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My Apology Letter, I'm Sorry Dad

Dear Dad... I’m writing this letter as an apology for my unessential behavior. I don’t really know where to start, I have so much to say but don’t know how to begin. I know it's been hard for you and mom when I don’t act right, the worry I have put you both through, the pain. This upsetting mess has been so hard for you guys to put up with.

Why didn’t I respect all your commands or why didn’t I listen to you sometimes even when you sat there and talked to me nicely? I don’t even understand it myself--why I do these thing that raise your blood pressure and makes you feel hurt. And this sorrow was caused by my selfish and thoughtless behavior.

I can’t very much explain my actions, neither justify why I do them. My excuse would be it’s a generational thing and I copy what I see. I remember you always remind me to be the leader and the only time that I should follow is when the leader I choose to follow is Jesus. Many people would say how, or I’m not perfect but, it’s because they never try because if Jesus was perfect we can be too. Many people can say that it’s impossible to be like Jesus but in a song I’ve heard that 'impossible' is just reason or word for someone not to try.

I’ve lied and hurt you so badly. And I can never take back what I did as much as I wish I could turn the clock backwards and make the right decisions.

You’ve been the only one that has stuck up for me, even when mom would say something that's not right to me. But, I’ve proved you wrong now. All those time that you’ve been telling her to not say stuff like that to me has gone to waste because I’ve proved you wrong.

You’ve loved me unconditionally, trusted me, and you truly cared for me. Most importantly you’ve worked hard for all my needs and genuinely wanted what’s best for me. I know I’ve lost your trust, care, and kindness. But one thing I also know is that you still love me because if you didn’t you wouldn’t get mad when I do wrong. You wouldn’t punish me when I do wrong. You wouldn’t let me do what I want that’s wrong.

I really want to be the good and perfect daughter of your dreams, like when I was first born. I do want to earn back your trust, care, and kindness. I want to be the daughter that makes you proud. But when I act sometimes I don’t think about what’s going to happen next, and what the consequences will be, or the hurt and the pain you feel as a result of my actions.

In a flash of my eyes I’ve done wrong and made you angry.

When you ask me how do I feel after I can’t explain them verbally but, to be honest I can write my feelings on a sheet of paper. I can talk all day about a topic but, when it comes to talking about my feelings I take that as a difficult challenge.

I know I shouldn’t be afraid to talk to you about anything but, most times, I just am. Because most of the times that I would come to you is to tell you about the actions I’ve done and it’s hard because I don’t know how to talk about my feelings. I can think about how you will respond and if I don’t tell you now what could happen later.

I’m not perfect, I know that’s not a good excuse but when I lie to you I feel guilty. And I don’t get a prize for lying I just get the effect from it. I think the reason people lie is because they don’t want the truth to come out. I cried because I realized I brought out the worst in you. In my heart I know that I’m a good daughter. I do have good intentions, I do not go about them in the right way.

I love you so dearly, with all my heart and soul, more than anything in this world.

I know when I was born you were so happy to have one and only one daughter. And I know that you didn’t expect or plan on me being like this. I’ve treated you unfairly, every time I think about it I know it’s not the right thing to do. I don’t really know why I have acted the way I have but, I know that I’m going to find a way to fix it.

I’ve broke one of God's commandments I didn’t: "Honor your father and your mother that your days may be long upon the land which the LORD your God is giving you."

I am sincerely sorry for all the sorrow I’ve caused you. I am going to show you how thankful I am to have you as my dad. I am asking for one more chance of your trust and caring to show you that I really and truly mean what I say. I am going to make decisions and I am going to make good ones. I am going to try to be the perfect person and daughter. I am asking for your forgiveness for my wrongs and asking for that chance to prove you that I can do better.

I’ve prayed about my situation and asked God to forgive my sins.

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A Very Late Apology to My Dad
by: Christine

Dear Dad,

I hope you know where you are I am sorry for listening to mom and saying things to hurt you. I can only imagine how much it hurt you. After being a mom I cannot imagine your sorrow and pain.

Thank you for caring well for us in so many ways.

by: Anonymous

This letter is amazing for apologizing to your dad. Thank you.

My Apology Letter I'm sorry dad
by: NobleHeart

My mom says that my dad says that my dad and I don't have a good relationship. If I ask him to play with me he will say 'sure but let me finish drawing this logo for a client or let me finish this rap song' (He is a graphic Designer and a Christian rapper) But today I was really MAD at him I said I hate you. For sure I regret it now, so dad I hope you see this. I'm sorry for everything and I just wish we spent more time together.

