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Posted by Suzanne

Thank you seems inappropriate to tell you how sorry I am. I am however deeply thankful for the misunderstandings that made us friends.

I have been smiling for so many years with the missteps and meanings of things that I should be too dim-witted or inexperienced to understand.

Thank you for not seeing that I saw you. Thank you for your time and unintended friendship. Thank you for being as beautiful as I know you are.

I'm sorry for letting you fall. I brought you physically into my life when it was at its worst, with the intention of showing you me at my worst. I wanted you to run away and I think you did too. You had to win though, you couldn't let down your true friends.

I'm sorry that I could never ever give you the comfort you needed, just what I thought you wanted. I'm sorry that we didn't communicate honestly. -Thank you to everyone.-

Posted by Alicia

Jake, I'm really sorry I called your tattoo a weird dinosaur. It was only because I couldn't see the part that was under your shirt. It seems like it means something really important to you and that means that it doesn't matter what people think. It's cool because it actually has a meaning behind it.

It was wrong of me and really rude to tell you I thought it looked like a weird dinosaur from where I sat. I'll probably never see you again so this is why I'm saying sorry here.

Posted by 'B'

Dear Mike and Stephen, I am sorry that I am fat and an embarrassment to you. I try and be a good person, sister, and friend, but my appearance seems to be an insurmountable obstacle.

I miss seeing you but mostly I am grieving the possibility of a future reconciliation. I never wanted to hurt you and I am crushed that I can't be who and what you want me to me. Please forgive me and please be happy. I pray for you and want you to be happy. I miss you both terribly.

Posted by Gwen

Alex I am so sorry for lying to you.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Katherine, I'm sorry. God I'm so sorry. I still don't know what I did to hurt you so badly and I'm so sorry about whatever it is that I did.

I loved you so much, and it broke me so badly when you started to cut me off from you. Even now, I still find myself thinking about you at times, and I regret how things happened between us.

If there was a way for me to somehow go back in time, and change the way that things happened, I would do it. The relationship that I had with you was truly a beautiful relationship. I'm sorry it ended this way, and I'm sorry for hurting you.

Posted by Anonymous

Matthew, I am ashamed of how I acted towards you by disrespecting you and for not trusting you. No amount of words can describe how ashamed and broken I feel for saying words that cut deep into your soul.

I can not stand the thought of what I did. I acknowledge you have lost respect and trust in me. I acknowledge I have caused you immense pain. I kept pushing you away instead of communicating to you and loving you the way you should be loved with respect, admiration, and awe.

You have always been here for me and put more into our relationship than anyone I have ever met. You cared relentlessly no matter how I behaved. You gave your heart and soul and I did not deserve the time you spent on me.

I love you so much in ways you don't even know. I can not bear the thought of losing you. I believe in you and I love you endlessly. You have always been the key to my heart. The one who made smile and laugh again. The one who loved me.

Posted by Amber

Courtney, I messed up. Like big time. I know your not going to see this because your no longer talking to me but I needed to apologize again.

I pushed you away and I just kept pushing even though I know you said you weren't going anywhere. I think I was afraid that one day you'd realize how screwed up I was and or you'd wake up and realize that you could have a much better friend than me.

I am messed up. I've never had a friend stick around and I was, I am, afraid that I would get to attached to you and when you did end up leaving me (because everyone I love leaves me) I would be crushed. Just as crushed as when Donald died and turns out I was right.

I am crushed and I don't know how to fix this. I'm just really sorry. Maybe one day we will be friends again but I know that's not going to happen unless I get myself in a better place mentally and emotionally and yeah I guess that's it. Again I'm sorry -Amber

Posted by Mary

Dear Tunde, I don't think you will read this but ever since that guy came around, all our friendship has been is fighting over him (not technically over but you asking if I like him and me saying no and you asking again and then I say no and get mad).

You are being so negative about yourself based on HIS emotions I'm actually starting to think you would choose him over me. You always say "I'm fat, I'm ugly, I stink at this and that!' And I hate it!!!

How can I be positive around a negative person? This may seem more like a complaint not an apology but I need to get all my feelings out. I'm so sad because you haven't talked to me in -it feels like 1 year- because that GUY is taking all of your life over.

It's ok if you're mad at me I'm sure it's natural but please reconsider your choices because I need you in my life as my best friend and hopefully you need me-and NO GUY WILL EVER EVER take my spot in your heart. Hopefully your bff, Mary

Posted by Kiara

Dear Manuel, I know you won't see this, you have been my friend for almost 2 years, and I'm sorry I've been distant lately, it's just because I can't go on just being your friend, I want to be more that friends. It hurts when you talk about the people you like. My family thinks you like me back and I deny liking you when they say I do.

I've never had a boyfriend, but I've had crushes, but your my first crush that I wish you were mine, but who would like me?

I'm ugly and kind of fat, I don't wear makeup and I don't wear out going clothes. I'm sorry 'Fancy'(my nickname for you) but I don't know how long I can keep up just being your friend, we always said BFFLNMW which means, best friends for life no matter what, but I don't know if I can keep this up, sorry.

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