Apologies To Parents

by The PA Team

The child and parent relationship is a tricky one. As children we often feel the need to apologize to our parents--sometimes it's for things we've done wrong while other times, it's because we don't feel that we are living up to our parents expectations.

Whatever the reason, saying sorry to your parents through an apology letter is a great way to start a conversation between ourselves and those we love the most. It also allows us to gather our thoughts and think of all the things we want to say but may find difficult to express face to face.

Taking responsibility, saying sorry, and acknowledging the hurt caused will always make your bond as a child, parent and family stronger.

Ashley writes...

Dear Dad,

Even though you cannot read this as you passed away 8 months ago, I feel like I didn't say enough or spend enough time with you when you were alive.

First thing I'd like to apologize about is how I treated you, and how much disrespect I showed you. You never deserved that, considering how sick you were.

I miss all of the advice you would've given me about life and my relationship with my fiance. You would've been the best grandfather ever, and your grandson or granddaughter would've loved to learn a bunch of things from you; like gardening and fishing, and so many other things..

Second.. I'm sorry I lied to you about doing drugs, and smoking cigarettes, considering both killed you.. Quite literally.

Third.. I love you and miss you, and I can't wait to meet you again, Maybe not soon.. But it'll happen.

Sanjukat writes....

Mom and Dad I am sorry. I know you expect a lot from me but I am only a human being . I know you expect me top the boards but seeing the solution to the papers I realize that I may not be able to do so.

I may not be able to top and get marks greater than Didi. I am sorry I broke your dreams but I promise you that I tried my level best to fulfill your dreams. I love you both and I am totally shattered that I may not be able to stand in your expectations. Please forgive me. Your daughter.

Didi writes...


Today is your birthday. And everyone's running around the house cooking you your favorite foods, coloring in some cards, writing you some fancy poem, or last minute gift wrapping. And I'm just sitting here.

I have an essay that I haven't even started yet due tomorrow, an article for journalism that I don't even know the point of, and a test. I hate myself for giving excuses. Every year it's always the same, everybody else has something to give you, and I'm always the one who has nothing to say, and nothing to give, and nothing to do.

I have no time, daddy, and I'm so overwhelmed, and stressed, and lost in all this schoolwork and extracurricular. I don't even have time to make you a birthday gift. Nothing I can possibly write on here will make me feel any better. You will be home in 12 minutes and you'll sit at the table, we'll eat dinner and then they'll give you your gifts. That's my least favorite part, sitting there in front of you, and knowing I don't deserve a dad as great as you.

You do so much for me. And I can never repay you for everything you are and all that you do. Thank you Daddy, and I'm so sorry for not thanking you enough, and for having nothing for you today, to show you how I feel about you. I love you. I wish I could start this week over. I'm so sorry. I love you.

Bev writes...

To my dear mother.....I know now how much I hurt you, how many times I was impatient with you when (I see now) you were doing the best you could. I was so hateful and hurtful to you and you always forgave me. I love and miss you so much and I'd give anything to be able to make it up to you. It's too late for that, of course, but I pray to God every night that He will tell you how much I care.....You've been gone for eight years now, but I still grieve.....Your daughter, Bev.

Lisa writes...

Mom... I am so sorry things turned out the way they did. I wish I had been more patient with you. I will always be thankful for when you were ill and I was able to take care of you for a change. I'm sorry I didn't spend more time with you, brushing your hair or rubbing your feet. I love you.

Charlotte writes...

Dear Mummy,

I'm sorry I read your diary. I shouldn't have done it, it was absolutely wrong and I should have respected your privacy

Madison writes...

This is my apology letter to my parents, because my phone is always blocked from wifi and safari and texting, so my friend gave me a phone that I could use to download apps and talk to my friends on wifi... this is the second time I've done this and my parents found out today.

This is my apology to them.

Dear Mom and Matt: I'm sorry for lying about taking Andrew’s phone AGAIN and using it without you knowing. I was afraid and didn't want you to know that I had it because I didn't want to get in trouble and I didn't want you to take it away.

I understand that I was wrong to do that. It's important to tell the truth and I wish that I had. I didn’t want to hurt you, and I will take full responsibility for what I did. I really regret doing it now because I know I will be grounded.

