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Posted by Justin N.


I'm sorry. I don't even know where to begin. I'm sorry I built a wall between us. I'm sorry that I crawl into myself and refuse to come out. I'm sorry I'm never there when you need me. I'm sorry for every lie I've ever told you, and every truth I dared not utter. I'm sorry I disappoint you. I'm sorry I haven't been everything you want me to be.

I'm sorry I betrayed your trust. I'm sorry for every other person I've ever been physical with. I'm sorry for her. I'm sorry for my insecurities, and how they manifested.

I am so very sorry for every time I've killed you, for every wound I've caused. It hurts me to think about, but if I could double my pain to ease yours, I would gladly.

Living without you would hollow my heart, but if it's what will make you whole again, I accept. I hope, however, that the thing that will make you whole is my love. I can be the man you deserve. I know I can.

I'm sorry.

Posted by Lisa

My dearest Larry,

I know that you don't like public scrutiny and that our world is private and personal and will remain that way. However, for all the years that I was wrong and didn't appreciate the love that has remained special through it all up to know and the bond that has been tried and strained we have always proven that death is the only thing that can do this.

So in front of the world this one time I acknowledge you in every way and would like to say that I am very sorry for the things that I have done to cause you stress in life and I am sorry for the way that I have acted in the past, and I am glad that love has brought us to maturity, and respect and trust that we had to learn to rebuild, and I say to you there have been others in your life and mine by mistake, we are made by design of the father in heaven.

The proof is the miracles that he has blessed us with.

I love you and hope that we can move on to stronger levels in our relationship and heighten levels of honesty and intimacy, and as I said before, respect. May god bless you.......

Posted by 'E'

M. and family, I'm sorry for being such a mess with OCD and forcing my problems onto you. I'm sorry I talked about you behind your back to my friends when I love you so so much. You're amazing, M, and I am ever ever so sorry.

Posted by 'C'

D...I am so sorry. I am sorry for the drunk texts, and calls. I am sorry for me being late to everything. I am sorry for the need of random Walmart trips, and Sam's clubs.

I am sorry for the late night fast food crazies. I am sorry for always trying to influence you to drink, especially on weekdays. I am sorry for the assumptions, and the expectations, and the confusion. I am sorry for the tears, and the nervous awkward giggles. I am especially sorry for my awkwardness. I am sorry for spring break. I am sorry that you are a huge support for me. I am sorry for the movies, and stupid jokes from them.

I am sorry for the concerts, and the rides back. I am sorry for that feeling of holding you back. In fact, I am sorry for holding you back in numbers of girls, because all of them thinking we are dating (I am especially sorry for that). I am sorry for freaking out about you wanting to hook up with a room-mate.

I am, however, most sorry for taking all of this for granted, and falling in love with our friendship. I am especially sorry for that.

Posted by 'H'

Dear Ji....I am a stupid, jealous, immature person. I am sorry I took out my anger at someone else on you.

I made something stupid and small escalate into all this drama. First it started off as a hint of jealously--I thought I should be the one to receive the most attention, get asked a lot of questions but instead you guys didn't even address that their "best friend" who came from around the world was there. Then, our play fighting turned into a feisty mess and my anger grew.

I felt like it was a verbal war, 2 against 1. That made me hurt and what hurt me the most was that you guys went ahead and called Al to gossip about it behind my back. How much of an idiot I am for calling you a b*itch, I could tell you didn't like it but I thought it was my last resort for getting your attention. This whole thing is stupid and I am sorry. You don't deserve this, none of us do.

Posted by Russel

I'm really sorry to everyone....haven't been very well lately. That's no excuse for me to behave how I have though. Sorry.

Posted by Me

Dear Jan,

I am sorry for hurting you and your brother. What you didn't know is that I was hurting too, but no one knew. I kept it all in. I love you and your brother and family. I am not a monster. My needs were not being met; I was desperately lonely and depressed about my life. I felt trapped and alone and that my life was over. Please forgive me.

I hope you pray for me as I will pray for you. I hope this message gets to your heart. Thank you for your help and sacrifice when your family needed it.

I am sorry for all the damage and hurt I have caused. I am ashamed and need you to forgive me. I love you and thank you.

Please forgive me so that I may feel love and be loved in the world and love myself. I feel like such a failure now. I AM loving and forgiving normally. Please forgive me. I am not a monster. I need God's people, forgiveness and a place in the sun.

Please help and forgive me. In Jesus Name, I ask for forgiveness from everyone whom I have offended.

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