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Good Apology Gifts for Friends & Best Friends

Apology gifts for friends, and even best friends, serve as a way to reinforce your relationship and friendship.

They remind you of why you became friends in the first place, and how much you value your friendship regardless of what happened.

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By offering a gift alongside an apology, you show that you've gone above and beyond to make things right again.

Since an apology gift is unexpected and unnecessary, it communicates just how important your friend is to you and how much you cherish your friendship.

It lets them know that your apology isn't just casual but heartfelt and well thought-out. However, it's important to note that the gift should complement your apology and not be a substitute for it.

With that said, our curated list of 'Apology Gifts for Friends' only includes special gifts that have the potential to strengthen your relationship and provide maximum benefit by highlighting the value of your relationship.

The Gift Book of Friendship

Book covers and pages from a customizable friendship book

We love these books! They're one of the best ways to remind your friend why your relationship is soooo special.

As an add-on to your apology this type of friendship gift book will be cherished for years to come and remind the both of you why your relationship is important.

They come in hard & soft cover and are fully customizable. You choose everything from the cover to the text. Best part of all you even get to choose the characters and customize them to look like the two of you.

By selecting from their dozens of templates and personalizing them, you can easily create pages that celebrate memories of the fun and meaningful times that you've shared together.

Personalized M&Ms® For Friends

Custom yellow and white and baby blue M&Ms with pictures of two girlfriends, the phrases 'Friends Forever', 'I'm so sorry' printed on them

Who doesn't love M&Ms? Well the folks at MyM&Ms® have an amazing service that allows you to personalize your very own sweet treats!

With "Design Your Own M&Ms" you customize your gift by choosing from 25 colors, adding your own text, an image or clip art, and decide on the packaging. It's a sweet gesture that'll melt your friends heart.

Candy, much like flowers, are considered a gesture of goodwill when it comes to apologies, but what makes this gift extra special and not merely a token gesture, is the personalization—it's why we've included it on this list.

Best of all, they're reasonably priced and it only takes a few minutes to do the whole thing online.

Apology Flowers: A Classic Gift for Her & Him

Woman and Man behind a bouquet of yellow friendship roses

Flowers are a classic gift for a reason. And yes, most men like them too!

In fact because it's so rare for men to receive flowers, if they ever have, apology flowers become all the more special.

The important thing here is to make sure you take the time and choose the right ones. Flowers are full of symbolism and meaning so knowing which flowers to buy and what colors to get can help solidify your friendship, especially when you communicate the reason you selected a particular flower for your apology.

Learn more about giving flowers as an apology gift...

Friendship Wooden Puzzles

Customized bobblehead dolls in a garden

We love this gift for friends! Personalized wooden friendship puzzles.

These amazing wooden friendship puzzles come in two shapes—a heart-shape and rectangle—and are packaged in an accompanying wooden box.

They come in 3 sizes and have standard puzzle pieces along with some incredible pieces shaped like people, cars, guitars,musical notes and more...

You can use any image you want for the puzzle so make sure it's a great pic of the two of you that really captures the best of times and your friendship.

Once the puzzle arrives ask your BFF to meet you so that you can apologize and discuss things. While together, apologize and hand over the puzzle so you can work on it together.

As you complete the puzzle together, discuss what happened and let your friend know how sorry you really are and how they really are 'the missing piece' to your happiness.


Important Takeaways for Friends & Gift Giving

Apology gifts for friends should not be considered as a way to buy a friendship. Instead, they should be viewed as a thoughtful gesture to remind your friend or best friend of how much they mean to you and how important their friendship is to you.

<,>p> It's important to choose a gift that reflects the bond you share and the significance of your relationship. Whether you purchase or make it yourself, the gift you select sends a message to your friend. It tells them that you care for them and value your relationship.

For instance, flowers are nice but yellow roses are a better option as they symbolize both friendship and caring. Explaining the reason behind your gift will help your friend understand the thought and care that you have put into choosing it.

Remember, the value of a gift is not determined by its price tag, but by the thought and effort behind it and a well-thought-out gift can have a significant impact on how your apology is received and accepted.

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