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Posted by Mary K.

Stephen... I can't even begin to tell you how sorry I am for every tear you cried because of me, every piece of you heart I've shattered, and every hug you missed because I wasn't with you at that very moment. Just know I love you and I'm here and I believe in us. I'd do anything to make you smile again for me.

Posted by Lisa Marie

Dear Neal,

In my efforts to learn from my mistakes, improve in my personal development and be the best woman for you, I've been researching all morning in the ways where I continue to go wrong in the area of 'sorry'. I don't know why I continue to fall back on being defensive when you tell me that I've wronged you--it's something that I recognize as a problem and I'm trying to work on. Bad habits are hard to break. A sincere apology is to be honest—make it simple, make it plain. So here it goes.

I'm sorry for the hurt that I caused you by making you feel less important.

I acknowledge that I hurt your feelings by not including you in my plans, making you feel like a third wheel with my friend, and making you feel that I wasn't concerned about you.

I understand and recognize that it was because of my actions (or lack thereof) that upset you.

I fully regret that my actions made you mad, caused your stomach illness, made you feel betrayed, and had you infuriated.

I do not take my role as your woman in your life lightly, and I am truly sorry that my actions made you feel betrayed. We confessed our love for each other, and it's something that I hold near to my heart. I want us to grow, and I understand that its instances like this where it causes a severe hindrance in our relationship. You feel like I don't understand you, that I don't get you. I am trying to get over my constant need to defend myself, and just need to make concessions to really hear you. Period.

I know that there are underlying issues that need to be addressed between the both of us, and I ask for your forgiveness for this issue, and all the other times I made you feel this way. I promise to make every effort not to make you feel this way again, to verbalize/ask questions and to not make assumptions about situations.

I want to make this work. I write this to you with humility in my heart, and striving to be the Psalms 31 woman you saw in me the first time we said 'I love you' to each other. I'm not perfect, but I'm trying hard to be better than prideful. I love you. Lisa Marie

Posted by "Sorry is to Forgive"

My little girl, where are you, in gods care till you find your dad. You know I care about you every day, trying and trying to find a way.

Why can't I see you every day. Angels watch over you-meeting your needs. So close to god you are I see. I pray for you all the time. Wanting you near so I can hug you time after time.

All my life you are my wish, little feet and a tummy to squish. Why can't I see you every day. Jet black hair I love you so. Baby Baby I want you to know, Love is there all around.

My hope is strong-you will see. I love you my little girl. Why can't I see you every day. May Gods love keep you free I say.

Posted by "Thank you Jewel For Jesus"

Thank you and sorry are all I can say,
For giving me hope, day after day,
The world is yours take it and run.
All my headaches now rolled into 1.

You will some day get your 1st wish,
A thing to hug, hold and squish!
Call me anytime, you know where I am,
Over the seas, great southern land.

Prayers are for you, and family so,
The faith will spread and always grow
A hug for you, sent every day,
You're the one who took my tears away.

See this you will.
You cant miss it.
Live life by gods word.
Let's pray.

Posted by Raafi

To my baby girl Thiviya,

I know very well that you don't like me talking about her and you don't like it when I even think about her. But just to make you happy, I talked about her to you, and that too in a very irritating way.

And I know very well that I have hurt you many time before by doing a lot of stupid things. You really don't deserve to be treated this way.

Baby, I just want you to know that I truly am sorry about what I did today. Really, I am sorry. Please forgive me.

I really love you a lot and I want you to know that you are the only one I love and can ever love. Hope you accept my apology.

Love ya a lot baby. Hugs and Kisses.

Posted by Kiri Vavine

To my Mother,

I am truly sorry for the lies I spoke for the ungratefulness I showed and for the lack of Love I had in my heart towards you to never really apologize.

So this is me Mummy your Kiri Vavine saying I'm sorry. I know I am not your blood daughter but you are my Mother in every sense of the word. They say it only takes a minute to know someone, an hour to like them, and a day to Love them but a lifetime to forget them.

I've known and been with you more than a minute, more than an hour and more than a day so it's impossible for me to forget you, you are what I call my shelter in the storm.

Please forgive me Mum, take me back as your kiri, give me my chance with my sisters and brothers. Let me show you I can be a faithful daughter to you. Without you in my Life Mum I am incomplete, without my sisters I am lost, and without my brothers I am not protected. I need you all back.

Posted by Anonymous

To Sam, Jordan, and Jessica

To my three loved ones
I send my Christmas cheer,
Missing you lots and lots,
Just wish you were here!

I'm sorry for all my failures,
Of all the times I have missed.
For all the no-s I was so quick to say
For all the maybe laters or not todays

There is always a spot in my heart for yous.
Knowing yous was the best time of all.


Posted by "On The Verge of Road Rage"

I am sorry to the lady I gave a very mean look to this morning in my car on my way to work.. Sometimes I get so frustrated when people don't use their turn signals.. If she used her turn signal or not is not the point...the point is to not get all upset about it.. Because in the end, who does it help? Nobody.. I just feel like crap afterwards because I hate being mean to people.. no matter what..

Posted by Pat

Don and Abdul - I am SO sorry I didn't have the guts to tell you the truth, as I saw it, about your command prospects...this probably affected your promotion. J-J; I'm sorry you misunderstood our reactions to your daughter's visit to our friend in London. If only I could turn the clock back...

Posted by "Sorry Child"

Dad, I'm really sorry there was no reason to lie to you, it was a really bad decision and wrong. I would take it back if I could. I'll try everything I can for you to regain my trust and will accept any punishment you have for me just please forgive me.

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