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Posted by Zach S.

Dear Lena, I'm sorry I've ruined so many things for us. I'm sorry for when I messed up in July. You know I love you more than anything, and won't ever leave you. I want you forever. I want you to be my wife. I love you for you. -Me

Posted by Akshay

I really am a complete ass Gen. And dumb...really dumb. I should have picked up on your signals but my big male ego did not allow my tiny brain to process them.

It takes a fair bit of dumb not to realize how important it was to you that I came out to meet your friends with you and be a bigger part of your life. But I was not found lacking...I have dumb in oodles.

More than that, how did I not pick up on the stress this was causing you? And what kind of an idiot watches TV when one of the most beautiful and definitely the most wonderful women in the world is at his place?

I could go on and on but I won't as I want to save some for a blog I intend to write... 'Akshay's guide to idiocy'. If you have a girl especially the one you love deeply, it's your job to make her happy and protect her and make her feel like the special gift she is. But an idiot like me screws up sometimes.

I never took you for granted but it sure must have felt like that sometimes. I am very sorry Gen. No excuses. Can you forgive me?

Posted by Annette L.

Dear Aunt H,

I'm sorry I haven't reached out to you when you reach out to me. You use your words and actions to inspire and heal but I become a recluse and instead of offering the favor back, I sit alone. When I feel strong enough to be the type of person who can genuinely help, I promise I won't hesitate. -much love A.L.

Posted by 'K'

Patrick, I'm sorry that I failed you. That I ever got so angry, that I let it get the best of me and betrayed your trust and love. I'm sorry for the hurt and pain and insanity I've caused you. And for breaking your heart over and over. I love you. And I know I am toxic for you. And maybe it is better for you, that we are apart.

But I am lost without you. You are a good man. I should have treasured you like nothing else mattered in this world. I still love you. I always will love you. I will always hope for another chance for us. Just because I need that hope in order to keep going and because I just can't give up.

I hope that once I turn my life around you will see and want to be with the new me. I will conquer my darkness for you. Even if you never take me back, I will be a better person for knowing you and having the love, patience, and forgiveness that you invested in me. You saved my life with a broken heart.

Posted by Eve

I have hurt you, and I am sorry. I did it consciously and intentionally, and for that I am much more sorry. You are doing your best to move through this world, navigating the challenges of work and relationships, as I am. I have no business judging you for what I perceived as missteps, nor making you feel ashamed for those missteps.

What I perversely justified to myself as a teachable moment, on the consequences of saying harsh things about others, was in fact much more so a way to use our shared intimacy against you. You have called it that, and you are correct.

There is a battle I keep fighting, which I actually won long ago. It is a battle with my father, a fight to say the things I could not say to him for failing to be a good parent. It is not a battle with The World. It is not a battle with men. It is not a battle with work or perceived injustices or abused power at-large. It is not a battle with you.

I hold that original battle with my dad as part of my identity. I continue to re-enact it, to define who I am, to defend myself. But in doing so, I hurt others, and I hurt myself by closing off threats which are not nearly as big as I have made them. I am sorry for the way I treated you.

Posted by D.H

I am writing to apologize for my inexcusable and truly awful behavior. I have been reluctant to contact you, but feel I must at least attempt to express my extreme regret and remorse for my unwarranted actions.

I will not attempt to explain or justify my action, because I simply cannot defend the indefensible.

Please find it in your heart to forgive my imperfections. I'm sorry about the way I handled myself. I don't know what went on in my head, I've never gone nuts before. There is so much more I'd like to say, but there are no words that can convey the incredible shame and guilt that I feel and by all means should feel.

I have knowingly or unknowingly done wrong deeds, I have acknowledged all of them, please forgive me for them.

I know you do not want to talk to a person like me and that's your right. I will not try to contact you again. Please know how deeply sorry I am.

Posted by Matt Leberte

Dear Mom and others I have hurt, y'all have know idea how mad I am at myself for my actions. I was stupid enough to get into the wrong crowd and do some really bad things.

I should have never let alcohol and marijuana take over my life like it did. It changed me into a different person and I hate myself for that. I have told myself that I will never let myself touch alcohol or drugs again. I will make better friends and I will stay away from things that hurt me.

You have no idea how sorry I am and if I could go back in time I would. I want you to know that I have not touched or even seen weed in 12 weeks and touched alcohol in 8. I will keep up these good habits. I love you all and I am sorry.

Posted by Ethan Conley

Dear Isaac, I have been a jerk, and &#*@ me for what I have done.... I hope you can forgive me.

Posted by Shushan

I am sorry that I told you I didn't love you anymore. I lied to protect my heart getting hurt again. I did love you. I loved you, I love you, and I will always will love you.

I am so sorry I was so young and proud and shy to call you to apologize. I am sorry that I made the mistake of marrying someone else for the wrong reasons.

I pray every single day that God will give us another chance in life. How funny fate is. I am sorry that time and people were against us when we were young. I will always be yours, if not with body, but my soul and heart belong to you.

I am so sorry for the hurt I have caused you. I am sorry that I gave up on us too soon. I am paying for my mistake the day I got married to the wrong person. I will not stop praying for that blessed day. I want to die in your arms.

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