Apologies To Parents

by The PA Team

The child and parent relationship is a tricky one. As children we often feel the need to apologize to our parents--sometimes it's for things we've done wrong while other times, it's because we don't feel that we are living up to our parents expectations.

Whatever the reason, an apology to a parent is a great way to start a conversation between ourselves and those we love the most. Your bond will be stronger for it.

Sanjukat writes....

Mom and Dad I am sorry. I know you expect a lot from me but I am only a human being . I know you expect me top the boards but seeing the solution to the papers I realize that I may not be able to do so.

I may not be able to top and get marks greater than Didi. I am sorry I broke your dreams but I promise you that I tried my level best to fulfill your dreams. I love you both and I am totally shattered that I may not be able to stand in your expectations. Please forgive me. Your daughter.

Didi writes...


Today is your birthday. And everyone's running around the house cooking you your favorite foods, coloring in some cards, writing you some fancy poem, or last minute gift wrapping. And I'm just sitting here.

I have an essay that I haven't even started yet due tomorrow, an article for journalism that I don't even know the point of, and a test. I hate myself for giving excuses. Every year it's always the same, everybody else has something to give you, and I'm always the one who has nothing to say, and nothing to give, and nothing to do.

I have no time, daddy, and I'm so overwhelmed, and stressed, and lost in all this schoolwork and extracurricular. I don't even have time to make you a birthday gift. Nothing I can possibly write on here will make me feel any better. You will be home in 12 minutes and you'll sit at the table, we'll eat dinner and then they'll give you your gifts. That's my least favorite part, sitting there in front of you, and knowing I don't deserve a dad as great as you.

You do so much for me. And I can never repay you for everything you are and all that you do. Thank you Daddy, and I'm so sorry for not thanking you enough, and for having nothing for you today, to show you how I feel about you. I love you. I wish I could start this week over. I'm so sorry. I love you.

Bev writes...

To my dear mother.....I know now how much I hurt you, how many times I was impatient with you when (I see now) you were doing the best you could. I was so hateful and hurtful to you and you always forgave me. I love and miss you so much and I'd give anything to be able to make it up to you. It's too late for that, of course, but I pray to God every night that He will tell you how much I care.....You've been gone for eight years now, but I still grieve.....Your daughter, Bev.

Lisa writes...

Mom... I am so sorry things turned out the way they did. I wish I had been more patient with you. I will always be thankful for when you were ill and I was able to take care of you for a change. I'm sorry I didn't spend more time with you, brushing your hair or rubbing your feet. I love you.

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To Rhia Mds
by: 3 Anonymous Kids

Dear Mum,

We understand that we have a lot of disagreements. We understand that we are wrong to treat you so. We try not to, obviously not hard enough as it doesn't always work. We are very sorry and also apologetic, remorseful and sorrowful.

True love doesn't have a happy ending because true love doesn't end. You held our hands when we took our first steps and we will never be able to repay you. We are growing up and mentally changing and we sometimes can hold on no more. I will be your strength, not your weakness. I will be the reason for smiles, not fights that are endless. I will be a beacon, not a cause for stress.

I apologize to the person who taught me how to apologize and I seek forgiveness from the person who taught me how to forgive. Sorry mum.

Your three regretful children,

Love you.

PS. I know this is really gooey but it's true :)

Dear Mom...
by: Ashi

Dear Mom,

I know me and you have had our fights in the past, but I just want you know that I love you with my soul to death. I hope you can forgive me for all of my wrongs and everything I ever did bad to you. I love you so much. I had no reason to do anything I did.

good apologies
by: jacobie

These are really good apologies letters to give to your parents.

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