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Posted by Alixandra

Tony I'm sorry for all the times I did you so so so so wrong with my attitude. I know I said over and over again that I would change which I didn't yet and I apologize once again. I tried to but I just couldn't. I would if I could but it's hard... maybe if you helped I would change and I know why you're mad at me I was just laying because Domenic asked a stupid question.

I now know I shouldn't play like that I'm sorry baby if only I were to lose you then maybe I'll realize what a good boyfriend I have but I'm afraid to lose you and I'm begging and hoping you don't want to lose me.

I'm crying right now and you should know why I'm messing up a good relationship. I don't appreciate anything but in time I'll realize....

Tony I love you with all my heart but scared to show it maybe that's why... but just know I'm sorry and I hope you forgive me. Bye and I HOPE YOU CALL ME!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I'm so sorry for being untrue to you. You're my world and best friend. I hate myself for being so drunk that I could let this happen. I hope you never get hurt by finding out about what I've done, I silently vow never to even consider doing this again. I'm so ashamed and I love you so so much.

Posted by Angel

I know that what I did really hurt you and made you feel like an idiot, and that I did something that a best friend would never do. I'm sorry.

Posted by Tiwi

Dear Kania, I would like to apologize for forgetting to give you the information last week.

Posted by Pri Pri

Hey Nikesh... I thought I apologized to you for all the small arguments I caused and for not giving you space. I just felt like I would lose you...babe everyone has ups and down...we did too and I realize my mistake...babe it would be nice for both us to work things out and start a new relationship...I know you have a big heart and you will forgive me and work things out with me. I'll be waiting for your answer.....I LOVE YOU!!!!

Posted by Rose

If I have ever been wrong, it has been now. When things have gotten rough between the two of us, I have always been the one to make things that much worse by staying angry. Well no more anger here. I have wanted to say so badly that I am sorry but my apology seems to come up short of meaning.

There has to be a way for things to work themselves out, hopefully with the intent of staying worked out. Those words seem to do so little to justify what I want to say to him. These words, the intentions behind them? Do they truly capture the feeling of remorse and sickness from me not doing what I have been taught my whole life is right?

Just letting go, moving on. What else do I have to lose except you? The sickness overwhelms me.

The sickness of knowing that I was actually mad enough, and unknowingly self-obsessed to the point of hurting the one thing that has kept me from going completely overboard with the fear of actually hating myself.

Why then did it happen? Why did I yell get angry or upset? NO answers. The only thing left that I can give besides dull words in the midst of a serious mistake is my sincerity and honesty.

I am sorry. More sorry than the word itself. To a boyfriend who has proven his love and from a girlfriend who wants to do the same.

Please forgive me, Rose

Posted by Blake

M.L.— I apologize for not coming to the party even though I said I would. The reason I didn't come is really personal and even though we are very close I just can't tell you right now. Just believe in me and our friendship and know that I am really sorry and would never hurt you intentionally.

I was scared that if I told you from the start that you would ask me for an explanation that I couldn't give you. So now I'm here asking you to forgive me. Next time I will tell you the truth right away but if I say that I can't explain please accept that.

Posted by Anonymous

Jessica, I am so sorry for everything! I hope you can look deep into your heart and forgive. I've always learned to never make the same mistake twice!! I love you even if you hate me!!

Posted by Lise

Bill, I can't tell you enough how sorry I am for my immature and needless jealousy and anxieties in our friendship. I couldn't ask for a better friend than are the best. When I get in those moods, I only focus on myself and my feelings and never realize how much my attitude at the time must hurt you too.

I never want to hurt you....please forgive me for my behavior, and know that I will continue to work on my problem. I realized that I am so afraid of losing your friendship that I am actually creating a way in which that could happen. I won't allow myself to destroy our friendship. With God's help, I will learn to get past this.

Thank you for always being there for me, reassuring me and putting up with me despite how I behave. I love you so're the best friend ever. In Christian love,

Your friend....Lise

Posted by Laurel

To my boss: I admit that my actions were severe and I'm sorry. Although we are no longer going to directly work together—I will ensure that my behavior towards you in the future is professional.



Posted by Anonymous

The last thing I wanted to do was hurt you. I'm sorry. I told you many times how much I didn't want to hurt you and you never understood how I could. Now you know. I'm sorry.

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