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Posted by Jamie

Dear Gabi... I am beyond sorry. Last night was supposed to be one of the best nights of your life, and dumb drama ruined it all. I didn't plan for you to have to see or hear any of that, or actually for anyone to see or hear it ever.

I think it happened last night because of the combination of people, hormones, and maybe a little because of the alcohol. I hope you know that I would never intentionally ruin your birthday, and please don't take it personally, it was just horrible timing.

Of course I see Becca every day at school, but I wasn't strong enough to build up the courage to tell her what happened until yesterday. Last night I knew that I needed time to tell her, and I knew that I wouldn't have the same opportunity if I waited until Tuesday.

Also I really didn't want to risk someone else telling her before I did. She needed to hear it from me because it's half my fault. I do care about Becca a lot even though we didn't use to get along, and I really do want her to be happy.

Everyone talking about the situation behind my back, and also right in front of me, made me feel like I needed to get it off my chest once and for all.

I don't know what exactly pushed me to do it, but I did. And it happened, and there's nothing we can do about it now.

All I can hope is that you will believe me when I say I would never hurt you on purpose because you are one of my best friends, and I care about your birthday being a really special day. I hope at least the beginning of your night was good and that overall you had a good time at your party. I'm so sorry that drama from last year had to mess it up. I love you girl... Jamie

Posted by Hebe

Dear Jo Jo, You have been so good to me. I in return have doubted you and felt jealous of your past relationships. To the point that I contacted your ex's ex via social media and flirted with them. I am sorry for this and hope to never do such a thing again. I love you forever, H

Posted by Ouch

Dear Frosty, I'm sorry I judged you. You should be able to make your own friends, no matter what side they're on... I regret blowing up like that. Even though Stone and Kind are mad at me, I'm hoping you'll forgive me where they probably won't. I can't stay away from the forums, or from my friends. I know I hurt your feeling and the guilt chokes me. Best of luck with your problem... ~Ouch

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Tangguh, I am so sorry, I know I've let you down so many times and I know that you're sick of me. I just realized how I really feel about you.

I love you so much, it's true that we don't know what we had until we lose it. I promise you, I won't let you down ever again if we could get back again. I still love you. -tads

Posted by Chris Farlow

Anthony, I want to apologize for having to send you a letter to tell you how I was feeling about things. By doing that I didn't give you a chance to express your side and that was very selfish of me.

I've not taken your feelings into consideration because I've been too focused on mine. Well, if you'll be so kind, I'd love to sit down and listen.

We have made some pretty good memories (;) do you remember that?) and though things can't be the same I really want us to be in one another's lives. Anthony buddy, can you please accept my apology?

Posted by Sam

Dear Saand,

I know you'll never read this but at least posting it here will reduce a little burden from my heart.

I have loved you since the day we talked for the first time. You treated me like a brother and I told you that I love you like a brother, but that is not true.

Baby I want you to be my life partner. I know you might find it disrespectful and insulting but that is how it is. Baby, I know you have had a heart break before and do not trust men anymore but I also know the fact that you trust me, you care for me and wish me well always.

Baby I love you more than you can ever imagine. I'm not sorry for loving you, I'll never be but I'm sorry for not letting you know before, because I thought you would be hurt and extremely disappointed.

Now that you are ignoring me because of some reason, I couldn't hold my tears back, I cried and cried all night and am crying while writing this and was forced by my heart to write my feelings for you even though I might not find the courage to tell you that I love like a lover, not as a brother or a simple friend.

Hope you'll realize that someday and tell me that you love me too, just like that. Sam

Posted by "Your Sweetheart "

Aaron, I'm sorry for the way I've been acting and reacting towards you. You deserve the best in the world, and I haven't been giving you that. I promise to keep trying and to try harder.

I know that times are hard right now and that we are both stressed out, but regardless of what's going on, you deserve for me to be stable and constantly show you the love that you show me. I don't want to lose you. I want to be with you the rest of my life. I hope that you still feel the same way.

I know that the love we share is stronger than these petty arguments. I'm asking for your forgiveness. I hope you have just a bit more to give.

I promise to be better and to try harder. You are everything to me. Please don't let me go. I love you so much.

Posted by Karolina

Pedro Z... I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am for that day. I was trying to tell you something very important and you didn't want to hear what I had to say. I miss hearing your voice and having you next to me when I wake up on the weekends.

I wish that we could start over and I understand if you don't want to see me anymore.

I had so much fun with you and truly enjoyed you. I have a hard time letting people be nice to me and you were super wonderful. So this is me swallowing my pride saying I'm so sorry and please can we try again. I still have to tell you what you didn't let me finish that day... Please?? Give me one more chance? ~K~

Posted by A.

CG-I will never stop regretting the way I handled that conversation. I should have just trusted that you were making the best decision for us.

Instead I let hurt from the past cloud my judgement and implied you were being selfish. I'm sorry that I got so angry and lost my cool. I'm sorry that I forced you to leave.

I wish more than anything I could take that day back and just keep loving each other. I'm sorry that I did what I did tonight, I thought it would help me move on, but it only broke my heart more. I've always been a mess. My years with you were the best I've ever had. I will never stop being in love with you. I'll always be yours. -A

Posted by "The Other Woman"

Dear E,

Please forgive me for being your husband's mistress for such a long time. I hope you never knew and you were never hurt by it. But if you were, I'm doubly sorry.

I never meant to take his love from you. You are a wonderful woman. Please forgive me, as I cannot forgive myself.

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