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Posted by 'H'

Its been awhile since we talked. I have felt empty and broken since you left me without even caring what would happen.

I tried to be polite, I did not want to start a fight, I did not want to hurt you. I was jealous of your friends because I thought you cared more for them then for me.

I am truly sorry for hurting you. I know it hit you hard, I'm so so so deeply sorry. I knew you would hit me back like I hit you and it happened. Every night I was awake trying to send you an apology message.

I cried myself to sleep because I could not forget you. I'm still mad at you because you lied to me and hurt me, but it does not tear me apart anymore. I tried everything to get you back and realized that you are not worthy of someone like me, who loves you with whole heart.

I hope you have a beautiful life filled with joy and happiness. I will not forget you, but if you want another chance think about if you are going to hurt me again. I love you but I wont risk being hurt. Goodbye....Sincerely, H.

Posted by 'SH'

Joseph, I'm very sorry for not understanding you , I caused you so much pain but I still love you and want you in my life.

Posted by 'M'

I am so sorry. I didn't mean to run away like I did. I'm really, really sorry and I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me somehow.

Posted by Witchy American White Girl

Dear Emily, Sorry if I made you sad. Sorry if I made you mad. Sorry if I screwed up. Sorry if I am not the friend that you imagine that I would be. But all there is left is to say sorry... Love Yoscelin

Posted by Yoscelin

To my friends who put me in my place, I'm sorry. What I said was rude and inconsiderate and ignorant.

I won't make excuses because it was wrong to say what I said. I hope you can at least understand the rest of the point I was trying to make aside from the stupid, ignorant thing I added on just to try and get under another person's skin.

Posted by Wes Martin

I loved you, Robin; I love you still. Even now, after the dust has cleared. I want you to know; I need you to know; That I am sorry. Truly sorry. For the hurt, And the pain, I caused you- the one I loved And still love today. Two years later. Please forgive me. -Wes.

Posted by Jennifer Grant

This apology is for someone that I believe is a special person that deserves to be apologized to for the way I treated him.

Chad B. I'm sorry for being not nice and saying things I should have never said. I love you Chad all I ask is for you to consider this apology and know I mean it from bottom of my heart. I miss you and pray you will forgive me! I love you Chad.

Posted by 'A list boy'

30 years later I live with the regret of hurting innocent people while in my teens. I wanna say I'm sorry and explain where I was mentally at the time of my wrong doings.

I will never know who you are only that I know what I did. I pray to god to bless you on my behalf. Please forgive me.

Posted by Cephas

Zainab I am sorry to speak in that tone. I should not have reacted like that...I understand what I did was wrong, I don't want to lose your friendship. I am really sorry baby.

Posted by Nia Duke

Dear Janine, I apologize for being an a**hole to you. You have feelings that I don't take into consideration.

I'm sorry for bottling my emotions and not telling you how I feel. I'm sorry that I accept things instead of fighting for you.

But for you I'm willing to change that rule. You don't believe me when I say I won't leave you and I wish to prove to you that I won't. Though I say this, it's even hard for me to fully accept that if you were to get mad and leave me tomorrow, that I'd try and bring you back into my life.

But I'm trying Jay. I love you and I honestly can't fathom not having you in my life, yet I've been in this mind set for so long. It's hard not to just let things happen when all your life you've tried to keep down the emotions building within you. I let things go, but you won't be one of those things. I'm sorry. Your best friend, Nia

Posted by Your Daughter

Daddy I am so sorry I wasn't able to protect you from the most excruciating pain of having a catheter when you were going to die the next day. I told the nurse no, but she said you don't want your father to be uncomfortable. I am so so sorry I did not ask you, I am sorry I did not say to her did you ask my father if he feels uncomfortable.

I am so sorry I was caught up in my guilt and not paying attention to you and your needs. When I saw your mouth scream out without a sound. I was lost and so traumatized by what had happened to you. I love you Daddy.

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