You guys mean a lot to me and I keep ruining our trust by lying and manipulating you.

Is there any way I can earn your trust back? Next time I will tell the truth, even if it gets me in trouble, because it feels worse when you're upset with me. I hope that I can earn your trust again by being more honest.

Love, Madison

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I'm Sorry
by: Your Daughter


I don't think I've ever told you that I love you.. but I do. I'm sorry I let my pride get in the way of telling you. I'm sorry for all the times I have cursed you out in my head or complained about you to my friends. You definitely don't deserve that. After all, you spend every waking moment of your life trying to make our lives better. I'm sorry for all the times I don't say thank you. Even though you deserve more than a thank you. I am extremely sorry for the times I have intentionally hurt you by bringing up the past that you want to forget. I am sorry I blame you for everything that goes wrong in my life. I'm sorry that I'm not the daughter you deserve.

You Guys Deserve Better
by: Nick

Dear Ma & Pa,

I'm sorry for always losing my temper, and blaming you guys for small things. I admit, I have an attitude problem, and you guys deserve to be treated better.

I never have thanked you for always supporting me, either by giving me a place to stay or helping me with school.

People my age would already be out of the house because some parents would not think twice to kick their kids out after disrespecting you like I did.

My words to you have always been about asking for things when they should have been thank yous. But I'll try my best to say thank you to you guys more often. I know appreciation wouldn't be enough but I still want you to hear it.

It's easier for me write this than say this to you not because I'm mad at you, but because I'm too ashamed to even be seen. I wish I could have the courage to say this to you now, but I don't... And I'm sorry for that.

I know I'm not a perfect daughter. I know I'm a bad daughter. But I am a daughter that loves her parents and appreciates everything they have done for her, even when it seems like I don't show it.

I love you ma, pa. Please don't forget that.

Mum imma so sorry :(
by: Immy

Dear mum,
I'm sorry I didn't listen to you
I'm sorry I didn't help you
I'm sorry for not being the best child
I'm sorry for ruining your day
I'm sorry..

by: Isabel

I have a question:

If we say sorry to our parents, do we have to write it in letter, or say it to him/her directly?
Thanks for answering,



Offering a personal apology to anyone in person and directly is always better but sometimes people find it difficult to express their feelings by talking--if that is the case then a letter is a good option.

I am sorry
by: Not perfect always together

Dear MOM,
As I am writing this apology I feel that this is not enough for you. As I am writing this we are in the middle of a very stressful move and so much more. Mom we have been through everything together and I did say that you criticize me a lot but that is not what I meant. I meant that ever since you can back home from the states (training) you point out all my flaws and I understand that parents have to do that for their child to succeed, but I feel that everyday you point out my flaws and stopped laughing and smiling and I miss that and that is all I really really really want.

You call me lazy and selfish and so much more that I start to feel angry and I am home-schooled so I don't go out as much or get rid of my anger so I just have to stay quiet and do nothing. So when I said that, it was purely out of anger and I can't find the words to explain how sorry I am. Mom I just want to say that sometimes I want to tell you something and you tell me how to think. I am sorry. I love you and this is just another trial so please forgive me for the harmful words.


I messed up
by: Anonymous

I always bring hurt and hate to my family which is what I hate. Help me god.

I messed up
by: Anonymous

Nice letters.

by: Anonymous

Too my parents, I know I did a BIG mistake. I know it too well, (I stole the family iPad even though I'm taking a big exam this year) but really, from the bottom of my heart, I didn't have any kind modern technology that I should have since today's generation acquires those kind of things.

I love you fellas so much, but you guys have to realize that I will grow away from you guys soon, right after I finish high school. Please, I'm not a bimbo or stupid, yes, I'm still immature but understand that I have my own private life that I don't want you to know about. It's my life.

I love you guys, I was wrong.

