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Posted by Janz

I apologise to everyone that I have been nasty to while I have been drinking. I hope you can all forgive me. I am turning my life around today and quitting alcohol. I am so sorry for what I have done. Please forgive me.

Posted by Shay

Jasmine, I'm really really sorry I broke your heart. I'm sorry for staring at you a lot, I'm sorry for harassing your friend, I'm sorry for causing so much trouble. Your life would've been better if you never met me.

Posted by Sade

Pierce I know I have been a jerk lately. I know I am sorry and you don't have to accept this but I want you to know I am sorry. I mean you are the funniest person I have ever known and I am sorry.

Posted by Lisa Robo

Dear Marc. I am so sorry that I met you for the second time in my life and was sick on you. I cannot remember this. I am mortified. I do not make a habit of this...although I cannot state that I have never done so before on another unfortunate friend. I am sorry. I will not do this again...I hope. Lisa. Xxx

Posted by "A boy with 15 years"

I did something that harmed some people, I was having fun at first, but then I realized that what I was doing is actually hurting people in some way or another. When someone called me a really mean word, I realized that others could think I am that mean word, but I didn't stop.

I did it one more time or twice, but them someone saw what I was doing and threatened me. I didn't realize how bad it was until someone forced me to stop, I then panicked and ran away as fast as I could, but then I realized again what I have done.

I want you to understand that what I have done is nothing like me, I usually don't do bad things. Please I ask you to forgive me strangers.

Posted by "J16100"

Hey Thomme, Sorry first of all for not being a good girlfriend to you. Sorry if every morning you'll wake up with a bad message coming from me. Sorry if I keep pushing you away. Sorry for not being the sweetest girl to you, I guess I'm just too afraid to show off, I'm too afraid that you'll reject me all over again.

Sorry if you can't have my 100% trust, how I wish you understood me. Sorry for tolerating you. These past months were the toughest of our 4yrs but how I wish to get through this.

Now I understand why you're always cheating on me. I am not the girlfriend everyone is dreaming of, I am not an ideal girlfriend and you know that. Despite everything I want you to know that I love you more than anyone in the world.

Posted by Cesar

I'm sorry to everyone who I've hurt and for not being the something or someone that they expected. I want to let you know that I'm trying to be someone and that's already a problem for me because like we all know life isn't easy and I forget that other people have feelings. I'm just sorry.

Posted by Will

I'm sorry I didn't realize you liked me. And I'm sorry for not waiting.

Posted by "Vicinity of Orlando, FL (around 2008)"

To Boo Boo and Supergirl: I am so sorry I didn't do everything within my power to keep you safe and cared for when I ran out of money. Looking back at the situation, I could have asked my parents for enough money to drive us all back to Indiana, and I might have found you good homes there. Or at the very least, I could have dropped you off at the humane shelter.

Instead, I let you, Boo Boo, stay up in that tree in that nice family's yard...the one you chose when you jumped out of my arms and ran away from me and the cat sitter. I could have enticed you with tuna or treats but didn't even think about that. Instead I just gave up.

To Supergirl: My biggest apology is to you, because I have no idea where you wandered off to when I left you in my friend's backyard with food and water the night I ran out of money even for a motel for the night. I don't even know if you found a house where you had a chance.

I will never stop feeling like a horrible person and will never forget how I let you both down. You were such a small thing I was responsible for and I messed it up. I think I was temporarily insane. At the very least, I just wasn't thinking straight.

After all this time, I still wonder, Boo Boo, if the nice family took you with them on Christmas vacation, or if they just abandoned you. And Supergirl, God knows I have prayed that someone took you in. I am sorry and hope very much I can tell you that when we all meet in Heaven.

Posted by JEPS

To: Alyssa JSM, I apologize for all those things I did to you, I was naive and foolish back then, but we had the right love just at the wrong time.

I loved you with all my heart and I still do... and I hope that someday you will find in your heart to forgive me, and maybe give me another chance, if not, forgiveness is all I ask.

I hope that someday by God's grace, you will find someone better than me, because you deserve the best. Someone God fearing, who will take care of you better than I did, someone who will be there for you always and someone who will love you unconditionally. From: Your first love

Posted by Hannah Torello

Kalia O., You're my best friend and I am truly sorry. I know you're pissed at me for what I did, but can you find it deep down in your soul to trust me and keep having that best friend love for me? I really miss you.

I miss your little rants about your brother making you mad. I miss the part in our friendship where if one gets hurt, the other can come help.

As much as I want to come over to your house and bring Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I can't. It will make things worse.

I don't know if you'll see this, but I hope you will. I love you with all my heart and hope you'll forgive my actions. I didn't think twice. I feel like I have hurt one that I love, again. I hate losing friends that mean so much to me. I hate it. But I love you with all my heart and hope for forgiveness. That's all I ever wanted. It's all I ever needed.

To make this friendship complete I just need trust. I need you to find trust and give it to me. Be my best friend again. Just please. I love you. -Hannah. xoxo

Posted by Autumn S.

Nick, I'm sorry for saying you mean nothing to me.

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