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Posted by Chuck

Neumann, my apologies for not stopping the bullying you endured. Your purple shirt was the target I suspect and all these years later I still see those sad people being as cruel as people can be. Your grace under fire has stuck with me all these years later. I admire you and am sorry for my silence.

Posted by Heather J.

Dear Kira, I want to apologize for hitting you the other day. I think something was wrong in my brain. Please forgive me!

Posted by David A.

To anybody who knew me in the past, especially between 2008 and the present I want to apologize to all of you for my various misdeeds, mistakes, and my own selfishness.

I never meant to hurt any of you. Some I cared about deeply and considered good friends, others were superiors at work who I highly respected. A few are even relatives, one being a specific sibling. I know none of you will probably ever see this but I need to get this off my chest. Lately I've been remembering those of you who I hurt or upset. I wish I could go back in time and stop myself from doing a lot of the things I did.

Other situations were out of my control and some of you didn't want to hear my explanation for whatever reason. Dennis, Mary, Paul, Christine, Nicole, Mark, Jordan, Lisa, Marlo, Brett, Lucy, Sarah, Grandma, Kiani, Razi, I'm sorry my toxic personality pushed you all away or made you hate me, not want to talk to me, etc.

If I forgot your name I'm sorry but I hope that I can have your forgiveness as well. Wherever you all are these days, please just know that I wish all of you well and I wish you a life of happiness and prosperity even if that means I can no longer be in it

Posted by B Adam

I'm truly sorry for stating I'd like a rival soccer player to pass away. I took it back immediately and did not mean it in my heart.

I'm also sorry for any racist language I have used while watching soccer towards any player and I'm sorry for any racist language I've used towards any person. I'll try and improve as a human being.

I love and accept all people no matter there religion, color or sexual orientation..

Posted by John Alvarez

I'm sorry Nicole for all my mistakes and my part in everything bad that has happened since we met. I never meant to hurt you.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you or your emotions or sensitive nature. I only wanted to make you happy failing to realize that you were already happy with me. It was me who wanted more for us and more for you. I'm sorry that I didn't see that.

You being happy made me happy. And seeing you sad or angry or upset confused me because even if I wasn't the cause of it all, I was there for it. And I would never take back ever meeting you for anything. But wish I could take all your hurt and pain away.

I apologize for my part in causing you any hurt or pain in your life. I love you so very much.

Posted by Refilwe

Hi Susie, I apologise for putting you in a very tight corner yesterday about payment to SACSC. I understand that I have infringed on your decision making process and I think it was selfish of me to expect you to accommodate my marketing needs.

Next time, I will manage my team better and ensure that I communicate any urgent payments required timeously. This is the most expensive gift I could sacrifice from my inventory and I hope that you can accept this as my token of apology. Please forgive me.

Posted by 'C.J.'

Growing up in a rough neighborhood it's easy to listen to the wrong voice or to just go along. This happened to me a few times, sadly.

I sincerely apologize to the kid with the Cowboy hat on who I saw later and the Family who was picked on because of their affiliations. Neither warranted the insensitive behavior they received.

Without a sober Father at home, guidance was non existent.

Mom worked a lot and was oblivious to the serious problems on the streets. Regrettably my Brother and Sister would die of addiction later because of the drug and alcohol availability. Listening to some of the street kids can be so wrong. Stay strong to the side of you saying this doesn't seem right to say or do. You'll be glad you did as time goes by.

We probably all made mistakes and regret them as we age like me but apologize and learn from them and counsel others when possible about right from wrong. God Bless us all.

Posted by Oscar

Good God Olivia, I am so sorry. What I did was vile and I can't stop thinking about it. I probably never will and I probably never should.

I had no idea that I was making you uncomfortable. I know that my actions made you go from being uncomfortable to feeling unsafe. I know that I didn't realize that I had crossed a line until after I had crossed it. I should've known, though.

I should have given you more opportunities to communicate that. You deserve so much better than to ever feel the way I made you feel.

I wish I could spend the rest of my life apologizing.

I will spend the rest of my life being sorry. I didn't know. I should have known. I hope that one day the pain I caused you will fade. I wish there was something I could do to expedite that process. I know I can never take back what I did. I wish I could.

Posted by Idiot

All this time I really, really want to talk with you but there's just something off and I think it's on me.

I've messed up before but I really hope that we could bring back the way we were before w/ the closure that we had. Believe me I'm trying my best to fix myself as soon as possible so that I can be normal with you again cuz I miss you so much. But to be honest, I don't really know what to do at this moment and I just pray that everything will work out for the best. Sorry-

Posted by Anthony G.

