Sorry For Our Child's Behavior

Sorry For Our Child's Behavior

by Lexi
(Preston, United Kingdom)

Dear Sir,

I am writing to tell you that I am very sorry for my child's attitude and behavior towards the students and the teachers of your institute.

I know there is no excuse for this kind of behavior, because students are there to learn and not mess around. Both myself and Riyadh's dad have had a good word with him and made him realize that this is his last chance, and that if he so much as steps out of line ever then it is within your right to do whatever you may please.

We truly apologize for all the hardship you have been caused due to my son's horrific behavior and for this we ask sincerely for your forgiveness.

Kindly accept this letter of apology for any insult to you individually and collectively.

In the future I will endeavor to be more mindful of such matters and seek additional consultation for guidance through sensitive issues such as these.

I hope that you will accept this letter as a gesture of good will and commit with me to working together with my son to continue to move both him and your school towards greatness.

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