Helped a lot
by: Anonymous

It's sooo hard to talk to my dad but I DID! And everything I thought... was wrong. When I got the first words out everything I was scared about went away. This letter helped me with what to say. Thanks.

Absolutely helpful
by: Hassan

This helped me sooo much. I made my dad upset and borrowed a couple words, so when I went and sat next to his feet for forgiveness he forgave me. Absolutely useful when in tight situations with your father, Thanks

Very useful!
by: jaanavee

Trust me, this letter is very useful. Go for it.

Perfect letter to send to your narcissist dad!!
by: anonymous

My dad's a narcissist and I don't like him but after sending him this letter he actually said "I love you". So, if you want your narcissist dad to stfu, this letter is the one!

Read me the letter helps
by: Joshua J.r

I'm 16 and have done some things that really made my dad not trust me and it's all my fault. I have stolen the vehicles in the yard by key and hotwiring them just to hang out with friends late at night or go hang out with a girl. I have also stolen money from him in the past couple of days. I also got expelled from all 4 schools I've been to.

I'm not proud of any of this.

I even ran away for 3 days and came back home mad because I walked out into the open and they found me. If you don't believe me search Joshua L.B.Jr. missing in South Carolina and you'll see me and what age I was at the time.

This letter did help me write a letter of my own and I hope my dad will forgive me for everything I've done in the past couple of years.

Anyone who reads my letter should know not to be like me or bad in general. Be good for yourself and your parents.

My comment
by: rayanne

This letter was very helpful

by: Potato

I really love this letter!

My dad
by: Anonymous

I always treat my dad like crap, even when he doesn't deserve it. Ever since I got adopted I've just been so bratty and I accuse my dad of so much stuff.

Sure he gets mad but he just sits there and talks to me about my actions, and how I should respect my elders. He tells me if I want to go into the navy then I need to start showing some respect and start following rules.

This letter really helped me out.

by: Caroline

I had to write a apology letter to my dad and I didn’t know how to start so I looked up some letter starters and I found this and let me tell you I cried so much reading this because of how much I relate to this so who ever wrote this thank you ❤️

thank you
by: Anonymous

I've honestly done some bad things to both my mom and dad and stepmom and I feel really bad.

This helped me with how I am going to talk to them and apologize to them. Thank you.

by: Anonymous

Best Apology letter ever😭

by: Anonymous

I cried reading this.

by: _thisisyash_1122

Very good letter... I love it.. I have written it to my parents and they again trust me...

by: Anonymous

I've truly been a bad child. This letter is really good... I honestly don't know how my parents would trust me again but I'll work hard to gain their trust from this point forward.

by: Anonymous

This letter is awesome👌👌👌👌

by: Anonymous

Thanks for this letter... I'm so grateful.

A remorse heart
by: Anonymous

Thanks a lot, it really helped me and I hope my dad will listen to me.

Am thankful for this letter
by: Abass Perkins Gbono

I argued with my dad and then I realized what I did was not good and I have been looking for a way to apologize to him. Every time I think on what I did to him it always hurts, so I decided to Google it and then I found this letter of apology for a dad, read it and took what I wanted to take.

Am really very grateful for you that wrote this letter.

Once again thank you.

by: Tasha soita

I just can't stop crying😭😭i felt this

Sorry dad
by: Anonymous

Am really hurting inside cause my relationship with my dad isn't that good.
I have no mum since she passed away when I was just a kid...since then we never talked with my dad and when we try to communicate it always end up in a fight....this is insane and I just want a normal life like the other kids....
Hope one day things will get better 😞

Officer H.

I really done my dad wrong. I have had so much anger towards him over the years that I have had no relationship with my dad. He is a Hawkins County TN Deputy and a warrant came out and he called and said when you get done with what you are doing come on in and make it easier on yourself. I didn't and my brother said he was really disappointed. I'm sorry.

by: Sylvia

This is so touching 😭😭😭
Thank you so much.... I love this..

Apology letter for misuse of school money and time
by: Deslin

I let him down and am really hoping after he reads this he can forgive me. I just need one more chance...

Apology to father
by: Mohit

Sorry dad, I never could make you proud.

My apology to my dad
by: Rachie

I pray it works...I just put the letter inside his daily diary, as soon as he is back from work he will see it.

I'm sorry Dad
by: Anonymous

This is perfect!!!!!
I really hope they accept it.

I'm so sorry daddy
by: Anonymous

This letter just works so well for me!

I hope my dad hearkens quickly and allows me back home. I have had so much sorrow and thank God for this letter.

I hope it works and I pray to God that I shall not turn back to my old ways that only brings disgrace to my loving father!