Ky, I can never find the words to show you my pain. You had my back and I didn't appreciate it. You loved me more than I'll ever be loved and I took it for granted.

I've cried an ocean of tears but nothing takes away my fears. I miss you and I'm sorry for being so selfish. You were the best wife any man could ever want. I'm sorry baby..

Posted by Ayanna G.

Dear David... I am sorry for what I did to you. I was just jealous that you have a credit card and things to do in your life and I am stuck in school getting my education. I hope that this message will change your mind about me. Love Ayana XOXO

Posted by Chuck L. (New Jersey)

Allison, I am so sorry for the deceitful behavior I exhibited during our 8 year on and off relationship... I was wrong and took you for granted in every sense of the word.

I pray daily for you to forgive me. God Bless you and please find it in your heart someday to forgive a man who has learned life's lessons the hard way. Chuck L.

Posted by Jay

I'm sorry I punched you lynchy. I was selfish and greedy. Out for myself. I was in the wrong and you did nothing to deserve my attack. I ask for your forgiveness. Forgive my bad behavior.

Posted by Kuku

Dear Kiddo, You are the best thing that happened to me. I feel sorry that I couldn't be a perfect partner like you. I have let you go through all the worst situations because of me.

I regret that I couldn't give you any good memories. I want you to believe me when I say it was not in my mind, I only always wanted to give you all good thoughts. I really want you to believe me again. Sorry for all the bad!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am sorry that I was rude. I did not do things at the right time, I wasted all of my time doing nothing. I disappointed the person who trusted me or at least did not expect such actions from me. I am truly sorry for that.

I admit I have tried multiple times to get away from it but I failed. I tend to leave things when I find it difficult or broken. I do not even try to fix things and give up easily. I have done things in my past that I regret till this day and always try to forget them. I want to forget everything and start from the beginning and do everything perfectly instead.

I am sorry for all bad thoughts I had in my mind. I am sorry for everything. I will change from today and Sunday will be a new start for my life.

Posted by 'C.J.'

G.D., I am sorry for the way things ended between us, even though no thing physical happened between us we kind of bonded a little through talking and sharing stories.

I know you were hurt by me not fully returning the interest you had for me even though I was interested in you as a friend and honestly hoping we could be pals kinda ...Looking back my marriage being on the rocks and other factors certainly played a role in my thinking about another relationship.

I should have considered your feelings more than I did. When I saw you crying it broke my heart and made me feel sad about the whole deal. Mediation I thought was a good way to part friends and I hope you did too.

I pray you found what you were looking for with someone, I did try to reach out and apologize for not being more sensitive via an old phone number but it didn't work......God Bless you.

Posted by 'Swim The Fish'

I’m sorry, I'm not sorry because it's wrong or because I was caught. I'm sorry because I hurt people I cared about and I hurt people I didn't care about.

I hope the hurt I have caused can heal in time and to the individuals who continue to hurt from the pain I hope balance finds your heart and makes you whole again or whatever your heart needs to heal I hope finds you. -me myself, and we.

Posted by Chase

Mariah W.(Mia J.),

You'll probably never see this but, I'm sorry for ever hurting you. I was a naive stupid teenager who didn't see what he had in front of him. I was stupid to cheat and lie to you. I hope one day you can forgive me.

Why am I writing this. I guess the truth is I still care about you. I miss you and still feel love for you. You were my first love and I'll never forget you. You are a beautiful young women and whoever you end up with is a lucky man. I wish you the best and hope someday we can be friends again.


Posted by Jay

Dear Naomi... I understand that you are hurt. You have every reason to be and I can understand why you feel the way you do.

I am very sorry and I really want to fix things between us. You are still a very important person in my life. I'm truly sorry for my actions and I promise it won't happen again.

Posted by Scott

I can't think of any way to contact some of the people I'd like to apologize to, but I hope this apology somehow expresses my regret in a meaningful way.

I was in college, at Penn State in about 1987 when I was at a friend's house after a small party. I was watching tv, and a young woman I didn't even know was under a blanket beside me. I was very awkward with girls, and I was a virgin. I knew I wasn't the only one, but I felt I was in some inadequate minority. I know now, of course, that being a virgin is nothing to feel inadequate about. Still, I felt my nonvirgin friends were all just more confident and aggressive than me.

I occasionally slipped my hand under the blanket to touch this young woman over her clothes, in hopes she'd respond in some kind of amorous way.

She handled things like a lady. She gently guided my hand AWAY without embarrassing me. I persisted, and she finally got up and moved to another seat.

Some may say no real harm was done, but I feel terrible about the way I acted and how I may have made the young woman feel objectified or violated in any way.

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