Perfect Apology Monogram

To the lady at the estate sale this morning

by sorry sale lady
(Metro Detroit, MI)

I'm very sorry I said "you suck" when you picked up the lamp I had my heart set on getting.

I drove in a snowstorm to the sale three hours before it started and that lamp was at the top of my list. My husband went in to work late so he could watch our two year old and I could go to the sale. I was the first person in line at the sale, I beat you down to the basement but you found the lamp faster than I did.

It was a knee jerk reaction to say what I did and it was wrong. I said it in my joking tone of voice but you don't know me and it really isn't funny to say something like that.

After a few minutes I got over missing out on the lamp and that's when it dawned on me how incredibly rude it was of me to say that. You were gone by the time it got through my thick head.

I hope I see you at another sale so I can apologize. I'm very frustrated that you are a stranger and I can't find you to tell you I'm sorry.

I always say I never want to be the bitchy lady at the sale that's complaining but today I was her. I've had people curse when I grab an item they really wanted and I know how it feels.

Please enjoy that super cool mid century mushroom lamp or make a good profit on it.

Again, I'm sorry.

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