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Posted by Trinity B.

Dear Jessica,

Sunday was probably the worst day of both of our lives. There are so many possible ways to say the same thing I've said. But, the best is the most simple.

Jessica, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I did. I see now it was a mistake. I didn't realize it until you showed me what I had done. And there aren't enough angels in heaven to apologize for what I have done. I could write I'm sorry a thousand times on here, but it won't make it mean as much as I want it to.

You are my love. You are everything to me. You are what I wake up every morning to look forward to see. You are The best thing that has ever happened to me. And you are what I dream about every night when I lay my head down to sleep. I know there isn't much I can do right now, other than give you time, and wait for things to get better. But, I can't do that without apologizing for real.

I'm so so so so so so so so so so so sorry for everything that has happened. I love you so much, baby. I hope you will forgive me, and we can be the way we were before, forever.

Love always and forever...Trinity

Posted by J.

I'm sorry for the horrible night. I'm sorry for ruining your duvet. I'm sorry for everything. Please come back...

Posted by Matt

Lovely Tilly,

I know I can't say this to you personally as hearing from me will make you feel worse. But if somehow I could tell you how much I miss you, then I would.

How I miss hearing your bubbly laugh and seeing your pretty smile. Gently stroking your golden hair, your head resting under my chin. Telling you all about my day and hearing all about yours. Chuckling together over something amusing we've found. Appreciating the manner of one of God's creatures. Feeling your prayers as you feel mine. Knowing you would always be there for me.

So, my apology. I'm sorry for all those times I wasn't there for you when you needed me, even though you were there for me every single time; and all the times when we were sort of back together but I hadn't really committed to you. All the times I made you cry and told you I didn't love you.

I don't know if I ever will understand how I love you, maybe when years have passed and we've both moved on I will find the truth in my heart. But I know this for sure. That piece of my heart that does love you truly and eternally, that will always be yours. I can never forget you. You will always be in my prayers. My lovely Tilly... Matt x

Posted by Adrian Y.


Baby, Hubby knows your heart now has a cut, a deep cut, a cut that cannot be healed for whatever reason, because it is so deep, deep piercing through inside your heart.

I know the reason of the cut, everyone else doesn't understand you but never mind, the cut is because hubby does not even understand you baby.

You felt, "...everyone else doesn't support you, never mind, but why you do not support me, understand me".

Hubby is so hurt when I saw this happen to you ... I know this could be a deep deep cut inside your heart. You even feel there is no point in saying any more since prior to this, you have been telling all your problems to me, and making sure I understand you, support you, be on your side, and be with you.

Baby, Hubby regrets what I have said that to you the other night, I hurt you badly, tears flowing from your eyes, dripping solemnly. Baby, allow Hubby to care for you more, take care of you, be with you, listen to you, console you, and understand you. Don't leave Hubby dormant. I Am Sorry Baby and I really Love You!!!

Posted by Elvelyne

Dear Q...Please accept my apologies for all the troubles that I may have caused.

I know that you wanted to take a break from me so you can sort things out. I understand your situation and respect whatever decisions that you have made. I promise not to bother you so that you will have all the time that you need to sort things out; please understand that I only accept your decision because I want what is best for you. My selfishness of love and feelings are telling me that I should never let you take a break away from me, not even for a second.

Once again, I only accept this because I want what is best for you. I can only hope and dream of seeing you in my dreams at this moment. I believe if I keep dreaming some day I will see you again. You know that you have the power to make my dreams come true.

Posted by Madi

I can not even begin to try and justify my actions to you beautiful girls. I adore you and verbally attacked you, then walked out on everyone.

I don't know quite how to tell you that I truly did not intend to commandeer the support group but to solidify it in to some place where I could feel comfortable to truly divulge my secrets and my life. I want so badly for that to be the case.

I would trust you ladies with my life and have never had any intention to try and remove that trust. My actions removed everything I have tried so hard to do, and you have no idea how badly I wish to change this. I am so incredibly sorry, and I hope at some point you can forgive me for my unjustified reactions.

Posted by Anonymous

Dearest Tammi B.,

First I want to say how much I still love you and miss you so much. You were right when you said that we belong together and that God was our matchmaker. I am alone now and my loneliness hurts even more now because I know that I will never see, hear or meet you again.

I wanted to apologize to you for making the wrong decision, not listening to you, and letting you slip out of my arms and my life. You saved my life and I will never feel, or ever have a love like yours again.

I just wanted you to know this and I hope you get a chance to read this and know that I still love you and always will. I hope that you still feel the way that I do and remember me as I remember you. Thank you for being you and sharing your precious moments with me...

Posted by Jim

I am writing to apologize for my inexcusable and truly awful behavior last year. I have been reluctant to contact you, but feel I must at least attempt to express my extreme regret and remorse for my unwarranted actions.

I will not attempt to explain or justify my reaction, because I simply cannot defend the indefensible. There is so much more I'd like to say, but there are no words that can convey the incredible shame and guilt that I feel and by all means should feel. I would do anything humanly possible to try and make amends if given the opportunity.

