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Apology Gifts for Him | Boyfriends & Husbands

Apology gifts for him (boyfriends & husbands) are about finding the right gift, not about choosing something you hastily wrap, stick a bow on, and hand over.

They're about communicating a message. They're about expressing your feelings about him and your relationship.

They're about showing him that you're taking responsibility, that you care, and that you cherish him and the relationship.

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When a gift is given along with an apology, it has an element of surprise because it's both unexpected and unnecessary.

For a boyfriend or husband, it shows him that you took the time and made the effort to find something special and are doing your utmost to make things right again. Just make sure that the gift accompanies your heartfelt apology, and is not given or percieved as a subsitute for one.

With that said, our curated list of 'Apology Gifts for Him' only includes gifts that have that X-factor and the potential to provide maximum benefit.

An Apology Gift That Shines Bright

Starry Sky with an open gift box with a star inside

This apology gift will have him reaching for the stars!

It all starts with naming a star through the Star Registration Service. Name it after him, or the both of you as couple, and let the universe know how much you care about him and how sorry you are.

Gift him the star along with your apology and tell him how he's your guiding light, or how brightly he shines, or even how your love is written in the stars!

It's inspired by a website visitor who shared with us how this star gift played out for him and his sweetie. It's a unique gift with a huge WOW factor built-in.

Apology Love Coupons for Men

Apology Love coupons lying on a desk next to a laptop computer

This creative gift idea was also inspired by a website visitor who told us about his success with getting things back on track with his girlfriend.

He created a booklet of I'm sorry coupons that were redeemable for a range of things, from... a night of romance... to a massage... to completing a chore of her choice.

His brilliant idea and achievement motivated us to hire a team of professional graphic designers to design the greatest collection of Apology Love Coupons for him or her, so that we could offer them to anyone who wanted them.

This really is the perfect apology gift for saying sorry to your boyfriend or husband—best of all, they're available for instant download so you can gift them in minutes.

Custom Bobbleheads: The Perfect Gift For Him

Customized bobblehead dolls in a garden

This is an amazingly fun gift that only guys can fully appreciate.

With Custom Bobbleheads you create a bobblehead that looks just like him! You start by deciding on a theme (sports, work casual, musician etc...) then you customize the clothing, skin tone & other elements.

Finally you upload a head shot & any additional photos of your man so that the painters can create his likeness on the actual bobblehead.

I'm Sorry T-Shirt: Wear Your Apology

Girl with an open jacket revealing a black t-shirt with sorry written across the chest

Get creative & grab some fabric paint & a T-shirt. Write 'Sorry' across the chest so that whenever the need to say sorry arises, you just wear the T-shirt and have its message clearly displayed along with your apology— better yet it can be used over & over again.

Not up for a craft project? No problem. Get one of our ready-made Sorry Tees from Amazon.

Note: You pay the standard price but as an Amazon Associate we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

Personalized M&Ms® Candies

Custom orange and white M&Ms with pictures of a couple, the phrases 'I love you', 'I'm sorry' and 'I was wrong' printed on them

Does your beau have a sweet tooth? Even if he doesn't, nobody doesn't love M&Ms®. Well the powers that be at MyM&Ms® have an incredible service that allows you to design your own! You get to customize and personalize each litte sweet treat. How cool is that?

On their "Design Your Own M&Ms" page you can customize your gift by choosing different colors, add personalized text, an image or clip art and pick your own unique packaging that'll make his heart melt.

Best of all, it's done online and takes only a few minutes—we love this idea for showing your boyfriend or husband how sweet he is!

Best Creative Apology Gift for Him? His DNA On Art

Console table with three roses laying on top and three DNA paintings above

Want to blow his socks off? What better way than with artwork based on his own body—his fingerprint, his DNA or his lips as modern art. You can even choose a 'couples options' to get a His & Hers set. You can't beat this type of creative gift!

Did you have a fight? Give him the cold shoulder or take him for granted? Then how about a lips portrait to let him know it's time to kiss and make up.

Or, gift him fingerprint artwork and tell him how much you want to caress him again.

DNA 11 lets you choose from three different types of DNA based artwork—Fingerprint, Kiss, and DNA that'll literally blow him away, be cherished forever, and remind both you and him of the love you share.

Keep in mind that the gift itself will be the DNA Kit to create the portrait instead of the artwork, because you actually need his DNA. The kits themselves are definitely gift-worthy and many visitors have said the kits became a gift in itself. Their sweeties were so touched by the idea that the excitement lasted until the actual portraits arrived.

One last thing, the whole thing can be customized. You choose what colors you want (maybe match your home decor), you can get it framed or unframed, do it all online, and have it shipped almost anywhere.

Classic Apology Gifts for Him

Guy in a tie eating an custom Oreo cookie.

Oreo cookies a classic gift? Well, maybe not cookies but the old adage of "a way to man's heart is through his stomach" has never been truer.

White chocolate covered oreo cookie with I'm Sorry and I Love You written in red around a picture of a coupleThat's why our team partnered with Zazzle to create these Perfect Apology Custom Dipped Oreo Cookies with a picture of the two of you printed directly on the cookie.

Simply edit it directly online, upload any picture to swap out the picture of our young couple and you're all set.

It can be a picture of him, you, or the both of you. The text (not editable) that says "I Love You" and "I'm Sorry" will frame any picture beautifully.

You can choose between white or milk chocolate dipped cookies, or turn it into a cookie-pop—who doesn't love food on a stick?!?

Win back his mind, heart, and his stomach with just one gift.

Stick-Figure Couple Love

Couples pillows, glasses and mugs with stick-figure art of a loving couple

We love these sweet couple love stick-figures by Boldloft. They have an entire series of couples stick-figure sketches with different sweet messages from "I'm Sorry" to "Long Distance Love" to "I Love You" and everything in between.

Their designs are all based on the same cute couple figures and are available on everything from pillow cases, to mugs and glasses, to T-Shirts and more. You can search through gifts for him, her, or couples in general.

It's a really sweet way to say I love you and I'm sorry.

Important Takeaways for Gift Giving

By offering him an apology gift, you're saying more than just your words. What you choose, buy, or make yourself, sends a message.

It tells him how much you care, how much you love him, how much you value him and the relationship. It shows him that you're taking responsibility and understand that you hurt or offended him.

So when choosing a gift, think about what you want to say.

For example, a gift of our love coupons expresses intimacy and focuses on the relationship over time—so does an original love poem written in your own words and by your own hand.

The price tag of a gift doesn't determine what's communicated, only the thought behind it does. And, that can have a big impact on how your apology is received.

Check out our other apology gift guides, for more great gift ideas.

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