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Young Love

by J.Mac

Hello..yes.."young love". I know what you're thinking, how old is she? Yes, I'm young but deeply in love and we just got into a huge fight over a little thing he said on instant messenger, and I know it's simple to apologize when you're young, but I feel really bad.

All he said was "you won't understand" and I freaked. I'm not sure why. To be there for you is what girlfriends are for, and I wasn't. I was disappointed that I wasn't showing him that I was there for him.

And now I just feel like dumping him because he's too good for me, so I cant get my hands on a good apology without thinking about him and how he's too good.

I guess my age is shining through in my writing this. I may be young but this is important.

I really love him, but can't help but think that he deserves better. I know this box was supposed to be about good or bad apologies, but I need some help.

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Talk it through
by: Anonymous

Simple words uttered can result into a huge fight. But the best way of solving the whole verbal mental fight is talking through it. Sometimes a guy will be hard headed but he'll always listen. Sometimes they do know what to do, but they don't know how to. Until you talk about it, he'll never know how to do it. Above all else, if it's worth suffering for then it's better to risk zero than nothing :) .
I wish you wisdom and knowledge to face the certainty and uncertainty of life even as you grow your relationship beautifully.

Never had a boyfriend, but....
by: Anonymous

As I have never entered the dating fray, perhaps I have a slightly different view. Sometimes it is just best to say what you want to say, no matter how awkward it feels. I suggest going up to him, in private, and saying, "I know this may be a personal matter to you, but I am always there to support you. And even if I wouldn't understand or you are uncomfortable for you to talk with to me, I will always be here for guidance. If I have barged in on your privacy or encroached on your rights, I apologize.

Don't ever give up.
by: Anonymous

I know you guys are young, but there is always going to be issues like this. He showed you a sign of untrustworthy, and therefore you freaked out. Don't give up on him. Tell him that you will understand (unless it really is a guy thing if you know what I mean) and then maybe he will understand that you will understand.

It's all about the climb.
by: Anonymous

I hope that you work things out with him don't leave him. Give him everything you have that he deserves. But honey be Godly no matter what age you are God will be right there. Pray that God will help you through it and if things don't work out for the better remember that your still young.

Don't let go
by: Anonymous

Don't dump him. IN your eyes you're not good enough for him, but in his, he sees a beautiful girl who is all he could ever want, and he wouldn't trade you for the world. I know this because my gf thought the same about me, but I loved her so much. Keep your love strong and don't ever let go.

Talk to him about how you feel..

Im sorta in the same situation ;)

I think my Gf might be thinking the same thing about Oh, he needs someone better... I really wouldn't like anyone in the world otherwise I wouldn't of gone out with her :)

Just talk to him about how you feel (:

by: Anonymous

If you think he deserves better then give him better don't dump him. Just talk to him and tell him you didn't understand why he said that to you. Talking is the key thing in fights don't yell, just stay level headed and talk. We'll hope the best for you.

Bad Comment
by: Anonymous 15...i also experienced that thing...he told me that i would not understand...i got mad, of course, but I just kept quiet...the next days, if he asks me about same things, i also told him he wouldn't understand...he was also offended...i just showed him the feeling that your loved one doesn't trust you...i think the words "you wouldn't understand" is same as saying "i don't trust you"...he can't trust you that you can understand more because you are his girlfriend...

sometimes it's better to just trust one person you don't love...than love someone you don't trust...

for young love
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend has said the same thing to me over and over again. What you do is say sorry simply. Don't give up and think you are the fault in your relationship. Look back at the faults you made, and if there is something you constantly do that makes him feel bad, just don't do it period. He will soon realize that you have been trying to understand him more. Talk to him more about what's going on in his life. You both should be there for each other.

And I'm not putting all the blame on you. He shouldn't of said something like that. It made me cry when my boyfriend told me that I should understand him more and get over myself. The thing is, don't get into a huge fight about it. And swallow your pride. In the end, both will be happy. You just have to work for it. The love isn't going to be there always by the snap of a finger, nor is forgiveness.

Comment from someone who is old, but remembers what it's like.
by: Anonymous

Hi. I'm 21, so not quite old, but definitely ancient compared to you. I know what you're saying because I've been there. When I was 15, I dated the same guy for 3 years. He used to tell that I wouldn't understand all the time, and although it bugged me, I realized something... The more I freaked out over it, the more he was right. I wasn't being understanding at all. Girlfriends and boyfriends come and go. But if you can really listen to this guy, tell him, you may not understand but you're always there to listen if he ever wants. That's more important than understanding. And no matter how anyone makes you feel, you're never not good enough for anybody. You're always worth it. No matter what.

Stay with him
by: Anonymous

I'm 14 I know what your saying don't break up with him you'll regret it for a long time... if you're in love with him then he's not too good nothing makes someone too good for you and trust me you'll argue every once and a while it's what bfs and gfs do.

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