Sorry Images for eCards and Social Media

Sorry images are a great way to share your feelings.

With Social media and the advent of memes we now express ourselves in more visual ways. With that in mind, we created a series of apology/I'm sorry images that make ideal eCards, wall posts (facebook) or images to be used anywhere digitally.

When the infraction is minor or you need to let someone know how you're feeling on Facebook and other social media sites, our images are a quick and easy way to start a dialog. Post it on your wall and tag them, post it on their wall, or send it to them in an email. The important thing is that you take the first step in making things right.

If the infraction is more significant, an 'I'm sorry image' can be an excellent way of extending an invitation for a face to face meeting where you can talk things through with the injured party.

Sorry Images | Friendship and More

This series of images focuses on saying sorry for something you said or did. They're more general in nature than the series below which focus on love as part of the apology and are better suited to more intimate relationships.

Click the download button below the image to save it, then post or email!

Sorry Love Images

This series is more for intimate relationships and are ideal for boyfriends or girlfriends and for when you want to express your LOVE as part of the apology while saying sorry.

Use these images to say sorry to anyone. Post them on Facebook or Instagram, Tweet them, and send them by email. Get things back on track by apologizing and letting people know how sorry you are.

Learn other ways to say sorry and apologize or check out some of the clever ideas submitted by our readers.