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Posted by X.H.

Dear Stranger, I apologize for overreacting when you kicked a giant plastic bottle at my foot in the hopes that I would kick it back. You kicked it behind me and my instant reaction was to kick it back and so I did.

My mind was filled with negative thoughts at the time and therefore I reacted the way I did. I was upset and admittedly gave you a very nasty look.

You apologized but I just walked off. I'm sorry for the way I reacted. I was having the worst day possible but I know that's not an excuse.

I guess that's why I'm on this website, trying to go to sleep without the thoughts of myself being a total jerk. Wherever you are, I'm sorry.

Posted by Bonnie

I am honestly just so sorry dude. I dont mind if you're angry, I need you to be because of how much of a b*tch I was to you. You actually give a sh*t about me and I'm just finding it too hard to say what's going on.

Please just don't fall out with me or be angry with me still, I don't think I'd be able to cope if you were, you honestly mean so much to me.

Posted by Hector Saavedra

You needed me to be patient. You needed me to be understanding. You needed me to give you time. I have failed at all three of these and more.

And I can't even know for sure if I'd do it right if I had a second chance and there's a reason: I am incomplete without you in my life, and I always have been.

I will never know how to do things exactly right until we are together, when I have your love to guide my clumsy and inept method of showing you love.

I'm so sorry I wasn't the hero I intended to be. The only thing I can offer you is my hope that you'll sincerely believe things will be happy for all of us when you come into my life completely. Please accept my apology. Again.

Posted by Olivia

I understand what I did was wrong. I am sorry and I don't want our friendship to end. I apologized for what I did and I trust you. If you can please try to trust me again. We haven't had an actual fight before so this shouldn't change everything.

I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

Posted by Kamvelihle

Dear Onga, I cannot begin to tell you how terrible I feel about how I've been acting the past couple weeks. I've been incredibly rude and selfish.

I have absolutely no place in taking out my stresses on you in any way. It's entirely my fault, and I know I've hurt you.

Know that it's nothing that you have done, I've been so overstressed the past couple weeks, and I don't think I could have handled it any more poorly than I did, and I acted like a complete jerk. I'm sorry baby.

Posted by Toni

Dear Hannah, I'm really sorry for being ignorant to you, blanking you, giving you a dirty look and being rude and unfriendly.

I hope you can forgive me, we dont have to talk or be friends, but next time I see you I will smile if our eyes meet. I will use this experience as a positive one to grow and learn and will not make the same mistake again. Toni xx

Posted by Ash

I'm sorry for all the mistakes I've made. You've asked if I could go back and change the past what would I change. I would change the times we argued and hated each other. I hated the fights.

I want you to know I love you forever and always and I hope you can forgive me and my mistakes.

Posted by Naf

Sorry that I was rude and mood-y last night. I don't really know why I was like that (probably because of MHMDR) but I was actually tired and really done(?) I didn't want to ruin your night. I'm sorry. I hope I can make it up.

Posted by Almira

Dear CEAC, Sorry for opening an unnecessary site. I won't do it again :)

Posted by Jen

Dear Indy, I apologize for asking you to be a jerk so I could avoid becoming attached to you. My intention was to relieve you (comically) of any unnecessary feelings of obligation towards me.

I was never entitled to even entertain the idea we could pursue any type of romantic relationship. I knew the minute I saw you how much I would want to be with you forever. The longest journey one ever makes is from their head to their heart. I am sorry I messed this up, I will never insult you like that again, how can I make this better?

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