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Good Apology Gifts for a Girlfriend & Wife

Apology gifts for a girlfriend or wife are gifts that can help reinforce your feelings of regret and show that you are taking the situation seriously.

Although a gift isn't necessary, it can send a strong message that you care about the relationship and are committed to making things right. By choosing a gift that is meaningful and heartfelt, you can show your partner that you are truly sorry for any mistakes you made.

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When you give a gift as part of an apology, it shows that you care about her and are willing to go the extra mile to make things right. This is because gifts are not expected or necessary in an apology.

By making the extra effort in choosing a gift to accompany your apology, it supports the notion that you went out of your way to make things right again. The one caveat, make sure that the gift is given along with your apology and is not the apology itself.

To help you choose the perfect apology gift for her, our team of buyers has curated a list of the best options available.

The Classic Apology Gift for a Girlfriend & Wife

Montage of pearl, diamond and gold jewelry with blue and red stones

For those of you looking for a "classic" apology gift, jewelry is the way to go.

For this type of extra-special gift, we like They're a great company, completely trustworthy and have been in business since 1946.

They offer everything from discount jewelry to diamond rings, fine jewelry, designer pieces like Pandora and more. They even offer a heart-shaped cut diamond and other heart pieces which are perfect for saying sorry to that special girl in your life.

Keep in mind that jewelry is most appropriate for intimate relationships. In a survey conducted by a jewelry company in the US, they found that a substantial amount of their customers bought jewelry as a way of saying sorry.

An Apology Gift From The Universe

Starry Sky with an open gift box with a star inside

This first gift idea comes from Dave (one of our website visitors) and adds a huge wow factor when apologizing in a relationship.

You can name a star through the Online Star Registration Service (yes, a real star... and name it after the two of you, or just her, and declare your love to the world).

Give her the star along with your apology and tell her how brightly she shines in your heart.

Read about Dave's experience with this unique gift.

The Ultimate Apology Love Coupons Gift

Apology Love coupons lying on a desk next to a laptop computer

Inspired by Dave's 'Star Apology' creativity, another reader decided to create a booklet of love coupons for his sweetie, offering various things that would be redeemable whenever her heart fancied.

He shared his success with us and we were so inspired by his creativity that we hired professional graphic designers to create the ultimate package of Apology Love Coupons so that we could offer them to our website visitors.

It's the perfect gift for saying sorry to your girlfriend or wife.

Apology Flowers: The Perfect Gift for Her

Woman with a big bunch of red roses in front of her

Apology flowers are an old romantic standard and are always effective & appreciated.

Just make sure you take the time to choose the right ones. Flowers have a lot of symbolism and meaning so knowing which flowers to buy and what colors to get can help show her how much you care.

Learn more about giving flowers as an apology gift...

I'm Sorry T-Shirt: Wear Your Apology

Guy opening his jacket to reveal a black t-shirt with white lettering spelling out the word sorry

Grab an old T-shirt and write 'Sorry' on it with fabric paint or a Sharpie Marker. Every time you need to say sorry, simply wear the T-shirt and let it speak along with you—it's a great romantic gesture that can be used over & over again.

Not crafty? Get one of our ready made Sorry T-shirts from Amazon.

Note: You pay the standard price but as an Amazon Associate we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

Personalized M&Ms® Candies

Customized orange and white M&Ms with pictures of a couple, the phrases 'I love you', 'I'm sorry' and 'I was wrong' printed on them

We all love M&Ms® so the folks at MyM&Ms® came up with an amazing service that lets you design your own! Yep, you get to customize and personalize this perfectly sweet apology gift.

With their "Design Your Own M&Ms" system you get to choose from 20 different colors for the candies, add your own text, an image, or clip art and finally select from all sorts of unique packaging that'll make her heart melt.

It's all done online in about 5 minutes—we love this idea for showing your girlfriend or wife how sweet they really are!

Does Adding A Gift to An Apology Make A Difference?

When giving an apology gift to her, you're actually speaking to her. What you buy, make or create, makes a statement.

It can tell her that you love her, that your relationship is valuable and that you understand that you hurt or offended her. So when choosing a gift, think about what you want to say.

For example, the gift of jewelry communicates intimacy and that you consider your relationship to be very serious and one that you cherish—so does a handmade heart made by your own hands, beautifully wrapped up in a box.

The cost of a gift doesn't determine what's communicated, only the thought behind it does and that's can have a huge impact on how your apology is received.

For other great gift ideas, explore our additional apology gift guides.

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