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Posted by Jason

Crystal... There's nothing more that can say that I haven't said already. But I want you to know that I'll be here waiting for you if you ever change your mind. I know it's all my fault and I know I don't deserve a woman like you. I was wrong in thinking I would be better off without you.

You're a gift from God and I denied you my all. If you want to be on your own and find someone else to love then I guess that's what you will do. But always remember... I love you and I will until the end of my time. I miss you everyday and hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me and love me again like you use to.

Posted by Destini

Corey... I've said I'm sorry a million times in a million different ways and I will continue to say I'm sorry until you believe me. I'm telling the truth. I'm wicked sorry for doing what I did-- it was so wrong of me. If I could take it all back, I would in a heartbeat.

Corey I love you, you're one of my best friends. I don't want this to continue any longer. I will do anything to make it right between us. I really hope you can forgive me. ...Destini

Posted by Sudhir Patel

Dear Shatabdi... I'm so sorry dear. I know that you have given me much importance which I never deserved. You put me on top of the world after asking me to meet your friend, but it's me who made everything worse. I am feeling so sad and sorry for my behaviour dear. Please try to forgive me. I would not do this again, please forgive me, please......

Posted by Karri

To my best friend, my very own angel here on earth...

I'm so sorry for not being there when you needed me most. I guess I was scared. It hurts now to even think about what a jerk I was. Every time I cried, every time I needed someone to hear me out, and every time I just wanted a hug, you were always there, no matter what. I guess you won't be able to see me the same after that, but...I still love you, forever and always.

I hope that, even if you can't forgive me, you'll find someone who deserves you more than I do. Don't ever stop being the great, impossibly wonderful person you are. You're absolutely perfect, Mada. Don't ever change that.

With so much love that I think my heart might burst...

Yours forever, Karri

Posted by "K"

I am sorry for hurting you, Robert, for wanting to hurt you, for wanting what I thought was revenge. I loved you and I love you still. For whatever reason it was not right. Let us release one another and go live in peace. Both together but separately.

Posted by Shafiek

To an Angel Named Melissa

Many days and nights I wonder why you're still with me. I have disappointed you so many times and so many ways. And when I disappointed you again, you did not get upset and neither did you say a word.

There are so many reason I don't deserve a woman like you. Right now I don't deserve your kindness, your patients and most of all I don't deserve your unconditional love.

Therefore I'm on my knees, asking your forgiveness. Forgiveness for disappointing you. Forgiveness for the my absent-mindedness. Forgiveness for not wishing you a happy anniversary.

I am sorry, please forgive me.

Posted by Anonymous

To my one-time friends:

You were alive, flowing like water. I was cold and brittle, looking for something I'd never had. Foolishly I thought you'd melt me, but a leopard can't change his spots. I brought you nothing that I promised, and only visited sadness upon you. You deserved better. I'm sorry for being the forbidden fruit in your Eden, sorry for being the cloud on your sunny day, sorry for being the black cat crossing your path.

Perhaps one day I can tell you all this, once I have redeemed myself time and time again and this is just a dark, distant memory. Until then, however, it will only cause more sadness, so I keep this apology close and hope to find the day I can let it free.

Posted by Chels

I am only out to make things right in my life, I honestly pray this will be one of them. In my opinion life is way to short. I understand why you would not want to talk to me again. I would never want anyone to make me feel how I made you feel.

Something happened to me a few weeks ago that changed my outlook on life completely. I'm sure Sean told you about it. I didn't think I was going to walk off the bus that night... I have gained so much respect for my life and others around me. After a few days I started to think about how horrible I was to you and from the bottom of my heart I'm sorry for my very poorly chosen actions. I don't know if things could ever go back to the way they were, I just don't want things the way they are....

I'm unbelievably sorry, please find it in your heart to forgive me

Posted by JM

I have made so many mistakes in my life. I've made some very poor decisions. I really am sorry for all of my mistakes. I wish that I would have thought about my actions or made better decisions before I acted. But it's too late now. I know that I'm not perfect and we are allowed to make mistakes in life. But I'm going to try hard to make better decisions from now on. Life is so short and all I want is peace and stability.

I'm sorry for all of my wrongdoings. Please forgive me.

Posted by M.

I am sorry for all the pain I have caused you. I respect your decisions and the distance or space that you want to create for both of us. Maybe that will help. From my side it is already working. But I don't want you to move out and I can't stop you if you want to.

Posted by Greg

"I mean what I say and I say what I mean."

My name is Greg and I am an Idiot.

This is for the one woman on this planet that means everything to me. She is the one woman of my dreams. She cared about me. She gave me her love. She supported me in my life. She made compromises to make me happy. She cared about my son. She helped me through some of life's struggles. She helped me look for work. She allowed me into her life and home. She looked out for me in so many ways.

She is a beautiful woman inside and out. She is an excellent mother. She was the strongest light in my life. She was my very best friend. I abandoned all of her love and moved out over a very stupid little thing. I would give her the world if I could to have her back the way we were. I love her with all of my heart. I have hurt her and it is all my fault.

I know I have hurt you badly and I deeply regret doing so. Please forgive me. I promise it will never happen again. I will do anything to make it up to you.

I am so very, very sorry Jaime.

Posted by Kristina

Just to know that you're my boyfriend
That no matter what's the trouble
That on you I can depend
For the world can be full of sadness
And life's path is full of stones
And a person's only comfort
Is the real man she has.
You're so comforting and soothing
When my heart is full of sorrow
And your way of sympathizing
Makes a change in my tomorrow
When I hear your words beside me
Then my troubles start to mend
And it's then I'm grateful
That I can truly call you my "boyfriend".

And it takes more than words to tell it...

I can't make you realize
All the good that you have done for me
And how special you are in my eyes
But I'll always keep attempting
And keep trying to the end.
For my life has been much sweeter
Since I've had you as my boyfriend.

I am sorry. I am sorry for what I did yesterday, I am sorry for what I did today and what I'll do tomorrow. I know I could apologise for days on end but it may not eliminate your thought that I do not respect you. I know that my actions upset you tremendously and may have even hurt and for that I am truly apologetic. My greatest wish is to never take you for granted and my fault is that I am human...

I am sorry that I cried so much, my emotions tend to overwhelm me. I know you deserve to be treated with respect, love and care...I want you to know that I truly do respect, love and care for you and I am hoping that with this you will forgive my conduct and realise how much you mean to me. I love you. Baby Boo Bear I love you so much. Kristina

Posted by Brad

I was just talking to my mom about the situation and it made me realize how unfair that was to make you choose between me or your boyfriend and you have every right to be mad at me right now. when I made you make that decision, it was complete bull****. Today made me realize how much hurt that caused you.

I will admit now that my reason for doing that was jealousy and it was selfish. Now that you are away at college I kinda have to accept it and not be jealous. I really do regret ever putting you through that, and it makes me feel like scum. I can swear on everything, on our friendship that it won't ever happen again. I love you to death and I now realize you have your own life to live and you don't need me telling you what decisions to make.

Posted by "Your Cornball"

I am so sorry you heard so many things about me. I will take all the blame if that's what it takes. I apologize if I have caused you any pain. I need you and I know that right now you are needing me and my support.

Patuwie, please forgive me... I can not continue living like this. Baby, please.... forgive my mistakes....

Te Quiero Mucho!!!

Yours always..... Isa

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