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Posted by Samantha

To my sweet Pupz...

I am sorry for what I did yesterday. I know I could apologise for days on end but it may not eliminate your thought that I do not respect you. I know that my actions upset you tremendously and may have even hurt you and for that I am truly apologetic.

My greatest wish is to never take you for granted and my fault is that I am human...I am sorry that I cried so much, my emotions tend to overwhelm me. I know you deserve to be treated with respect, love and care...I want you to know that I truly do respect, love and care for you and I am hoping that with this you will forgive my conduct and realise how much you mean to me. ............I love you.

Posted by Penguin

My strawberry gummy baby bear... I sincerely apologize for my appalling statements for which I earnestly regret. I swear I will never say such words again and if I do then you can punish me in any way possible, which I will gladly accept. Hurting you hurt me more for which I am finding it hard to forgive myself however, as someone once wrote, 'An apology is a good way to have the last word.' Love you forever... Penguin :-)

Posted by G.

I have been a terrible friend. I didn't acknowledge or remember your birthday. I recognize how unfair this is to you. I am sorry I haven't done better and that this is one sided lately. You are such a dear friend and you deserve better from me.

Please be patient with me...I will do better...G

Posted by Henry

Cathy F.

I am sorry for thinking negatively and saying nasty things. You really hurt me by the things you said and did. That hurt so much. I forgive you with all my heart and soul and I ask you do to the same. I miss and love you very much.

Posted by Shannon

Dearest Scott,

I know that I have wronged you in ways that conventional words cannot describe. By talking to other men I've violated your trust; this is not something you alone have to live with, I have to live with it too. At times I have wondered if you and I were really meant to be together, and perhaps this wavered my will to be a good girlfriend. My own self-doubt and confusion has clouded my thinking at times and caused me to do things that are unacceptable. If anything, I have learned from my own wrongdoings that you are a strong and strong-willed man, and me, not so much. I'm weak and I've had moments of extreme weakness that have caused me to talk to other people when perhaps I should have tried harder to talk to you. I am weak, but I am also learning. Through this, I become stronger.

I am sorry I violated your trust. In doing such my words generally mean nothing to you anymore, and the bond that was there has been broken. I realize and understand that I have hurt you badly with my actions and lying, and I'm not sure if I can build anything back that has been broken. But this is my first effort in trying.

I recognize the fact that you are hurt because of me and my doings, and I accept full responsibility for my lies and actions. I accept responsibility for causing you harm and letting you down. I know these things are my fault, and I am truly sorry. I still am not sure how to go about fixing things, but I will do my best to find a way. This will take time and effort, and I realize these things rest solely on me. I do feel remorse and I do honestly feel bad about what I have done and I hope that eventually you will be able to forgive me.

I love you. Shannon

Posted by Iris

Dear W,

Our love seems like a dramatic farce. I wish I could go back in time and fix it all. I wish I could. Sorry, I never loved you the right way. I am too young and too naive. Though I tried so hard to get you back but I failed, falling into pieces. I know, you were never and will never be mine. I know that and I can feel it. Well, after all, that doesn't matter, I mean that that won't get your life stuck into endless pane, because time will tick everything away. I hope you can forgive me and forget about what we have done.

Life will be cool and fabulous without a troublemaker like me, but I will be supporting you secretly and praying for you... Wishing that you could be happy ever after... Iris

Posted by Cyndi

Dear H.Bee!

I don't know if you even read my emails or got my text messages, but I've been trying to tell you how sorry I am!! I miss you sooooo much and I'm just dying inside!

You don't come across too many good friends in this life and when you do, you're supposed to keep them. I messed a good thing up and now I'm without the one person who understood and listened to me. The only one I could open up to and tell what I was feeling inside and going through! How I want you back in my life! Tell me how? Please! My life is in shambles right now!! H.Bee, talk to me!! I'm sorry!!

Posted by Janel

Steve... I am so so sorry for my behavior. I think about life without you and it's like looking into a void.

I take full responsibility for my actions, I was out of line and humbly ask you to forgive me. I know how hurt you must be, I'm so sorry. I treasure you. I will conquer this Scorpion inside me and will never be so horrid again.

You are my North, my South, East and West. You mean everything to me. You make me a better person. I adore your sense of humour and your extra large brain and your multitudes of interests. Please forgive me and take me back. I want to grow old in your arms. I want to look into your eyes until the end of my life. I love you. Janel

Posted by Shelaine

I'm sorry Keegan for what I did do
I cried and cried today, I know I hurt you...
And I'm sorry for everything I did do...

