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Posted by Christina

Dearest Saint,

When I first saw you I was afraid to meet you
When I first meet you I was afraid to hold you
When I first held you I was afraid to kiss you
When I first kissed you I was afraid to love you
Now that I love you I'm afraid to lose you...

I never realized how much you meant to me until you were gone.

I'm sorry for what I never said
I was just a little messed up in my head.
But in the end you'll get over me
And maybe its best if I just let you be
But to get over you well... that's impossible for me

xx I'm going to win you back no matter what you say because you've been my true love up until this day...And forever that will stay xx

Yours for ever...Your dirty little princess.

Posted by Katelyn

R.J. I'm SO incredibly sorry for breaking your trust. I hope you can find it in your heart to give me another shot.

Posted by Scottie

I'm so sorry for being disrespectful to an adult. The words I said I didn't mean but they managed to come out. It won't happen again.

Posted by Marcus

As a professional plumber I should have known better. I wasn't sure how to install your tankless water heater and instead of telling you so, I hired another plumber to do the work. As a result, you were charged more than you should have been.

Posted by David K L

I regret all my failings. I am working on them, I'm sure you are too. Please, let's make it work. x x x

Posted by Susan

Bob from the RF in FW,

I am so terribly sorry, after all these years, for what I did to you.

I am sorry that I led you to believe that we would be together forever, and that I would never leave your side. I was so young, and so mixed up and unhappy, and you were my knight in shining armor. I was lost and derailed, and you gave me so much love and support.

You are such, and probably still are, a good and decent man. I hope your life has turned out well, and that you can forgive me for all the damage I caused in your life. I think of you often and hope you are doing well. God bless you and your family.

Please forgive me.

Posted by Kirra

Dayana... I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for you to get hurt. I love you and always will!

Posted by Carelton1108

I'm sorry. I miss a lot of the obvious stuff sometimes. Thanks for loving me through it all.

Posted by Sawsan


When words beat me by jumping first,
When mistakes disclose a human haste,
When unruly sketches leap & spring
Facing out a mind measuring the string,
The one connecting miles of care.
That declares truly how to share,
When untamed letters deface the image,
Or try to offend a friendly passage,
Apology stands shy in the hall
Ready to say, sorry before you all..

I'm on behalf of an ashamed self,
With faults admitted & reproaches stiff,
Longing for a rest from inner struggles.
Forgiveness she begs, pardon ceases battles.
She lost control of an unstable temper.
Hands of clock were twisted to remember.
Words were tapped by a releasing thumb.
Deceiving time made her dumb.
Forgive a soul with earnest dreams
Wishing for you matchless glad gleams.
Forgiveness is your grand craft.
Smiles & taps encourage her act.
Please forget an uncounted rush.
She loved shared songs of gusto and push.
Would you now evolve a smile of cheer,
For sisters are cordially pure & clear .

Posted by Jane

Dear Michael,

I know you will never read this but I had to do it somewhere, I'm sorry for the emotional hell I put you through, I honestly don't know how you put up with it. I know the damage was done and it took me too long to make my mind up but I love you more than I've ever loved anyone else. I know it will be 2 years of us not speaking this year and I know your happy now, that's why I don't want to intrude but I would love you to know I'm so sorry and if I could take it all back I would and I would have chosen you. I care about you still and I think that shows how I shouldn't have been so stupid.

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