Im sorry.....
by: Izzy

Listen I know you care and love me. And I also know that you have rules and expectations you want me to follow and reach. But I'm still a kid and confused with all this new stuff your throwing towards me. Lately instead of talking to you and showing you how I feel I've decided to lock myself up and keep everything inside. I'm sorry I can't reach your expectations and I'm sorry for my behavior. I just want to let you know I love you and don't want to ruin the relationship we have. Your everything to me, and I don't want to do anything to lose you.
Love: Izzy

I frigged up
by: Anonymous

Dear Mom and Dad,
Im so sorry for everything I've done, I hurt you so much and I was so hateful towards you guys. You guys dressed me, gave me a home and adopted me when my Biological Family gave me up. You adopted me at 6 and ever since then I have put you guys through hell. I'm 15 now and everything finally broke down, 5 months ago you had no choice but to bring me to a group home. I'm still here and it sucks not seeing you guys and the kids. I'm sorry that I was a little sh*t and that I didn't pay attention to what you said. But now I'm begging to come back and to change my ways. But I know it's too late so all I can do is say sorry. Love your daughter...

by: Anonomous

Dear mom,
I am trying so hard to be the best I can for you. I hate school and struggle to succeed in some ways. I got my first B in my report card and had a mental breakdown. I haven't been the same ever since. I stay up to late on my phone or iPad because I don't want to wake up and have to go to school again. I used to be so popular because everyone thought I was cute and funny but now..... I have dark circles under my eyes and I'm always depressed. I'm so sorry I can't meet your expectations of being who you want me to be. I am now grounded because I stayed up to late on my electronics. I'm so sorry mom. I love you but sometimes I can't be who you want me to. I'm not your happy girl anymore. I'm sorry mom.

I'm sorry
by: Tucker

Me and my friend had made waffles in my basement at 3 in the morning and set the smoke alarm off....

Dear mom,
I'm sorry for the mistake I made I was tired and not thinking about the consequences. I know that it was a mistake and I just want you to know that I'm sorry for what I did and I feel horrible... I hope you forgive me
Love you lots

To: Mom
by: Emily

Dear mom,

I screw up...
I didn't want to hurt you.
I was angry and I took it all out on you.
I didn't mean for this to happen.
I couldn't control my anger.
I wanted to apologize to you but the words wouldn't come out.
When you scold me it was to teach me.
When you told me to sleep early it's for my health.
When you told me to study hard it's for my future.
Although these things you always reminded me I never took it seriously and I ended up hurting you again.
You have done so many things for me.
You have sacrificed so much for me.
You gave me a life to this world and this is how I repay you.

Even though you don't understand English very well...

I'm sorry I hurt you.
I'm sorry I didn't listen to you.
I'm sorry I always made you worry.
I'm sorry I never try to understand how you feel.
I'm sorry i failed as your daughter.

Mommy, I'm sorry...

Love to you Mom and Dad
by: Your girl

You are both wonderful.
You always were and always will be.
I hope the way I did the things we talked about meets up to your expectations.
I am sorry if it is not exactly what you wanted.
I have always tried to please you both.
Please know I did my best to do things according to your wishes, but there are some things I cannot change.
I love you both and I know you love me.
That precious love sustains me in all I do.
God bless you and keep you until we meet again.
I have the best parents any child could ever hope for.

by: Chatty

Everyone make mistakes. The mistake I made was hurting you. I am very sorry. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. You're my mum and I should of never lied to you. So I say from the bottom of my heart I am really really sorry and I will never do it again.

I'm sorry I'm the way I am
by: Mikaiya

Mommy, I'm so sorry. I feel like I'm ruining your marriages, that I'm the third wheel in our large family. I'm trying so hard to make good grades to get into a good school to make you proud of me. I've done some really messed up things over the years though it seems that I don't care, I do. I'm antisocial, I can't talk about serious problems face-to-face so I just give up.

I know you'll say writing a letter is stupid but I can't talk. I'm so sorry, I just want to make you proud, I love you so much.

by: Jessica

I am really sorry! I promise Never to do it again! AND I MEAN IT! I love you with all my heart!

Hope you forgive me!
love from:Jessica

I'm sorry
by: Anonymous

Dear mom and dad,
I know you expect a lot out of me, I know you think I am the perfect child, I know you both love me when I am the perfect child. But I cannot always be perfect, and that shouldn't mean you both stop loving me when I am not perfect.

