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An Apology From Your Daughter

by Arianna B.
(Bakersfield CA)

To my parents... I'm sorry for being a screwed up daughter. I'm sorry for hiding Miguel from you. I'm sorry for making both of you cry last night (and all those other times). I'm sorry for lying to you both. I'm sorry I can't trust you two anymore. I'm a terrible daughter.

I promised myself I would be good this time and now look where I am right now, writing this letter knowing too well you two won't see this and it kills me.

You guys hurt me just like I hurt you guys too.

First things first, I'm sorry for hurting your feelings last night. I said those things out of anger and when I tried explaining my reasoning you wouldn't even let me apologize.

Next, I'm sorry for hiding my boyfriend from you during the past couple of months. I know you both have high expectations of the perfect man(High grades, money, job, etc...) for me and I understand that you don't want me to make mistakes like I did with my ex.

Miguel may not have straight A's(B's and lower) and he may have done terrible things from Mexico (getting into trouble) but I really like him a lot and he's changed so much ever since he moved to the U.S.

I'm not asking you to like him, but to give him a chance and not to judge him based on his past.

I'm sorry for not having enough trust in you both.

As a teenager, we don't like to trust family but I wish it wasn't like that with the both of you.

I wish I was able to tell you a lot of things in my life and to not feel the slightest bit of shame.

You two have helped me so much with my depression and have told me many things that weren't easy for you to tell me from your past and it sucks that I couldn't even tell you about my life or who I talk to.

And most importantly, I'm sorry for being a terrible daughter.

I lie, steal, and hurt people I've cared so much for.

I told you both I hated you, I called CPS on you two almost 2 years ago. I threatened to leave the house.

I prayed to God hoping you two would divorce. I stole money from the house, ripped up pictures of us, talked about you two behind you back etc.

Sometimes I wish both of you can understand that you hurt me a lot too.

Right now we're not talking to each other and maybe one day I can show you this letter showing you how I really feel.

You guys make me lose my mind everyday and hurt me but I still love you mom & dad.

From.... your daughter

PS. I didn't write this letter to get the stupid phone back. I can live fine without it.

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by: Gillian

As parents, we always try to do what we think is best for our sons and daughters.

We aren't always right and sometimes the decisions we make come from being scared, and even terrified, for our child or nervous and stressed about their future.

We, like our kids, are only human. We do good things and bad.

The bottom line is that we are family and our love for each other must always come first.

We need to put aside our feelings of hurt, disappointment, shame and all other emotions and reach out to each other, especially when times are bad.

Just like you need a short 'break' from your parents sometimes when they disappoint or hurt you, your parents may need the same.

It doesn't mean that you don't love them or that they don't love you. It's just a time for reflection.

Your apology letter is a great first step. It's your future actions (and those of your parents) that really counts in the long run.

Wishing you the best...

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