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Posted by Jackie

James, I'm sorry I've been acting crazy when you go with your friends for the whole weekend. I think deep down it's because I'm mad that I don't have that and you're literally the only thing in my life.

When you can't spend time with me it makes me feel alone and we both know that's my biggest fear. I know you say it's fine but I just don't want to scare you away. I love you.

Posted by Danté

Jordan I am so sorry. I guess I just tried too hard to be your best friend. You were a good friend and I should've wanted nothing more than that. I should've just left it as friends but I was an idiot and I wanted to be best friends. I didn't think you wouldn't want to be.

I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart. If you ever read this…

Posted by Abdullah

Samer... I'm So sorry for everything I've done you were nothing but a good friend to me and all I did was nothing but make you upset.

I'm so sorry ...all I ever wanted was for us to be best friends but I guess I didn't really work hard for that. I hope with all my heart that you forgive me and I promise I will never upset you again ...

Posted by SMW

I want to apologize to Bam Bam. So sorry everything turned out this way for us and our daughter. All I ever wanted was us to be whole, a family, and most of all for her to have her father.

Please understand I had no choice and the decisions I made were only to protect both kids. Your actions and events scared us making life to have to go on without you. Well you moved out of state after all the horrific events that we endured.

Yes it takes two to tango, I made it to where you couldn't be around me and the kids.

Understand that it's not healthy to live the way you wanted us to live and if I kept going like that I wouldn't be able to teach our kids it's wrong.

I am sorry I miss you everyday Brandon and never stopped loving you. I pray nothing but good and love comes into your life. Your kids deserve it and most of all deserve a dad.

I hope one day you see and understand why I did what I did. I am told you won't change but in my heart I believe you will.

You probably won't ever see this however it takes weight off my chest that saddens me. I never imagined our life with us being apart especially with us having a beautiful daughter that doesn't know you. I pray everyday that will change and I love you so much.

You probably found new love in your life that doesn't take away what love I have and learned from you. We will always be a part of you as you are a part of us no matter what. Remember since we met I told you I love you no matter what and I held up my part. I wish you held up yours.

No matter what you're doing today or with who, I am sorry we aren't a whole... do know I love you and the kids especially your daughter loves you..

Posted by Gabby

Gabe, my boyfriend and my absolute world I am so sorry for what I did to you the past 6 months, you didn't deserve any of it at all because you were the most amazing boyfriend to me and well I ruined it because I let my past run my future.

I know this is gonna be hard and it's going to take you a while to trust me again but I want nothing more than for your forgiveness. I don't want anyone else filling your spot and I don't want to spend my life with anyone else because I don't see myself being with anybody else.

I love you to the ends of the earth and I promise I'm going to make this better. I'm going to better myself for you and I and this relationship. I love you Gabe

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