The fact that you both view me as perfect means I try my hardest, but I am no where near perfect and I will make a mistake here and there. The thing that will keep our family functioning in a healthy way is if we keep loving each other despite our mistakes. I'm so sorry reacting to the situation, you are both right, I should have just gotten up and left.

I understand why you both feel that my behavior was solely because of him not texting me back, but that is not even a part of the reason. I do not exactly know the reason for my inappropriate behavior, but I believe it's because I was stressed, and I am still stressed. This is not an excuse for my behavior but it is definitely a big contributor to why I was so frustrated.

I shouldn't have let my frustration get the best of me. I should have come upstairs and talked to you both but I was afraid to, I feel like if I come talk to you guys about how I feel or what I almost did, that you will bring up the boarding school. And that makes me feel bad about myself, I feel like I can never ever make a mistake because you will send me back. I am not doing super good here because I am living in fear of going back but I like being good.

I'm sorry I made a mistake, next time I will come talk to you both. I feel so terrible for what I did. I am ashamed that I let my behavior get that out of hand. I'm sorry. please forgive me
Love, Ry

im sorry
by: tahida

Dear grandma, I'm sorry for cursing. I know you wanted more from me and I didn't mean to do that. All my anger was coming out that was bottled inside and I didn't know what was happening to me, everything just came out. I feel really bad for what happened please accept my apology.

Dear Mom and Dad
by: Daughter

Mom, Dad. I am so very sorry for what I've said. I am very sorry and I mean it to the bottom of my heart. I don't deserve such great parents like you that take care of me such as working for a roof over our heads, water, food, clothes, shoes, etc. I wish I could just restart all over again and wishing I had never said that. I wanted to fit in with the other girls, but I was wrong. I would think that they're always perfect because of their body shape, their face, and just how they look. But you guys, and my teacher taught me that not everyone gets themselves together nor they have a perfect life. I am also very sorry that I said I would cut. I only said that to get attention and everyone would actually notice me. I wish I could restart my whole life, to tell you honestly- to restart my whole life and avoid the mistakes that I've made in the past. Now on, I promise to love my own skin, my curves and edges, my face, and basically how I look. I love you guys to death and I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for you two. I love you guys and I'm so sorry with all my heart.

Sorry Mom
by: Anonymous

Sorry for never thinking about you. I'm sorry that I never take your needs into consideration. I'm sorry that we didn't come home at the time you wanted us to, and that we didn't think about the fact that you were sick and couldn't walk. I know that you do a lot for me and I never do anything in return, but I want to change that.

Your wonderful daughter

I'm sorry mom
by: Anonymous

Mom, I know I let you down. I know I'm not the kid you wanted me to be, but I'm trying my best. I know school is hard and I'm trying my best, but what I've done today is something that's going to mark forever, I know you didn't raise no criminal. I'm here to tell you that what I've done is unacceptable , there's no excuse. I have to man up and face the consequences. I'll try to get good grades, and make you proud. I hope I can gain your trust back, and that you can forgive me for my mistakes. I'm sorry mom...

Apology to parents
by: Xvdanielaxv

Mom, dad.
I'm sorry I know I screwed up and got you into trouble, I wasn't thinking right.

I knew what was right and I chose to ignore, am sorry I shouldn't have done it and I know I can't change anything but that was the past and I would like to start over again.

I promise I'll try to be on my best behavior.
I hope you can forgive me and start over again.

I Hurt Your Feelings
by: Achu

Dear Acha,
I'm sorry for hurting your feelings yesterday. You are perfectly justified to feel that way and I would too if I was in your position. I know I should have shown you the books when you asked for them. I don't know what came over me but it's definitely not because I didn't find you capable to understand the books like you think. I think that your English is at a way higher level than mine and you have all the right in the world to punish me for what I've done. I apologize to you with all my heart. I'll try my best to make up to you for what I've done.

Sorry Mom
by: Gio S.

Mom I'm Sorry for the stupid decisions and mistakes I made. I really want to Apologize and let you know how much I love and care. I Know you only want what's best for me and I see you care and love me a lot and you would do things for me that other people wouldn't. I'm Sorry that you have to take the time out your day to take me to court, Program, and etc. I'm Sorry you have to spend $600 just for me to not have a charge on my record. That just shows how much you love and care for me and I am thankful. I'm Sorry Mother I LOVE YOU

Parents taking my phone
by: Anonymous

This note to my parents was really successful
you all should tell your parents and be upfront to them otherwise they will continue ruling you and thinking they are right.

