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Posted by Michael

I am truly sorry for the hurt I dare not mention, the hurt I've caused to those I truly cared about, but are forever gone from my life.

While I can't say the things I've done wrong, I know that the hurt is still there years after it was all done. I know the monster I was, and it still seems impossible to be human again.

I didn't understand the hurt I caused until it was too late to undo it all. It's more than a fear of consequence, or a fear of Hell. It's more than knowing it was all discovered. It's knowing that I was the cause of so much bad in my youth, and now, as an adult, I wish for nothing more than to undo it all and start fresh, to make it where I could be around those who were my true friends, instead of now being surrounded by grief and sorrow.

I will never be able to undo the hurt, but with me out of the picture in these lives, these families, I can at least allow everyone involved over the years to heal.

This is the reason I try to shut myself from the world, so I can focus on letting the words I write somehow counter the past.

I can never express how sorry I am for it all, and I could never imagine any sort of forgiveness if the words could take form, so I keep quiet as I try to rediscover my humanity. It's hard to pretend to be something I'm not, but with more time, and more effort, I can, hopefully, somehow, start to make things right once more.

Posted by Zoey

Dear Kayla, I never mean't to hurt your feelings. But those words should be sent at me. I know we lost our friendship somehow, but I'll cherish it in my memory.

I know I was wrong, but I am sorry.

We both had fun times together back in the good days, but today was not for both of us. I really miss you and I am very lonely without you. I never wanted to lose a friend, especially you. As you said I was overreacting, I'm still growing, but I accept your commitment. I'll always miss you. Please forgive me.

Posted by Hayk S.

Sorry Liset for being a jerk. Sometimes the distance between my brain and mouth is not long enough to filter out the mean in me.

Hopefully the distance between my brain and fingertips is more than adequate. You have been nothing more than a joy to be around and I clearly took advantage of your kindness.

My social interaction skills suck but some how you manage to put up with them. Eventually there was the straw that broke the camels back.

I know "I am sorry" is just three words but hopefully those three words have the power of three heartfelt letters. I do not ask nor deserve your forgiveness. I know you will eventually forgive me for it is in your nature. Till when I can make you laugh and smile again...

Posted by Milly

Sister, I know I shouldn't have but I borrowed two of your perfumes when you were away at university and you have come back and they're all finished. You noticed they were gone and I don't know how to apologise for using them.

I got you a new perfume and left it for you on your bedroom floor but I know I shouldn't have done what I did in the first place. The perfumes were yours and I used them thinking you wouldn't notice - I'm really sorry. x

Posted by Anonymous

To the person I know who won't ever read this, people mess up. People do dumb things for no reason. It takes one to know one.

Last night I realized how equal I am to every jerk out there. I also realized the strength that has to reside in someone to forgive and how awful situations are given to the best of people.

It is people like me who cause this. I am one like everyone else- with no reason or intention, and I am sorry. I'm sorry.

I don't know if you are going to forgive me. All I can do is hope. I just didn't know how much I want you with me until today. Until I realized I was missing you. And I apologize that this is what it took for me to open my eyes... and my heart. This sucks.

Posted by Kylie

Dear best friend, I'm sorry I over reacted and I'm sorry I'm starting not to feel the same way. High school is hard and it doesn't help we grow different by the day. I would like to do something about it but I just dont know what. I love you lots, sorry I'm such a b*tch.

Posted by Running Away

Lina..I'm sorry I lied to you about how I felt. I should've told you from the start that I wasn't okay with you two together.. I should have never acted the way I did and walked out in you...

And I should've never lied and said I was okay with you hitting up my friend... you shouldn't have asked or gone there either. But this isn't a cat and mouse apology..

I'm sorry I lied, I'm sorry I acted the way I did and I'm sorry for not being able to be the person you wanted/needed.

Posted by Monika

I'm really sorry for lying. You're ready to forgive but how can I forgive myself when you told me your thoughts. What I did was wrong and I will never ask you to trust me again because I lost that right.

I'm a coward and confused, this is the only truth. I can say sorry but it is a very small word and can't flush what I did.

Posted by Anonymous

Joseph, I am so sorry for all of the pain I caused you, emotionally and mentally. I hurt you with my cruelty and you did not deserve it.

What you do deserve is my most sincerest apology for harming you. I am ashamed of my behavior and the effect it has had on you personally. I do not ask for your forgiveness but merely that you allow me forthright to tell you how sorry I really am for my part in this relationship.

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