For what it is worth, I was not responsible for all of the activity that was no doubt attributed to me. However I accept full responsibility for the copycats since I have to assume I was their inspiration.

I say this not to mitigate what I did, but to let you know I cannot control the actions of others I pray that someday you can find it in your heart to forgive me, though I am fully aware that I am in no way deserving of your pardon. I wish you nothing but the best in your life.

I am so very sorry.

Posted by Anonymous

I just want to say that I'm really sorry for everything I've put you through. I'm sorry that I never told you how I really felt. I'm sorry that I let things get out of hand. I'm sorry that I always yelled at you and never took the blame. Just know that I love you and that I'm insanely sorry for everything. Thanks for putting up with me.

Posted by Isabella

I haven't found the perfect words to sum up how sorry I am. Everything I ever wanted was standing right in front of me for 5 months. It's a shame it took me a couple days too late to realize the moment I lost you I would die inside. I love you. I'm sorry for anything and everything that has upset you. If there's any way I can make it up I'm beyond willing. --Isabella

Posted by Angelena

I'm so sorry things got out of hand. Things were said in the heat of the moment that I regret. I think your amazing and deserve much better than that. We're best friends. We have a bond that has proven to be unbreakable. Please forgive me?

Love always your best friend...Tarzan :)

Posted by Mimi M.

I'm sorry for being so insensitive and inconsiderate. I'm not sure if you will even read this--it's a long shot. I feel horrible for making you feel down as you already were. In the event that you took the time to read this, thank you so much for at least giving me a minute or two.

I'd rather shut up before I become too emotional.

Take care, D! .... I'll miss you a lot. -- Me

Posted by Anonymous

ABS... I am so sorry for giving you that letter last spring. I wish I could take back everything I told you. I wish I could erase all the pain I've caused. I wish I didn't feel the need to spew my most internal feelings to whoever will listen. I hope that if you ever stumble across this posting you can forgive and forget.

Posted by Angela

Bunny, I'm sorry that I don't always act in the spirit of my love for you. You are my best friend and you are kinder to me than you should be most of the time. I enjoy your company and I should never take it for granted.

You know that I am trying to improve and act on my true feeling rather than my gut instinct, which is often clouded by momentary anger. I think I get better every day, but when I slip up, I realize that it hurts you and even though I can apologize, the damage is done. This was never my intention. I'll do everything I can to avoid these moments in the future.

Posted by "Just Chris"

Denise... I know I've already said , "I'm sorry"; but I feel that I must say it again in a more sincere way.

1st of all, I must say that you are a beautiful, loving, and intelligent woman who did not deserve the destruction that I brought into your wonderful life. I was like a tornado because I wasn't around long but I left a path of life altering destruction in your life.

You told me what you had just been through and I promised not to do the same to you; but I only added salt to your wounds. I knew what I was doing but there is no good reason why. That's just me Chris and that's what Chris does. Sorry!

I have to take responsibility for my actions; so your RESPONSE was 100% deserved . I knew when I met you that I could never be the HONEST PERSON OR REAL MAN that you deserved; so that's why I wanted to enjoy the time I had before you knew THE REAL ME.

I was afraid of losing you once you knew the truth. You know the truth now and I have lost your forever. I know that I will never deserve to be graced with your presence or receive your forgiveness; but please, do not allow the misery I brought you to change the beautiful person that you are. Do not close your heart. I am not one of them; but I know that there are still some good men in this world and one day your KING will find you his QUEEN.

I will now crawl back under the little rock which I came from.

Take Care... Just Christopher

Posted by Anonymous

I am sorry to all the staff who had to look after me when I came round after a routine operation. I was frightened, hysterical and out of control. I didn't expect all these feelings to surface - I felt I had no control over what was happening to me.

It's unfortunate and humiliating for me to remember it. But I want to say sorry for scaring you. I need to find a way to stop thinking about it and to realise that it was no-one's fault really.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Emily, It's been too long...

Everything you did to keep me away I deserve it, and I want you to know that I hold no grudge, I am thankful for it. All that matters to me is your happiness and if it means I suffer, then so be it, it is a price I will willingly pay.

I never meant any of those horrible words I said to you. And if I could I would take it all back. I can't hold it in anymore and this is how I truly and deeply feel with all my heart.

I am blessed to have fallen in love with such and intelligent, wonderful, and loving Angel. An Angel who loves me for even my mistakes. You placed comfort where there was fear, confidence where there was doubt, and completeness where there was emptiness. If loving you was wrong, I don't want to be right and if living without you is right, I would rather be wrong all my life.

My love for you is not of this world. It is beyond that. It is forever. I think that is why it is so confusing. But sometimes it is good to not know what to expect. I wanted to be the comfort when the world was too much to handle. I wanted to be strong when everything else seemed impossible. I wanted to love you in only the way you deserved to be loved, never realizing that I was destroying myself and you.

For now, I know sorry is just a word. But for what its worth I am very sorry for hurting you. I very much want things better and that you have all the time to be great and amazing as you always been. I know you will never forget, but hopefully one day you can forgive me. I cant tell you this personally, so hopefully this will one day reach you at the right time.

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