I'm sorry for hurting you inside and out...
I'm sorry for never knowing when to shut my mouth...
I'm sorry for not letting you get any sleep...
I'm sorry and I know I hurt you very deep...

I'm sorry for doing the things I did do...
I wish I could take it back, I wouldn't hurt you...
I'm sorry, I mean it, from the bottom of my heart...
It's breaking my heart tearing me apart...

I'm sorry for what I did do Keegan...Please forgive me!!!

Much Love, Shelaine xx

Posted by Anonymous

I don't know if the other apology I sent you came or not, so I'm trying again. I don't know how you are going to react to this, but I really need you to know that I am sorry for the things I said to you and I am sorry that I have hurt you.

There have been a lot of things the past two years that have really hurt me. I knew I needed to talk to you about it, but the way I handled it was completely inappropriate. It got to the point where the pain was more than I could handle. I can't take back any of the things I said, but I can honestly say that I'm sorry; whether or not you believe me is your choice.

I hope that one day you will decide to forgive me. I want you to know that I forgive you, even if you don't think that you have wronged me. Please don't mistake this for a plea to get back into your life; I'm still very hurt and if we are ever to be back into each others lives it will only be if you ask me and if you are ready to consider what I need from you, not just what you need from me.

Again, I'm very sorry for sinning against you. I don't know if you have heard the song, "I'm Not Who I Was", but that song pretty much describes how I feel. Also, please pass the word on to Giora that I'm sorry for lying to him when he asked me if I was okay; I didn't want to put him in the middle. Goodbye and God bless.

Posted by Sudhir

Isn't it true that we enter relationships as a somebody and leave them as a nobody... For every time I have hurt your heart and did things which you didn't like... I'm sorry... Please forgive me...

Posted by Susan


As the wind whips up into the trees, I think about the many nights we shared years ago. I especially remember our ocean trip, and the long walks and conversations that felt as if they would never end. I remember the salty air, and your blue eyes shining in the lamp light at the bar. I remember standing on a hill looking out at the city lights and embracing the wonder of our sudden and notorious relationship.

Alas- time would pass, and your wife would discover our secret, and she would evaporate into the night. Yet- you were ready to give it all up, walk away, and be with me. Your sacrifice was great, your burden immense, and I was not mature enough to understand the swath of destruction that our union put upon your young life.

I am sorry I abandoned you after all of that, but that was all I ever knew at that point in my life. There was no vision of sharing, caring and embracing a life with someone else. There was only the transition from one rescuer to the next until I finally grew up one day and made a real commitment.

I am so terribly sorry that you were ready and I wasn't. I think of you often, and I have learned that somehow you were able to repair the damage and stay in your marriage. I just wanted to make amends this way, as to find you and tell you myself would be selfish and likely cause more damage than good. I am so sorry to Cathy, too. She deserved better than what she got. Forgive me. You were one of the most important men in my life. I will never, ever forget you and wish you only the best.

Posted by Kristov

To Yasmin,

I'm sorry for the things I said
And I'm sorry for the things I've done
But I will always love you for ever and some.

I'm sorry for the way I act, and I'm sorry for the things I do,
But I am me and you are you.

I would give anything just to hold you
Give anything to just touch you
But you have left, and you are gone
And I only have myself to blame,
But you need to know I will always love you the same.

I'm sorry I had to lie and I'm sorry I made you cry,
But being without you makes me want to die.

I didn't give you respect,
I'm sorry for the lie I said when we first met.
But when I said I loved you I really meant it,
If I hadn't of lied that day, all of this could have been prevented.

It was my wrong and I'm sorry that's why I wrote this poem. I will always love you as you do me, my love for you will last an eternity.

Posted by Muhammad R.

I'm sorry for all my mistakes and the trouble that I've caused you honey. It wasn't my intention to hurt you dear. I can understand your jealousy because I know how much you love me.

My heart and tears belongs to you honey. Deep in my heart, it's telling me only that your my dear baby nana that I love so much. I love you so much honey. I want to take this opportunity to tell everyone that I LOVE YOU Nadiah!

Posted by Brooke

I am so sorry! I love you so much and I know I haven't treated you and many other people with all my respect, but I really think I will change this time. I know this because I hate the feeling I get inside when you are mad, and I will do anything to stop it from happening. I love you!

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