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Posted by Dawny K.

Dear Ashir... I know I've said it many times but it really kills. I'm really sorry. And you know for a fact that I'm going to keep saying it over and over until it beings to annoy you and slowly eat your insides. In a nice way.

You're my best friend, and I should have known better. Only reason I said yes to him was because I can't let him fail history.

Cato said that from the class list, he was 30 out of 31. Whatever, THAT doesn't matter. I guess you could say that I have absolutely no self control. That I'm an idiot, I know.

But hey, this idiot has learned her lesson, and she's extremely sorry. This imbecile just wants her best friend back and everything to go back to the way they were - even though she knows that it'll never be the same. Please, all I ask is for you to consider it?

Posted by Anonymous

Every time Christmas season comes, sad memories of you keep flashing back. I don't know if I really have to be sad and sorry for what had happened to us...but then if saying sorry will help ease the pain, I will say this over and over again. SORRY.

Sorry for everything... Sorry for doubting all your actions, sorry for being so unfair and selfish.. I knew you tried to make things work out, I hope you also knew that I did my part... Maybe there are things just not meant to be.

Though we end up as strangers before, I think it will not be too late to let you know that I am ready to face you again, I will wait for the day that we find the courage to talk to each other again... free from the hurts of the past.

Always remember that I always want you to be happy. I am willing to keep you even as a friend. Take care of yourself always.

Posted by Ms.L

I am terrible sorry to all my friends and family mostly my three children for taking back the CHEATER into our lives! The abuse we have endured is unbelievable yet we are surviving and we'll make it through.

Karen you think he is perfect but he is not! You only choose to see him that way!

My innocent babies who have come to know their father differently are so crushed in their spirit and soul. I will try to make it up to you as much as I can!!! I am so sorry again!

Posted by John

I want to apologise to all my friends and family for letting my life get so out of hand and being such a pain in the ass. My behaviour over the last decade has become steadily so morally reprehensible that I have lately been unable or unwilling to show my face in public. I can only blame myself for how my life has turned out, and I know this.

I wish to spend the rest of my life atoning for my bad deeds so that I can maybe contribute more good to yours and my lives. Sorry for badmouthing those who tried to help me, I thought the cause of my woe was outside my body. Thank you for reading and please forgive my weakness. I am only human.

Posted by Arjun M.

God, In this mortal life I have knowingly or unknowingly done wrong deeds, I have acknowledged all of them, please forgive for me for them.

Dad/Mom, I know you both done a lot for me now its time for me to pay back, sorry if I have hurt you ever, I never intended to hurt you both but sometimes maybe the devil in me takes over and does things.

All Friends/Family Members, Sorry if knowingly/unknowingly I have hurt you please try to forgive me.

Posted by Loser

An hour hasn't gone by without me thinking about Thursday night. It feels like a million thoughts have gone through my head as I try to make sense of how I acted. Yes, I am humiliated by my actions, but even more, I am devastated knowing that I hurt you.

I care about you so much and the thought of causing you any pain tears me up. Throughout the day I keep going over and over everything that happened and how much I wish I could change what I have done to you. I toss and turn at night, barely able to sleep. Wake up and can't even bear eating. I'm a mess and I'm afraid that no words can really express how deeply sorry I am.

I know you deserve better. I want you to know how serious I am about making changes in my life and if nothing else, I'd like to thank you for helping me realize this.

I'm truly ashamed and sincerely sorry for all the pain I have caused you. For all the pain that you had to deal with because my lack of control and poor judgement, I can't apologize enough to you. I hope you can forgive me.

Posted by Carolyn D.

Charles V.

How do I start? I prayed to God before I met you to bring you into my life. For the past 9 months from a distance you have became an important part of my life. You have touched me in a unique beautiful way. All the delays and disappointments hurt and I fought back with hateful words. You had no control or fault for the delays but I took my disappointment out on you many times.

I was so wrong. I cant take the words back; but God knows I would if it were possible.

The terrible words were just my heart crying because I felt like I had waited for you all my life and now I would never get to see you. Charles, I love you with all my heart and soul; and as hard as it may be I need you to forgive me. You are like the air I need to breathe. I can't see it but I know when its not there because I can feel the Life draining out of me.

You are a Gift from God, and my Knight in Shining Armour.

I hope that one day you will open your heart to forgive me and if you do, then maybe, just maybe one day soon, I will see you. You still give me butterflies. I would fly to the moon to see you and I would wait another year to see you if I knew that day was coming. Until I see you.... Soft kisses and BIG HUGS. Love always Carolyn

Posted by Don G.

Amanda, I am sorry for ever doubting you and wish I could take back all the mean things that I say that make you worry about me, all the times I make you eat too much, and all the mean things that I say and do that give you an upset stomach.

I hope that you will forgive me, and I wish that we could start everything over. I promise to change for the better for you and hope you will take me back.

I am so very sorry.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm sorry that I can't stick to anything... I'm sorry that I've tried to quit drinking and doing drugs many many many times and sometimes it works for a couple of weeks but then I'm right back to being drunk and looking for some drugs. It's so stupid.

I'm so much happier when I'm 100% sober and I KNOW THAT so I don't understand why I can't just quit completely! I spent $110 last night between being at the bar and buying people drinks and getting two lines. Ridiculous!