Dear mum and dad,
I'm sorry for what I did although I know I didn't do anything wrong because you parents often think you're always right when for once you should actually take in the information I'm giving you rather than assuming things.

Sorry Dad
by: Cameron Goucher

I know me and you have had our fights in the past, but I just want you know that I love you with my soul to death. I hope you can forgive me for all of my wrongs and everything I ever did bad to you. I love you so much. I had no reason to do anything I did.

I'm Sorry
by: Angie

I know that I messed up, and I am so sorry. I screwed myself over and that's okay. Yes, I smoked. Yes, I snuck out. No, I don't do drugs. No, I'm not a wh*re. You're right when you say I have a mental issue. There's been something wrong with me since I was little. I just feel sad all of the time. I think about dying all of the time. I need help. But I never tell you this because you'd just laugh at me and tell me to get over it or something. You say that I'm disgusting and worthless or whatever but I already know that. I tell myself those same things everyday. I'm so sorry for always letting you down. I don't intend to take your apologies for granted. For years I've just messed up over and over again. I am disgusted with my lies and my flaws and I simply just want to be a better human being now. Nothing feels worse than seeing you and mom so upset with me. This incident will be the last time that I ever lie or mess up again. I regret every time I hurt you. I'm sorry.

Short and Simple
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry, I love you.

by: Jxss

Dear mummy and daddy and big sister,

I am so sorry for being rude these past few weeks...I have been under pressure due to schoolwork and my grades have dropped and I'm also having social problems. You three mean the world to me and nothing can change that. I love you all to bits. I'm trying to live up to your high expectations but so far it's not working....:(

I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I'm trying my best to excel in school but my confidence is shattered because I'm not seeing any improvement in my work even though I'm trying. It's so hard for me, seeing all three of you treating me well and I'm not giving anything back in return. I will try harder to make you all proud and get A+ grades.....it's a promise.

Forgive me Dad
by: Peter M.

Dear Dad. I hate the fact that I sometimes do the things I hate most. I regret the many times I hurt you. Dad I am sorry; I don't intend to take your forgiveness for granted but dad each time I say I am sorry I mean it. Right from high school, but that was because I was childish. I am glad you guided me, I am glad you still had to support me even when I failed to graduate like most of my classmates....and now that I have lost the job you helped me get.

I feel like I have done no good, just hurt.

Dad I am so sorry. I pray to God to give us life and wisdom. I hope with time I will make it up to you and to the world. Love you much dad.

Dear Mum,
by: Michelangelo

Dear Mum,

As your child I will make you struggle, but I hope to make you always smile. It's so hard when you're a kid to always behave and not be naughty but I will always love you. I may not say it I may not show it but I do.

The way you treat me and the way I treat you are very different, but I want to make a change. I WANT to stop taking stuff, stop being naughty and show you both I love you. I am so so sorry for what I have done. I hope to make a big big change to make a better future.

To Rhia Mds
by: 3 Anonymous Kids

Dear Mum,

We understand that we have a lot of disagreements. We understand that we are wrong to treat you so. We try not to, obviously not hard enough as it doesn't always work. We are very sorry and also apologetic, remorseful and sorrowful.

True love doesn't have a happy ending because true love doesn't end. You held our hands when we took our first steps and we will never be able to repay you. We are growing up and mentally changing and we sometimes can hold on no more. I will be your strength, not your weakness. I will be the reason for smiles, not fights that are endless. I will be a beacon, not a cause for stress.

I apologize to the person who taught me how to apologize and I seek forgiveness from the person who taught me how to forgive. Sorry mum.

Your three regretful children,

Love you.

PS. I know this is really gooey but it's true :)

Dear Mom...
by: Ashi

Dear Mom,

I know me and you have had our fights in the past, but I just want you know that I love you with my soul to death. I hope you can forgive me for all of my wrongs and everything I ever did bad to you. I love you so much. I had no reason to do anything I did.

good apologies
by: jacobie

These are really good apologies letters to give to your parents.

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