Much love, God bless y'all

The apology I want to write to my Dad.
by: Apologetic daughter

It's just what I want to write to him. I hope he accepts it.

by: maaji

I got in to an argument with my dad just yesterday and he's been ignoring me which is due to his disappointment in me. As I've grown up I've been
increasingly bottling up my feelings, and I'm disappointed in myself for that. I find it easy to apologise.

Ref apologies

Its amazing....i just hope my Dad gives me that one last chance😢

by: Anonymous

thank you for this it really helps.

Thank you~
by: Some imperfect potato

Thank you for writing this, it made apologizing easier for me.

I got in to an argument with my dad and he's been ignoring me which is due to his disappointment in me. As I've grown up I've been increasingly bottling up my feelings, and I'm disappointed in myself for that.

I hope he forgives me and once again thanks and God bless!

I appreciate this.
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much this letter, it really helped.

Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you, I hope you don't mind me using it to apologize to my dad who won't even look or talk to me.

I'm sorry dad 😔😪
by: Anonymous

I sent some parts of this letter to my dad just now. I hope he calls me tomorrow or texts back soon.

I'd had enough of the abuse
by: Anonymous

Great information. Thanks for sharing. However, I am fully aware this situation was not all my responsibility but I do understand I must take responsibility for my actions and behavior.

He loses his facilities and can be aggressive towards me and my siblings as well as friends and strangers on the street.

I have had enough and after years and years of therapy and working with my psychiatrists, I hit the wall. I had had enough and I stated that I had had enough.

I've grown tired of the yelling, shouting and abusive behavior. It's been a lifetime. Last night was the first time I felt strong enough to face him down instead of shriveling up like a wilted flower.

I made it clear, I am tired of his behavior and abuse. He knows where I stand now, however my behavior was still out of line. I've read and re-read your letter. I have pulled parts of it to create my own letter.

Thank you!

I Am Sorry Dad
by: Prince Obomate

I love this, I just really wish my Dad will forgive me and accept me back home.

Great thinking..
by: Kelvin mambo

Thanks for writing this down in a letter. I will be delivering a version of it to my dad and I hope I will be forgiven ..this suits me well. God bless you..

good apology letter
by: Kon lon

its so touching...thanks for that good guidance

Im sorry dad
by: Me

This literally touched me I cried alot while reading this...I just got into a fight about my dad being over protective and I was wrong he just wants me safe after what happened to me.

I always spend time with my friends and barely spend time with my family because of his girlfriend. I don't belong here in this world, I was a mistake... I really miss spending time with my family but ya know not everything is perfect.

by: Anonymous

This letter touched my heart.... so sad

Perfect Apology
by: Good son, sometimes bad

This letter just suited me perfectly and the last paragraph each and every word is appropriate for me. Whatever you write at the starting of any letter, but the ending should be heart touching and a genuine one and this apology letter is impeccable in that case.
Thanks a lot!!!!

by: Miyah

Umm, I have a really bad temper. I bottle up my feelings and really closed off. I hate talking about feelings and that gets me in trouble.

I talk back to my parents when I'm mad and I don't know how to control it because it's hard for me. I've been like this my whole life because I was bullied in three different schools, listened to rude and the most horrible things possible from the other students. So I find it hard to say sorry to my parents. I try to but nothing comes out. It's easier for me to write then to talk I guess. But this apology letter really helped me say the things I wanted to say to my parents.

by: Anonymous

Thank you for this letter you are truly blessed

by: Anonymous

This really saved me. I had no idea what to say to my dad because I lost my temper and punched someone in the face. But now I have something to say. My Dad's not a Christian believer so I don't know how he's going to respond. Thank you, God Bless you!

by: Maryrose

This is exactly what I wanted. Thanks to the writer. May God Bless You. I haven't given this to my dad yet but I pray that he forgives me.

by: Anonymous

Very adorable apology and it makes me feel happy and makes me glad. It touched my heart and my feelings.

pertaining to the apology
by: Anonymous

It's really touching. I love it

by: A disappointment child

This almost made me cry. Someone had so much heart to write it. This letter is so forgiving I think it would make a grown hard father even cry. I thank you for this. This is exactly what I needed to send to my father. Thank you and praise god for whoever wrote this!

Saying Sorry to a father or any parent
by: Anonymous

Am in love with this apology letter it's so sweet and deserving to a disappointed parent. I believe he or she upon reading this can feel much better.

by: Amy

I felt heart broken when I read this :(

by: Anonymous

After thinking about what I did, I kept thinking of ways to write my apology letter. So, I turned to the internet. After reading this letter, I cried.

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