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Posted by Lori K.

Michelle, I am sorry I did you wrong. I will only take blame for what is mine.

What I said wasn't intended be used in a nasty way. I told you, so you could make your own judgment. Never did I think you or anyone else would make it out to be nasty. I am sorry.

I am sorry... you were a good egg. You probably would have turned out to be a great friend. I accept it if you never talk to me or want to give me another chance. The way I was acting was way out of character for me, again I am sorry I messed up...

Posted by 'Your Favorite Girl'

I'm so sorry. I thought this was faster than a hand written letter because by the time you receive the letter, it'll be too late.

I feel so bad thinking about the way that I've hurt you and the way that I have reopened your awful wound. I'm sorry for all the pain I've caused you and I truly regret what I have done. I must have tore your world apart and I'm so deeply sorry.

I'm sorry that I even tried to argue back. I know that you will never able to trust me the same way that you did before. The tears that ran down my face yesterday were filled with sadness and hurt because I love you sooo much, so it hurts me so much to see you in so much pain. I messed up and I know sorry will never be enough because I'm such a screw up.

But for whatever it's worth, I still need you to know that I still think about you every second of the day. The thought of you makes me smile like no other, so I need you to know that our love is still real. You really don't deserve to be put through all the pain that I have caused you. Despite what I have you done, you still bother to care for me and love me, so I am thankful.

I love you and I promise that will never change.

Posted by Joseph

God, I know we are bound in life by the choices we make, and although I know I'm not an evil person, I know I haven't always made the best choices.

So with this message, and every day of living my life that you have given me for this opportunity, I'm sorry for all of the wrong doings I may have caused in others or myself.

I have grown to a certain stage in life to now realize that living right now is what is really going to matter at any point in time, and that we cannot dwell on the past, but I can at least offer my love, and my sorrow as a symbol for all to know that your choices in life DO matter, and hopefully with the good I bring NOW, others can learn from example, and do the same, to ultimately bring everyone to peace. Bring love and peace to all of those who read this, and to those who I've come across on my life journey.

Posted by 'D'

I'm sorry I messed up and did things I shouldn't have. I'm sorry I can't tell you but it will be for the best and I totally believe that I would damage everything way more than I would if I said anything.

I regret it all but I want to live guilt free because I have changed. I'm sorry, I wish you the best, and I hope you all, and I, live happy and successful lives.

Posted by S.C.

L'erreur a beau être humaine, je sens que je t'ai déçu trop de fois. Je le pense souvent, et à chaque fois je me rend de plus en plus compte que tu mérite tellement mieux.

Tu es un être parfait, mais moi j'en suis bien loin. Trop loin même, car j'ai beau essayer de m'améliorer, d'être une personne meilleure, j'échoue à chaque fois.

Je pourrai continuer des siècles, mais cela reviendrait au même but ;

Pardonne moi.

Je t'aime.

Posted by Skyler B.

Dear Emma, I know you are a Christian, and so is your family, and I know the stuff I said to you earlier doesn't make you feel any better than how you already felt, but I want you to know that all of the stuff I said, was said not to insult you, not to insult your family, but to inform you that Christians do things all the time.

I know we atheists do a lot of bad deeds and criminal acts, but I never heard about it until about 5 minutes ago. I really want to make up with you, as you are the closest friend I have. I don't want to lose the only person who I can relate to in multiple fandoms. You got me into Supernatural, and I got you into Creppypasta, Attack on Titan, and Hetalia. I know we will make up, but I really could use you right now.

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