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Posted by Alex

K, when we talked earlier, I said something I shouldn't have and now all I want is to take it back. It was cruel and uncalled for and all it did was escalate the situation.

Things have changed between us and for a long time now, I've been struggling with our relationship and how it was going to work. Now, things may never be the same between us and I'm truly sorry for that.

I hope you can forgive me and things can go back to the way they were, years ago. If not, I understand and only wish you the best.

I just want you to be happy. I feel terrible about this and wish I could change the past, but I can't, and this apology is the best I can do.

Posted by Anonymous

D... I can't tell you how sorry I am. I wish I could take the words back. We used to talk every day and now, almost a month has gone by and though you say we are okay, I know we are not.

I miss you in my life, the time we spent together, everything... I wish you would truly forgive me and let me back in.... I'm sorry I never realized how sensitive you are... I know I used my words to wound. I love you still. D.

Posted by W.

I realize that you will never read this. Ever. But at least this will make me sleep.

I broke up with you four months ago and have regretted it ever since. And I have shown you in every possible way, breaking your heart every time. I am sorry for that.

I am also sorry for telling lies over and over and over again. I am sorry that I have ruined several nights and I will promise I will never do so ever again.

If you want me to disappear from your life I will. But I won't stop loving you and I won't stop thinking about you, and I hope that one day we will meet again and that we can laugh about this. Until we meet again, W.

Posted by Anonymous

Christos K. I am sorry!!!! I let you down. I treated you like rubbish, and I could not appreciate what you were trying to do for me and for us.

You must know it was never my intention to hurt you, I do love you dearly and miss you very much, but you must understand I felt pressured and disengaged with what you were trying to do, I wasn't ready, and I did make it impossible for you, I know.

Like I said, I hope you are happy and you have found some comfort and balance in life, I'll always be around if you ever need me and you'll always be in my thoughts. I really am sorry.

Posted by Karen S.

Kevin, I know you probably will not see this, but I want you to know how sorry I am.

I lied to you, my friend, and that was wrong. A lie is a lie no matter how big or small, and we all tell them, no one is exempt. You have lied to me over and over again and each time you asked me to forgive you, I did.

Now I ask you for forgiveness and you can't do the same for me. I know I have caused you unbearable pain, however pain is a two way street.

God says you must forgive others if you want to be forgiven by him. I have said I am sorry, I admitted my wrongs to you, and you still wont speak to me.

I am going to give this some time and pray to God that you will see that I am truly sorry and that you can trust me again. I have always been there for you whenever you needed me, now I need you to be here for me. Please forgive me.

I have asked God's forgiveness and he has given it, my heart is clean and I'm going to move on with my life, I can only hope that you are willing to give me a second chance and forgive me, but if not, then it is what is is and I have to move on without you in my life.

In order to be forgiven you must first forgive yourself, and I forgive myself. I love you with all of my heart don't let the 10 years we have had together be all in vain.

Love, Karen S

Posted by Matthew

I ask you to please listen to me. Know that I am sorry, sorry for everything I said. For everything I did, and for everything I didn't do. I wish that I could wave a wand and make everything go back to normal, but I don't deserve that.

You deserved better than what I had to offer. I wasn't the man who you needed and certainly not the man who I should have been. I am ashamed of myself for the way I acted at the end, it was selfish and uncalled for.

I just hope that one day you will be able to forgive me, and I hope that you will find the man that will be right for you.

Posted by M.

I realize that you'll never see this, and this will only make me feel better -- but I wish there was a way that I could tell you this.

You told me that, if I left you again, I could never come back. And I told you I wouldn't leave. And I did. And choosing him over you was the biggest mistake of my life. I justify it by telling myself that I could not have continued to make you happy -- and I'm probably right. But, at that age, I took the chicken's way out, and did not deal with you honestly -- and for that, I am really sorry.

I was making a choice based on fears about who I was and what I was capable of. And, now, I know that I could've been a better person if I'd chosen you. I'm so very sorry for hurting you. If it's any consolation, I ended up hurting myself a lot more.

Posted by Kaylee

I'm so sorry for lying too you. It was the biggest mistake I have ever made. If I could go back and change it I would.

You are my everything. I have no idea what I would do without you. You are my first love and I would do anything for you I mean ANYTHING. I don't deserve to be forgiven, I don't deserve any of the love you have shown me, but I would love one more chance. I LOVE YOU.

Posted by Anonymous

To the person whom I did not stop for at the Oviedo Home Depot this morning, you are right. I was in the wrong. I wanted to stop and apologize, but alone in the dark is much too risky. Have a good day.

Posted by Dan

To my sweetest red head,

You know, it's been 12 years since the day I broke up with you. It's been 11 years since the day I regret ever doing so. I broke your heart, but in reality, it's my heart that has been torn to pieces.

The day I told you I couldn't be with you anymore, was the same day you said, "I'd regret it, because once I do, you are never coming back." It's been 3 years since we last bumped into each other. While you always put on a happy face, talking to me as if we were never together, I was hurting even more just because I wasn't able to express to you how sorry I am.

For the past 7 years I've dreamed of you, your long straight beautiful hair, blue eyes looking at me, smiling, as we hold each other. I've never realized that while I tried to apologize to you through the use of social networks, never once did I think subconsciously, maybe, just maybe for once, I can look at you in my dream, and tell you how sorry I am...

I've lived life going through other relationships, and at 33 now, I still miss that beautiful red head of mine. I love you and always will.

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