my soulmate.

I betrayed her trust and fooled around with someone else. It took me too long to realize what I had with her was real, and not temporary and not fleeting.

She's the love of my life, and I want to apologize to her for all the pain that I've caused.

You need to find a way to reach out to her, to say these words to her, to apologize beyond this letter.

If you've tried everything and you still can't be with her then you will know in your heart that you did everything you could and more. That will bring you peace and you will be able to move on.

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