I am sorry for slapping you.

by Judy

My dear husband,

Since we have separated I have prayed every single day for a reconciliation.

After you cheated on me a third time with a third lady, I was very hurt. We talked about getting back together, and resolved to do so. However, when your current girlfriend came knocking on the door looking to spend the night with you, I found out that again you were lying to me.

You went outside to "break up with her." But I just don´t believe you anymore. When I saw her at our home I was devastated. I felt disrespected, used, and shocked. When you came back in the house after talking to her, I slapped you 3 times. I called you a f***ing liar.

I am very sorry. I acted very emotionally, and out of hurt. I didn´t mean to hurt you, and should have kept a lid on my jealousy and acted like a mature adult. I know that slapping you didn´t help the problem at all, it just made it worse.

I also want to apologize to your family. They wont talk to me, and have now totally rejected me. They are very angry with me for slapping you. Since they wont talk to me, I must resort to this blog to offer an apology that they are not willing to hear right now.

I am deeply sorry for my actions. I know that aggression is not the answer to delicate problems. Please know that this will never happen again.

I want to fix our problems, talk honestly and openly, and reach forgiveness on both sides. You for cheating, and me for trying to punish you by slapping you.

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The Apology is more to herself than him
by: Marie H

Wow I understand, she is apologizing for herself, not him. And not really for the action of slapping, but for not allowing her self to remain true to herself.

My husband has been on line cheating for years. He rationalized it, that he would rather be in a dark room masturbating to a stranger than make love to me.

I forgave and forgave, each time he was caught, then he did the unthinkable, he left me to the hands of 2 strange men who were not intending on congratulating me on a job well done. I am terminally ill and was dragging a portable oxygen machine, it was the only thing that saved me. I wielded it like a club. He stood behind a concrete wall, and watched and I defended myself against them, When I asked why, his statement was "perhaps they were fans of yours, I wanted to see what they would do before I came forward."

From that point on, he got increasingly worse and worse. I feel it is finally over, but he reduced me to violence three times, all three, all laughable, as I said I am terminal and weak.. Each time he needed to, so that he could feel not so horrible about his own behavior, once I realized this, there was no more anything.

I am alone, and quite happy about it. Well not really alone, seems I am a quite attractive woman, I have dates, no lovers, no marriages, just dates with men who respect and cherish me.

Once a cheater, Always a cheater
by: Anonymous

Your husband cheated on you 3 times! Not once but 3 times. The least you can do is slap him, I cant believe you're actually apologizing to him! He should be the one following you asking for forgiveness not the other way around! Hes a cheater and a liar you should never get back with a guy like him "once a cheater always a cheater". Please know your worth!!!

Dear Judy
by: Anonymous

Read another post, just next to yours. I hope you will understand how much you need to love yourself and that nobody will do that if you neglect to do it yourself...

Wish you a ton of love (but first true love for you Judy from Judy)
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by: Anonymous

You're apologizing to a guy for slapping him after he cheated on you 3 times (that you know of) and after a woman showed up at YOUR house to sleep with your husband?!? Sounds like he deserves more than a slap and you need to find someone that will respect you more. Show some self respect and find some confidence. Guys like him are a dime a dozen. Your heart fell in love with the wrong guy and you will never change him no matter what you do.

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