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Posted by Meg

I'm so sorry my daughter. Children are victims of our selfish desires and I'm so sorry for putting you in this position.

Posted by Kundie

I'm sorry. I'm sorry I didn't understand you when you said you loved me. Sorry you caught me with another man. Sorry I lied to you. Sorry that nothing I can do can take that away.

Sorry I can't make you see that I love you now more than ever and I want more than anything in the world to be with you. I'm sorry Wale.

Posted by Charles E.V.N.

To my Carolyn D. from Memphis. I'm so sorry for the time of yours that I wasted and the stress I caused you. You are a beautiful wonderful woman that deserves the best in a man.

God knows I am not the best for you. I tried but failed.

The war has made me a scared, cold hearted, insensitive man that cannot share or receive real love. You take care of yourself and I will have to settle for whoever will have me.

Hold on to 'Hope' because I know Love Will Find you.

Posted by Kaylee

Chris, I am so sorry for lying to you. I'm sorry for being a coward when I last saw you, and was drunk. I couldn't face you and my actions. I can't sleep or go about my day without beating myself up. It's unfathomable what I did to you, and to your family.

I was so defensive because I was so scared of the outcome. I knew what I was doing, but I truly did not intentionally try to hurt your family and yourself. I apologize for taking so long to speak the truth. I wish you the best in life. Take care.



Posted by Ellie C.

I am soooo sorry for everything I've done I hope you all forgive me..... I will try to change... I promise.

Posted by Chris O.

To you Tiffany I sincerely apologize. I never took into context how my actions affected you. I would like to make my amends with everyone involved and tell you that I really miss you and I understand now where I went wrong. Please accept this apology.

Posted by Samanta O.

I don't know how to start this... seems that "sorry" has always been part of our conversation.

I can't count how many times I said it to you, how many times I made you feel bad unintentionally. We grew up and are from different countries and cultures so I guess it's the main cause for what we've been going through.

Now I'm worrying because I haven't heard from you since yesterday. The last time we chatted, you felt bad and you had difficulty breathing and I know you had this anxiety attack before. Never in my heart and soul did I have the intention to made you feel that way.

We used to share our thoughts and feelings so we could help each other to feel better. I'm too insensitive and didn't choose the right words the last time we talked.

Sorry for keeping on asking you how soon we could be together. I know it pressures you a lot. I didn't mean to say you're not doing enough for you to get here soon or you can't really be here and you're just making me wait forever since we know all the problems we're going through.

Even on my part, I'm not that prepared to see you yet, and I think I need to foresee how it's going to be when you are finally here with me. That's why I'm asking for some idea on how long really is the preparation. I didn't have any idea about the plane ticket price, the expenses etc. I didn't mean to rush you.

I know everything has its own proper time. I shouldn't question or judge your capabilities and know how wonderful a person you are inside and out. I should rather ask my own capability and why I deserve to be loved by someone like you my Love.

The reason why I'm offering my help is that I really feel so useless and am just like a princess waiting for you to come and be in charge of everything. I believe in a give and take relationship. I was just thinking some of my/you're friends might think that I'm just taking advantage of all the love and goodness you are giving. I just want to help you more.

The talk that we had last time was a very meaningful conversation to me. I thought it was just a casual talk and forgot to consider how you will feel about it. All I wanted during that last conversation was to keep renewing our promise of love for each other over and over and just to hear that you will be with me no matter what, no matter how long.

I truly have my heart and soul and the patience to wait when we could be together. I'm living my life only for you because I love you so much. Guess I'm a bit late making my point because I didn't have too much time to explain it the past few days.

I really am sorry and wish I could hug and comfort you to make you feel how sincere is my apology. I know how you feel and I hope you still can give me another chance and forgive me for hurting your feelings...It's fine if you won't feel like talking to me again soon I'll just hope you keep taking care of your self. God bless you always My hubby ..Muwah...Missing you soooo much ..I'm sorry ..T-T

Posted by M.

You are my first love and you will always be special to me. I didn't regret the times I spent waiting for you even though that turned out to be just waiting for the time to say our goodbyes.

Perhaps, we are not really meant to stay as lovers, but I still believe that we can still be good friends someday.

Though it has been more than a decade since we first met and more than five years since we last talked, the fact that I always see different places... countless times...(the latest was a year ago) was indeed a sure sign that someday our paths will cross again.

Sorry, I didn't have the courage to approach you that time, but maybe soon I will. I hope that when that time comes, you can still recognize me. Till then, take care of yourself and be happy..

Posted by Robert

I just need to apologize to you, I just need to let you know once again how sorry I truly am. You stood by me through thick and thin, you became more than my wife to be. You became my best friend. You tried so hard for so long and I just sat there, unresponsive. I don't know what was wrong with me.

I grew up in a family that does not express their love, but since you have let me into yours I see it differently. I know that it is too late to be the man you needed me to be then, but I owe you all. I know you have a hard time believing me, but I have put all of my heart into this. I am bearing my soul, begging for penance on my knees. Kneeling down like a man before god.

You control the fate of our lives, and it hurts what's left of my heart to think you just can not trust my words, and I can not show you. I don't want to miss you or the kids any longer. I don't want to miss my family.

Love, Robert

Posted by E.

I know you'll probably never see this and I don't know why I can't just call you but I am so so sorry for all that's happened lately. You probably think I'm lying and maybe I did go through a point in my life where I wanted something different, but believe me that is over.

I want to just be friends again but I know that might be real difficult for you. Hopefully we'll see each other again soon.

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