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Posted by Mariah Aimen

Sorry to all my friends for having the biggest ego imaginable. I'm too proud to apologize in the real world. I'm too proud to show any f---ing weakness at all and I am so so Sorry!

I hurt my ex so bad and I didn't even realize it was my fault before it was too late. So to you Ryan... I miss you and you have no idea how sorry I really am. I've tried to make it up to you but it just does not work. I know I am a handful and I'm trying to do something about it but the best thing is to just leave. I can't help my pride, I just can't.

Posted by James

Dear Youniqe

I understand that I'm not emotionally mature enough and that I may have some form of depression. I can't say that whatever decision you make will be unjust, because at this point it wouldn't be. I am just asking for a little more time to get things right. I don't need you to give up on me just yet.

I've been researching a lot about immature situations and cases related to that and when we get home I am going to talk to a therapist and get my life together. I hope you haven't already decided whether you are staying or leaving before I have the chance to show you this. I just hope that me posting this for the world to see will be a good start.

From your love: James

Posted by Lara

Dear friends & colleagues,

Despite my active efforts to curb my enthusiasm for apologising for anything and everything, I do feel I owe you an earnest apology for doing yet another 'runner' and not being present in my life and attending to my commitments over the course of the last week.

As the majority of you know I have been struggling greatly as of late with both life and work. That said I have not given up, and shall look forward to an opportunity to extend a personal apology to many of you upon return to life and work this week. Best, -Lara

Posted by Scott Phillips

Olivia, I am very very sorry for being so insensitive to you and you're feelings. You have been there for me when I was in the worst place I've ever been and you were the only one who gave me a chance.

Because of you I am able to live right and love again. You do not deserve to have your feelings hurt ever, nor by anyone for that fact. I was very rude and took my anger out on you. There's no excuse for that. When you come back from visiting you're family I want to continue on the original path we started out on. I will help you feel comfortable down here and guide you with love and respect. You are my best friend and my girl.

I love you Olivia, bless your beautiful heart. Much love and respect, Scott.

Posted by Shabby

I don't know why I lie, maybe so I will have something to say to people. who knows, who cares. I make stuff up for no reason. I really hate myself for it.

Posted by Rose Crown

I am very sorry for the way I have been acting lately. I am sorry for, not being the best daughter you want but I know you will always love me no matter what. Just please forgive me someday?

Posted by Nicholas

Hey Alyssa, now I know we haven't really spoken in like a year now and this apology is long, long overdue but I'm sorry for being such an a**hole. I was awful to you and you didn't deserve that. I was in your own words a 'd*ck' and I was terrible to you. I hate this hostility between us now and I sincerely wish that we could be close or even just friends again.

I know you probably couldn't care less at this point since its been so long but I just wanted you to know that I am sorry and that if we could I'd love to start fresh and get to know one another again, but either way I just wanted to let you know that I know I was a total prick and I want to say, I'm sorry.

Posted by Jessica

Dear Friend,

I wouldn't dare name you on a public board, I'd rather say these things to your face and in person but I need to let this out.

I know you have gone through a lot and your heart is heavy with pain. I know my actions aren't helping in these times. I'm sorry that I led you on, but I wish you just knew that my feelings for you were genuine at the time.

Even now, while I have sorted those feelings out, I still genuinely care about you deeply. I know I ruined our friendship by mixing romantic feelings and affection but if you only knew how sorry I am.

For what it's worth, you have been one of my best friends. You are one of the most amazing people I have ever met. It would mean the world to me if we could be friends again. I'm sorry I broke your heart. I wish you knew that my heart is breaking too because of the loss of an amazing friend. I hope that someday you can forgive me. I miss you so much - Sincerely, an old friend

Posted by John

My apology is to Eric C. for when I said some thing that offended him. I hope this apology finds you Eric and you forgive me.

Posted by Trey

I'm sorry for being so hard on myself. And I am sorry for being so hard on you. I am sorry for not showing gratitude for all of my gifts. I am sorry for any offense I may have caused. I love you, and I am grateful for my Higher Power. Thank you.

Posted by Mimi

Dear Aunty ,I'm really sorry about the day before and for not listening to you when you told me to clean my room. It was completely out of line and very rude and I would like to apologize for my misconduct.

Posted by Elizabeth

Greg, I am sorry for lying to you about writing something that I didn't. I should have been honest with you right when you asked and it hurts me that I upset you. :( I have tried everything I can think of to show you how sorry I am! Now I'm on an online public board posting in front of EVERYONE trying to show you that I am incredibly sorry and that I really like you! PLEASE forgive me and give me a second chance!

Posted by Rhys Williams

Terri Marie- I've caused you so much pain for so long, and broken our family over something that could of been dealt with so easily, if it wasn't for my cowardice.

My job as a father and partner is to care for the three of you, and ensure your happiness and health and I have failed.

I know the words I'm sorry do not even begin to put things right, so I will spend everyday of the rest of life trying to make up for my wrongs and gain back your trust. To see what I have done to you and see your spirit crushed sickens me, and I am truly sorry.

I love you with all my heart, I always have and always will. Rhys

Posted by Eric

The apologies that I've given, well they will never fully explain it all. I write this as I listen to music, baring my soul to a page, the irony to it all, I hurt many trying to be happy and now I'm the one alone and struggling with regret.

'She' would have helped should I sought it; hindsight speaking. Not a day has passed where my mind hasn't strayed to some old memories, my rushing into a new relationship after hurting 'you', it consumed me, that ended when I finally stood up and tried to accept my loss of 'you'. 'She'll' never see this, I'll never be able to bare my heart to 'her', I'll live with that regret for many a year.

I suppose mistakes are a part of growing up, mine broke two hearts, 'hers' & mine, but mine was late to break, when 'she's' gone & I realised it, well here we are.

Emma, I'll never forget the impact you had on my life, thank you for being a wonderful lover, friend and ally. Best wishes well into the future.

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