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Too Short A Sorry!

by feeling half crazy

It was during our retreat in our school and all the girls in our batch will go to tagaytay (cold place here in the Philippines) our school organizes these retreat and since my school is a sister run school (sisters are the supervisor) they made our retreat separated from the boys.

Before we got on the bus, the boys started to give their retreat letters (palanca) to us. I didn't expect any from my ex because I know he has a new girl now and so my guy friends started giving me letters and all.. Before we got on our bus one of my close friends approached me and gave me a little piece of paper. I thought it was just from another friend but I was confused when I saw her teasing smile directed at me and then I realized that the piece of paper is actually a letter from him.

At first I didn't open it because the truth is I'm still bitter about what happened between the both of us and since my best friend is beside me also giving me that strange smile I unfortunately gave in and opened the letter with my back facing them.

I didn't know what to expect and I didn't know whats inside, I actually didn't know that he will give me one. And there it was when I opened that piece of paper a simple short letter was written it says "Sorry =( (with a side face), I hope we can be friends" That's it, that was all that was in the letter after all that he has done that's the only thing he wrote.

I didn't know what I really felt. I was happy to know that he remembered me and took the time to make me a letter but I was mad because that's all he can say. I was so ashamed because my friends are expecting a very sweet apology from him, though he was not the type who would say what he wants to say, he's so shy and he's a bit popular in our batch. What would you do if you were in my shoes. I loved him and he ditched me after doing those sweet things for me and after some time he just left me, actually even if he already has a new girl he still flirts with me through texts.
Am I crazy?!

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by: Anonymous

I was waiting for more that he would say but...guess not!

This kid seems like a player in a way.

nice job
by: sarah

what a good story
you're such an crazy joker!!
you know I appreciate your story..

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