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We All Make Mistakes.

by Carly
(Birmingham UK)

I've finally realised we all make mistakes...but does that mean we give up? The answer to that is no. We all have and will make mistakes, but we don't give up, we pay a consequence then learn from it.

I made a mistake, and I got my consequence and i have learnt from it, I've apologised to my 'friends' over 5 times since I lost nearly all of them, and I've finally started to gain their trust and they've become friends with me again; but I've still lost 3 of my other best friends.

I've sent two of them over 10 text messages apologising because if I try to talk to them face to face they walk away...

I really want to forget the past and start living the present and then gain a future; so if you have any ideas I could try please tell me them because I'm stuck and i want my life back to normal.

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I might be wrong
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend told me to stop using social media. He thought it was toxic for our relationship. And I indeed did that, when we decided to share his Facebook account with me and I discovered that he has been chatting with this female friend of his and deleting their conversations after I found out about it.

I confronted him and even asked to breakup because I felt betrayed. He told me he was not seeing the girl and asked for another chance. I gave him the chance though I find it hard to trust him again.

Not sure what to do, I need help.

Yeah, You Can Do It
by: Anonymous

You can do it, you can try. Do everything with trust and friendship, if they still ignore you, do what you can for friendship and give yourself time.

When we are angry with someone we always want to walk away from them, but when they keep trying sometimes it's the best and we end up seeing the truth and the next time we accept their apology. Try, one day you may be successful.

You do What You Can
by: Anonymous

All you can do is try. You did that. In time they will come back to you and if not, maybe it is for the best.

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