This is not who I am at all and I want to stop completely. I wish it was New Years so I could quit and have a good reason for quitting. The drinking is ok as long as it's not in serious excess and I'm not driving at all, but the drugs? I need to never touch them again because this is insane. Can I quit? I hope so... I hope that was the last time but I know that I always fail and can't quit, so I guess we'll see.

Posted by Rachel S.

I know I say 'sorry' a lot but in a way its kind of a good thing because I never really bothered before I got with you. I've said a lot tonight, a lot of crap and at the wrong time because I should have just let you go and chill and think. I figured if I could just speak a lot then at least one thing I said would made sense but I should have waited for another day to do that.

I know what I've done was wrong and stupid and at a really bad time. I know I've hurt you. I know I've broken your trust too which sucks as this time around you really did trust me, and until today you had every reason to.

I didn't want to hurt you, I just didn't think about the consequences. I really just wanted to feel like I'd got one over on you, I guess kinda like what you did when we split up in April. Only what I've done is worse because you didn't tell me about it at a time when it would have messed things up.

I don't know what else to say really, I'm going to try to sleep and hopefully by morning I'll have had an idea for something that might help this mess I've made. All I can do is hope for now. I don't blame you for shouting, sometimes its the best thing.

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and I will make this up to you however I can, what ever you need, if you'll let me....

Posted by Moose

Alex H., I've never been more sorry in my whole life. You were my life and my everything even if you weren't my girlfriend. I guess I ruined my life and pretty much my whole school year.

I'm going to make you the biggest apology gift ever and it's going to be good.

I dream it'll be like this: I give you everything then you run into my arms finally. It hurts so much writing this, but then again I want to get this off my chest. I love you Alex and hopefully you'll talk to me again.......Mostefa S.

Posted by Kat

To Beth D.

You are the one major regret I have in my life. It's unfortunate that 'life on the other side' or 'life afterwards' had to happen in order for reality to show that the way things went with Brad M. should NEVER have happened.

I've seen this now for quite some time. I have wondered for so many years now how you have been. If I had the resolve, and foresight back then, things would never have taken the path that they did. Brad was supposed to be a friend and nothing more, music was the reason I took an interest in him as a person. We worked well together as musos.

He wanted more from me, and me being so stupid, thought that maybe 'the one was staring me in the face all this time', etc... and after all he put me (and you) through, all he ever wanted from me was to fulfill a perverse fantasy that he roll played in his mind for seven f****g years, while blinding me from the truth. I see this now.

Growing up without a true father figure left out a lot of blanks that would have taught me to do otherwise, but instead I let things happen the way they did.

Beth, you have my most sincere apology. I do not expect any from you, and should you ever read this, it will be more than enough. You deserve the world, and after all of these years, here is hoping that it has delivered itself to you, because you are a child of the universe and ever deserving.

I regret the loss of our friendship as a consequence and it still hurts to think of what my actions did to you back then. Should you still be raw about it I understand, and I know I can't take any of it back, but please know that I have always upheld you with respect........... Kat

Posted by Ms

Hi Ericson, I don't know if you will get a chance to read this and am not sure if you still remember me, but I would like you to know that I am sorry for all the things I said and done to you.

I did not intend to hurt you, I hope you knew that. I also believe that you did not intend to hurt me. Sometimes I regret why I wasted the chance to let you know what I have been longing to tell you. but maybe God has His Own reason why He let all things happen.

I hope that you already found the woman of your dreams, believe that I always wish the best for you and I would be happier to see you enjoying your life with your loved ones.. always remember that I am very grateful that sometime in my life, I met someone like you.. Thank you for the wonderful memories.

Posted by Anonymous

I was a mean and manipulative teenager and I am sorry for those that I hurt. In particular Andreya and Helen. Rather than learning my lesson I was pretty mean in my late teens and early twenties too. So I'm sorry to all those friends who were on the receiving end of mean spirited comments and snide remarks. Sorry Haidee and Vicky - wherever you are now.

Finally, I no longer feel the need to be so mean and I am very sorry I ever was.

Posted by Laura

I am sorry I lied. I felt I had to lie to get where I am. I apologize for not being honest and 100%. I can only pray you will forgive me, know that I am sincere and that it will never happen again. Please give me another chance, you won't be disappointed. Thank you for listening.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Emily,

It's been too long...

Everything you did to keep me away I deserve it, and I want you to know that I hold no grudge, I am thankful for it. All that matters to me is your happiness and if it means I suffer, then so be it, it is a price I will willingly pay.

I never meant any of those horrible words I said to you. And if I could I would take it all back. I can't hold it in anymore and this is how I truly and deeply feel with all my heart.

I am blessed to have fallen in love with such and intelligent, wonderful, and loving Angel. An Angel who loves me for even my mistakes. You placed comfort where there was fear, confidence where there was doubt, and completeness where there was emptiness. If loving you was wrong, I don't want to be right and if living without you is right, I would rather be wrong all my life.

My love for you is not of this world. It is beyond that. It is forever. I think that is why it is so confusing. But sometimes it is good to not know what to expect. I wanted to be the comfort when the world was too much to handle. I wanted to be strong when everything else seemed impossible. I wanted to love you in only the way you deserved to be loved, never realizing that I was destroying myself and you.

For now, I know sorry is just a word. But for what its worth I am very sorry for hurting you. I very much want things better and that you have all the time to be great and amazing as you always been. I know you will never forget, but hopefully one day you can forgive me. I cant tell you this personally, so hopefully this will one day reach you at the right time.

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