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Posted by Sabrina

Hunter... I'm sorry for everything I said to you yesterday.. I was a real b*tch and should have thought before I spoke. Even if I am mad I shouldn't take it out on you.

I wish I could take it back but I can't and now I'm afraid I'm going to lose the love of my life and best friend.

I know nothing I can say can take away the hurt I caused you. I'm so sorry its come to this that I single handedly have done this to us. I just hope you can forgive me and I want everyone to know that I am truly sorry.

I love you and only you Hunter and I want to be with you, but at the same time I don't think I'm the best for you. I want you to be as happy as you make me and if I can't do that I hope you find someone who can.

You deserve the best life gives you and if I'm not your perfect girl then I wish you the best of luck. I hope you make better decisions than I did. I love you to the end of the earth and back. Forever and always, love, your little butterfly...

Posted by Shrek Steve

To my very very good kind, warm hearted little pal Marta, with the nice bum. I know sorry has lost all meaning now when it concerns me but Marta I'm truly genuinely sorry for being a screw up.

I've lied, I've drank. I've said some bad things and I've done some bad things in my life but one of my biggest regrets is losing my little pal.

I've only known you a year and it's crazy sad how bad I feel. My head's been all over past few weeks angry, sad, happy, confused.

I just miss little Marta my mate who I'd do anything for. I wish I could turn back the clock and restart all over again. I'd do things a bit differently the second time around.

I'd make you smile more, laugh more, and be happy instead of hurting you as I did often. I can't tell you how low I feel right now. You are and will always be missed. I'm so sorry love for being the worst friend ever.

Posted by 'C'

I'm sorry for messing up all those times. You have always deserved a better friend than me.

Now we don't even talk. I know we will never be the same again, but you will always be my best friend and I will always love you. I may mean nothing to you but you mean the world to me. I was the one who messed up. Please forgive me?

Your bestfriend xx

Posted by Lebohang Ponya Joshua

I'm sorry for all the things I've done to you! I cheated on you, I lied, and you cried!

I wasn't there for you. All I thought is that I can't be in love with a beautiful girl like you. I thought I wasn't your type and you were just playing with my feelings when you said you really loved me.

I know you don't trust me anymore but just let me love you. Let me walk with you. I love you! I trust you! I need you! I want you! I care for you!

I don't have anyone on my side. You're the only person who's left in my life. Just let me love you. Just let my heart love you. You're my everything! Take my hand and walk with me. Don't look back, look at my eyes and say that you love me.

I promise I've changed! No more turning back. I want to be with you. You're my everything I love you!

Posted by Eeyore

Ducky I apologise for wandering off without helping you, I know you really needed help but something came up before you asked, and I didn't know you needed the help right away.

Posted by 'B'

I'm sorry for being overly sensitive and overall evil. I pretend to go on my phone just so I can ignore you. I get mad for no apparent reason. I'm so sorry I've acted this way.

Posted by Madam

Boss James, I just wanted to say sorry for everything. If letting you go is the only way I can see you happy, then by all means, I am letting you find your happiness.

I love you and you know that in your heart.

My family and I will forever be thankful for everything you've done and for the love and care you've shown. You will always be special to me and no one can ever change that fact.

I've grown and learned so much from you. I will never regret everything we've been through. Good times and bad. You deserve to be happy because you have a good heart.

Your family will always be special to me especially your mom and dad. I will be forever thankful from your titos & titas, cousins, brother and sisters... You take care, boss.

Posted by Kat

Mara, My heart is sincerely screaming sorry. Sorry for all the hurt I have caused you. I wish you your happiness.

Posted by 'Number 6'

I'm sorry for all the things I've done that made you mad. I'm sorry for not understanding you. I'm sorry because I always want me to be the best even if you're better than me.

I'm sorry because I'm so selfish, not realizing what you will feel in my words, actions and decisions. I'm sorry because I'm immature. I'm sorry because I broke our friendship. I want to fix all my mistakes. I want to bring back our friendship.

I really miss you. You're my sister, my friend and I don't want to lose you. Let me correct my mistakes, let me enter your life again. Amen.

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